8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                   Crumbs!    Well, I   didn't     know that                                              From : 2J3 Subject : TBI POOL There have been changes to the way in which the TBI pool operates over the last month or two. However, these changes have not affected members. Charges still remain the same at: Members: 10p per disc if you supply a formatted disc and return postage and packing. The new catalogue states: "Members, please see separate documentation before ordering." This message is that separate documentation!  I have had a chat with Ron Marshall of Solinet. We have a number of members that are in both user groups. I think that this should be encouraged as it can only help to extend the life of our machines. Solinet is a user group magazine issued in January, March, May, July, September and November. Members pay £4.00p per year membership fee. They send in a disc and return postage, just as 8BS members do. Therefore charges are very similar to those of 8BS (negligible). Solinet's mag is TOTALLY different to that of 8BS. If you are not a member, why not drop Ron a line at: Ron Marshall Solinet 41 Westbrook Drive Rainworth Mansfield Notts NG21 0FB  From : 4B2 (Ron Marshall) Subject:   ------- Chris has given me the chance to mention your 'Sister' mag on disk, Solinet. We have been supporting BBC Micros for eight years now, and we issue an 80T DS SD DFS disk every second month, starting in January. The same disk content is available as 40T SD DFS (more disks!) and 640k ADFS. Solinet is presented very simply, in mono, with an INTRO file giving bits of information and an INDEX file showing what's on the disk. You are shown a list of the directory letters we use, to aid the ID of all the files. WW-Plus, InterWord, View and ASCII text files are supported. It costs 4 pounds a year to be a Member and each issue is then copied to your disk, at no further cost other than a return address label and stamps. We have 36 back copies, right back to when we started, (30p each on your disk) available and also a fairly extensive Software Library (including some Telesoftware items, with copying permission). The Library is run from a different address and details are in the Solinet Factsheet. Membership may be started as from July this year at a cost of 2 pounds and I am hoping to introduce a simpler pricing system (cheaper?) for next year. We have most SoliDisk (STL Southend) manuals, roms and progs, with permission to copy and give away freely to Solinet Members. Please bear in mind that we are NOT competing with 8BS. I am on good terms with Chris and we should be able to help each other. We can both exist, side by side. For full details, please send a sae to:- Ron Marshal Solinet 41 Westbrook Drive Rainworth, Mansfield Notts.. NG21 0FB  From : 2J3 (Chris Richardson) Subject:       I have received a list of PD software available from The Welsh Boys. I have edited out the discs that I know are available from us. This still leaves 25 discs for you to have a look at. There are some very interesting looking items there. I notice that there are 5 discs from Lars Osterballe for instance. Disc and p+p is supplied. New PD software is welcomed. Send it on any single density format and your disc will be returned with some free software on it. Order by sending a cheque/postal order/ cash for 1.50p for each item to this address: WELSH BOYS PD. 88 QUEEN STREET. BARRY. S.GLAMORGAN. CF6 8EE. Disc. Size. Contents. --------------------------------------- 14 400k Clip art "People". 17 100k Educational Disc volume 1. 18 100k Educational Disc volume 2. 20 200k Disc utilities. 21 300k Ikon and music editor. 23 100k Graphics designer. 31 100k Atomic theory. 32 100k Protections. 37 100k Address book. 40 400k Games and rom images. 41 400k Disc utilities. 43 200k Games, demos. 44 400k Music compiler. 46 200k Samples disc. 47 400k Lars Osterballe 1. 48 400k Lars Osterballe 2. 49 400k Lars Osterballe 3. 50 400k Lars Osterballe 4. 51 400k Education 3. 52 200k Disc utilities 3. 54 100k Fidei Defensor. Quiz. 55 300k Educational 4. 60 200k Alsorts. 63 200k Utilities 2. 69 400k Lars Osterballe 5.         