8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                    8 BIT SOFTWARE                                                          Constructive comments on programs published by 8BS are always welcome. Here are a few: From: 0E7 (Fred Nevin) Program: MESSAGE PROGRAMME FIRST IMPRESSIONS & COMMENTS Having just become familiar with EDIT I looked at this new system with some trepidation. I suppose in general communication EDIT is of more use than this programme and not as useful as VIEW.WORDWISE.etc. However I can see that this programme is far more use to the Editor than VIEW,etc so we will have to master its eccentricities for the benefit of our Editor if no other. MINUS POINTS Word splitting at the end of lines. Unable to delete paragraphs enbloc Unable to move/insert paragraphs enbloc Unable to insert lines of text. Unable to close up text of whole para after deletion of word(s). PLUS POINTS Instant HELP available on screen. Coloured text. Coloured graphics. Deletion of unwanted files. The clarity of text on a TV screen as compared to VIEW and EDIT. This I would think is the greatest advantage of all. BOUQUETS Congratulations to Steven Flintham(15A) on writing such a wonderful programme. Not forgetting the programme that the Editor uses to sort out all this waffle I know that my remarks compare this programme to a Word Processor and that is unfair as it does not set out to be such but I am giving my first reactions Also I may not as yet have discoverd all its secrets.I have found out some as I type this and have had to make various amendments with great difficulty to cover up my faux pas. CONCLUSIONS. If BLUES are not used for the text colour life will be good for all of us without monitors and who have to depend on TV sets as VDU's. In time like every thing else the use of the programme will become second nature. P.S. Just found out how to move between messages. IT'S MAGIC. !!!!. I like it. Now to tackle the Graphics!!!!. I have found the following MENU problem 1.Start a new message 3.Enter ID 4.Tidy message If any of the above are entered in error it does not seem possible to Escape without going through the motion Would it be possible please for the program to be modified to avoid this problem?.  From: 4MD (Graham Gallagher) Program: Printer Driver -C.J.Richardson In checking the functions for compatibility with my printer I found that superscript, underline, expand, compress and emphasise all produced the desired effects. The remainder were not recognised.Also,the compressed lettering could not be switched off. Whilst I do not have a definite use for the program I have at least been able to discover some of the EPSOM codes my printer will accept. Hence, I might now have some success in using embedded output commands from within WORDWISE. I've had no success before and was beginning to suspect that the software was dodgy. I shall now give it another try.  From: 4MD (Graham Gallagher) Program: One liner by A.Shakoor Simply addictive ! My first "high" score of about 500 just had to be beaten, then 780 and then I had to score above 1000. I finally settled with a "high" score of 1104 after 30 minutes play. No doubt my two sons will beat this without too much trouble but it should keep them interested for a while especially if I offer a cash incentive for the highest score.  From : 1WU (Fred Price) Program: 8BS Message System To 15A Steven Flintham I got my copy of TBI-OO last month and at first i thought it would cause some problems but a little bit of thought and things worked out OK for me as you can see on my first attemps with it, So now to you Steven congratulations for this easy working programme that has workings as easy as in View Mode and sometimes i think i am in View so i had better watch it, Thanks Steve.  From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Program: PriceEi This seems like an excellent idea. I cannot fault the presentation or user interface, except to make the trivial point that the words SOFTWARE and VERSION which appear as part of the background text 8BS SOFTWARE VERSION initially confused me because I thought they were part of the clue. The problem is that I really can't see what I have to do - perhaps I'm being stupid. It seems to me that it is necessary to work out what number each letter stands for, which I couldn't actually do (!), but even if I could I can't see how that would help me to discover a ten-letter word. If it wouldn't give too much away, would it be possible to show an example with all the steps in solving it written down, so that I could see what is wanted?  From: YJ2 (Andrew Snodgrass) Program: 8BS Messaging System A very good idea and well implemented . Here are some ideas to make it better still... 1) Word wrap so that text moves onto the next line instead of falling off the right of the page. 2) Text alignment options could be added e.g. Justify, Align left, Align right 3) An insert/replace toggle option. (The insert character option is useful but not versatile enough) 4) An insert/delete line option. (Inserting one character at a time for a whole page is very slow!) Despite the minor irritations this is a good program which does what it was designed to do and that's half the battle.  From: 176 Eric Shuker Program: 8BS Messaging System How well you can extract the details will show it's worth but it certainly seems an advantage to me.  From: K1H (J W Fullbrook Program: STD Database (CJR-03) I found this to be a very useful database, I use the telephone quite a lot, and often the telephone number of something or other that I am interested in appears in an advert with no reference made to the area of the country. And as there is the option to create or add to the database, I am adding to It the area codes for London. There's only one minor thing that I thought I'd draw to your attention to chris, it is part case sensitive for instance the database will find London or london, but not LONDON, I listed the programme and I think I found the area where this can be cured but as I'm sitting in a motor home in the middle of a field in Sussex typing this, I can't give you the line numbers as I'v left my workdisc in London. All in all, a very practical and useful database.                              BLAM!                                                   