8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                   8 Bit                      Yes! You are not seeing things, there are three message files on this issue. Thanks to 15A everyone seems inclined to write loads of lovely text. Please take note of his next message though: To: 999 (all members) From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: 8BS messaging system Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has suggested improvements - I will do my best to implement some of them, although I may be too busy to do anything immediately. I think that providing at least a basic word- wrapping facility is probably the first thing to sort out. Secondly, I would like to point out that the program used by the editor to sort out the messages looks at the recipient whose ID is typed in when creating the message - NOT the ID at the top of the message. The only reason I want to mention this is that I received a private message with issue 30 which had 15A + 999 at the top. If you do want to send a public message, even one which is of particular interest to one member, you should enter 999 for the recipient when asked by the program - you can then modify the message heading to include any other user ID's if necessary. I think that I might not have made this very clear in the documentation, so I am mentioning it now to avoid possible confusion. Thanks for reading this! EDITOR... 3PM has sent me a couple of his own word wrap PROCedures that could be inserted into the messaging program. However I think that it would be better that 15A does the adjustment to his own program when he gets time. I would like to publish the PROCedures by 3PM maybe in the next issue.  To: 999 (all members) From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: Diaries This is nothing to do with computers at all, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of The Useful Diary 1994? I had one every year from 1989-1992 but I couldn't find one this year - are they still being published? If I knew who the publisher was I could simply write and ask them, but of course they couldn't be bothered to put their name anywhere inside, or at least anywhere where I can find it... Can anyone tell me anything, e.g. which shops sell them, so I know where to look?  To: 999 (all members) From: 2J3 Subject: FOR SALE I know of someone wishing to sell: 1 BBC model B 1 single sided 40T disc drive. 1 CUB colour monitor. He wants in the region of 100 pounds for it but will haggle or split. Tel. Andy on 0482 890512 or contact Chris Richardson.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B Subject: SALES I have a couple of Econet Modules and Rom chips for the Master, all in good working order. `10 per Module & Rom. Ring me on 0738-812186, and ask for Colin.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B Subject: Disk drives Does anyone know of a way of checking head alignment on 5.25" drives? Is there a diagnostic disk that can be used? If alignment is out, can it be adjusted relatively easily. I have a faulty drive which I will give to anyone who can help - it might come in handy for spares! Please ring me on 0738-812186, and ask for Colin.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Tel 0738-812186) Subject: Master's function keys Can anyone please help me with using the Master's function keys? I defined the keys in a Basic program, and want to then RUN and *SAVE F/Keys xxxx yyyy so I can later load them back in as a 'block' with *F/Keys, as I used to do on my old 'Beeb'. The only problem is that although I understand the Master stores the soft key definitions at &8000 to &83FF, *SAVEing with these locations seems to do nothing. I've written a small utility to read these locations before and after defining the keys, but still get the same codes. Running a Basic program to define the keys works fine, but how can I achieve what I'm seeking? Your help will be appreciated.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2R (Brendan Wynne) Subject: INTRODUCTION Thank you for letting me join 8BS. I live near Boston and work at the Haven High School (0205-311979). There are 7 BBC Masters in my classroom and I am hoping to acquire one or two more from within the school before Christmas. The machines are used for WP/DTP during lessons and as games boxes before school, at break, lunchtimes and after school. Other types of computers owned by the school include Apple Macs and Archimedes: we have about 200 all told! I am the archetypal "Shift/Breaker" with limited hands-on experience. The user-friendliness of the 8BS disk has persuaded this mobile stumbly that it is more than possible to become a contributor and producer - and not remain a quizzical consumer forever. Writing this letter has been the first step!  To: 999 (all members) From: K2R Subject: Help! I have 'inherited' a box of disks which are full of utilities 'n' things. My first attempt to place each item on its own disk hasn't been successful. Documentation is not available for any of the disks' contents. I have tried to *BUILD !BOOT with the few commands that I know and am then confronted with PLOT'`LOCAL`BASIC If anyone can help, then I will send that disk doctor a copy of the utility as soon as it works!  To: 999 (all members) From: 19F Subject: INFO If anyone would be interested, I have found another chain of shops which do Beeb stuff ranging from 99p (probably tapes) to £14.99 for Loopz on disk. They are called COMPUTER CAVERN and are at the following address: CAPRI MARKETING LTD. COMPUTER CAVERN 9 DEAN STREET, MARLOW, BUCKS, SL7 3AA Tel: 0628 891101 and they do ROMs and peripherals aswell.                                                                                                                                  EDITOR... Excuse the effect caused by double height!  To 999 (to all). From 27N (John Ilsley) If you feel you are unable to undertake any of the projects, or undertake the sound control adjustment, then I suggest that you take the necessary parts required to a electronics engineer or someone who knows what they are doing and have them do it on the side. You will find that most are more then happy to help for a small back hander.  Here follows a selection of Solinet adverts from the November issue of the solinet magazine. Anyone interested in finding out about Solinet should send an SAE to: Ron Marshall. 41 Westbrook Drive Rainworth Mansfield Notts NG21 0FB Solinet 8.6 November 1993 - SALES ################################### David Scott 5 St James Street Hammersmith Tel: 081 741 0253 London W6 9RW Fax: 081 741 1931 Viglen ROM Cartridge System for BBC Model B. 45-cm ribbon cable connecting remote socket and 28-pin plug. With three cartridges and supporting base. £15 o.n.o. (fifteen pounds) ************ Martin Hay #060 36 MacKinnon Drive KILMARNOCK KA3 7HD Spare Wordwise (not plus and Manual) if any one wants this send a couple of first class stamps and its theirs. Martin Hay #060 (I WOULD THINK THAT MEANS THE original WW AND MANUAL. MARTIN CAN YOU LET US KNOW THE WHEREABOUTS OF THOSE 40/80 DRIVES. IF YOU HAD ONE, WHAT SORT AND IS IT OK. ED.) ************ Bob Evans 0928 722454 Modem with software. TANDATA Td1400 as new with leads, manual, BBC viewdata etc.. OFFERS? *********** BBC Soft and Hardware/Firmware RD Digital Tracer £10 Red Arrows (Disk) £5 Trivial Pursuit (Disk) £5 Printer Driver for View (Disk) £2 Glider II (Disk) £5 Raven 20 Memory Expansion (Board) £10 Romspell (Watford) (Disks) £5 AMX Pagemaker (Roms & Disks) £15 View Professional (Roms & Disks) £10 All prices subject to offer Phone Peter 081-391-0101 ************ 18 Rannoch Ave Bishopbriggs Glasgow.. G64 1BU 0642 710872 I can make you an RGB TTL switch unit, which allows switching between 2 RGB 'puters to one monitor. 13 pounds each. Derek Walker 093 ************ PRESS BREAK FOR MENU