8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                These programs are BBC only and will not work on a Master. K2B has sent us this collection of Wordwise+ utilities. There are 10 short files. I have compacted them using the archiver into one file called "WW+Arch". You will need to copy this file and the dearchiver "Dearch" onto a blank disc. Run the dearchiver and wait a short while. Set the disc up by typing *OPT 4 3. Now follow the instructions sent by K2B. THE WORDWISE DISK FILES:- The !Boot file auto-loads seven W/wise Segment programs, AUTOOFF, CSKEYS & C&SFN. 'AUTOOFF' turns off the screen display if the keyboard is not used for 5 minutes. It helps reduce screen 'burn' when the computer is on but not being used for a while. Screen display is returned by pressing any key. 'CSKEYS' defines 2 tiers of the red function keys. Use CONTROL+f/key for 1 tier, and with SHIFT+SHIFT LOCK+f/key for the other tier. 'C&SFN' defines another tier of the red function keys - this time with CONTROL+SHIFT+f/key. WORDWISE SEGMENT PROGRAMS I've created a number of useful mini programs - S0 to S6 that make life easier! An explanation follows:- (a) SHIFT+f0 - use when in Edit or typing mode. A frequent mistake is to transpose two letters, eg Daer for Dear. To simply correct this, place cursor under the letter on the right (the e in our example) then press SHIFT+f0 and watch them swap places! (b) SHIFT+f1 - use in Menu mode. You may sometimes need to print more than one copy of a file. This is simply done by pressing SHIFT+f1 and responding with the number of copies required. No need to select 6 from Main Menu, so make sure document has correct printer codes, and printer is ready first! (c) SHIFT+f2 - use in Menu mode. To print text, first select either draft or NLQ print style, by pressing SHIFT+f2. This asks which you want - press D or N. Ensure printer & paper are ready as no need to use option 6 from Main Menu. To use this facility, you MUST have the command ESB% at top of your text. (d) SHIFT+f3 - use in Menu mode to see disk catalogue and load a file or not. Cursor is designed to be positioned ready for me to type the date on my standard letter form when loaded. (e) SHIFT+f4 - use in Menu mode after completely finishing with current text, before loading in, or typing a new file. It deletes the entire text in one go. (f) SHIFT+f5 - use in Edit or Menu mode to remove part of text. Position cursor at point where any following text is to be deleted, and all text from there to bottom will be deleted. (g) SHIFT+f6 - used in Menu mode, this is for the odd occasion when you have a really long file, and use up available memory. To create more, you can clear ALL the segments by pressing SHIFT+f6. The program firstly saves your precious text to disk under the name 'text'. Then clears all memory. Simply re-load the file, by pressing SHIFT+f3 and giving the name text.        By C.J.Richardson. This program will split up a text file into smaller more manageable files. Input the name of the file to be split. The program will split the file into new files numbered from 1 upwards to a size determined by you. The new files can then be loaded into your text editor.      By C.J.Richardson. The 8BS PD catalogue is growing. Up to now printout from the catalogue program has been in line lengths of 33, the same as the display on the screen. With additions in the pipeline, the catalogue will soon be too large to print out in the form of a small booklet, handy though I find it. In preparation for the imminent event, I have written a program that will print out the catalogue to fanfold paper or single sheets, on one or two sides of the paper. The printout is in 80 column format with headings underlined. The program asks whether you want to print on 1 or both sides of the paper. If 1 is chosen, the catalogue pages are printed out in order, ie 1 2 3 4 etc. If both sides are chosen, then the catalogue is printed out first in odd numbered pages. The program then waits while you turn the paper around. The even numbered pages are then printed out. There is an option to print more than one catalogue. There is also an option to send the data to the screen only. I included this option to debug the program and decided to leave it in as it provides a quick scan of the catalogue. The data that the program uses is exactly the same data that the program "ReadCat" uses. The file on this disc is the latest 8BS PD catalogue. If you experience problems with printout especially in the area of the headings, it may be something to do with the underline printer command. These can be removed deleting lines 820 850 1100 and 1120.                                    