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>8BSinfo 8-Bit Software Catalogue (8BScat) Instructions By Andrew P Snodgrass (YJ2) 20th-23rd October 1993 Covering: Issues 1 to 30 Introduction: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This was produced as a result of my ever increasing desire to find those forgotten hints, tips, utilities, games, graphical screens etc from past issue discs. The catalogue is a text file (plain ASCII) list and is intended to be loaded into a text editor or word processor which has search facilities (eg "Find String" <f4> in EDIT). The catalogue covers issue 1, issues 5 to 25. Format of entries: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are 2 main headings: ARTICLES, SOFTWARE these are then subdivided into other subjects eg under the SOFTWARE heading comes - Games. The individual entries are listed with a general description followed by a few spaces and then the issue number. In order to save space in the catalogue some entries are listed as follows: Area text came from issue no. Info A - NOTE indent to show that it is Info B involved with the above. Further info presented under B Info related to the above Incidental Information: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1) Questions (ARTICLES section) which were asked in past issues are not listed in the catalogue - only answers of sufficient interest appear (eg a solution to a problem). Articles such as "News & Views", "Programmers Return", and "TBI pool" are not listed unless they contain answers to problems as stated above. This again saves space and allows for future expansion/alteration of the catalogue. 2) The issues from 21 and thereafter are the ADFS "L" versions. 3) Issue 16 came on two discs they are listed as 16 d1 and 16 d2 for discs one and two respectively SYSTEMs software: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The software in issues 1 to 4 consisted exclusively of SYSTEMs software updates. The most up to date versions of the software issued during this term are shown below. SYSTEMs Bank v.3a + manual parts 1 to 3 SYSTEMs Communications v.1a + manual parts 1 to 2 SYSTEMs Phone v.1a + manual parts 1 to 2 SYSTEMs Server v.4 + manual parts 1 to 2 SYSTEMs Bank was further updated after issue 4 (still under the name of v.3a) but it was available on a request only basis. SYSTEMs Server was updated to v.6a by issue 14 SYSTEMs Shares (I think) never appeared on an issue disc and was available on a request only basis (it was finished?). Issue information: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Issue No: Editor: Date released: In catalogue (Yes/No): ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 2 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 3 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 4 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 5 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 6 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 7 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 8 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 9 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 10 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 11 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 12 Duncan Webster n/a Yes 13 Duncan Webster June 1991 Yes 14 Duncan Webster July 1991 Yes 15 Duncan Webster September 1991 Yes 16 Duncan Webster November 1991 Yes 17 Duncan Webster December 1991 Yes 18 Duncan Webster February 1992 Yes 19 Daniel G Shimmin April 1992 Yes 20 Daniel G Shimmin August 1992 Yes 21 Daniel G Shimmin Autumn(early)1992 Yes 22 Daniel G Shimmin October 1992 Yes 23 C.J. Richardson November 1992 Yes 24 Daniel G Shimmin January 1993 Yes 25 C.J. Richardson February 1993 Yes 26 Daniel G Shimmin April 1993 Yes 27 C.J. Richardson May 1993 Yes 28 C.J. Richardson July 1993 Yes 29 C.J. Richardson August 1993 Yes 30 C.J. Richardson October 1993 Yes Abreviations used in the catalogue: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arc or Arch or Archi = Archimedes ADFS = Advanced Disc Filing System art = article BB = Bulletin Board calc = calculator cat = catalogue comms = communications conv = convert Dbase = database des = design digi = digitised env = envelope DFS = Disc Filing System HADFS = Harston Advanced Disc Filing System info = information inst = instructions no = number PD = Public Domain pic = picture prog = program (not programme {the non-computer spelling}) rev = review scr or scrn = screen SWR = Sideways Ram SYS = Systems (see elsewhere) txt = text util = utility Final Word: ~~~~~~~~~~~ So that's about it, I hope you find this catalogue useful (I know I do). If you find any spelling mistakes, errors or omissions or can think of any improvements please tell me so I can make the necessary changes. Due to advice from many members of 8BS I have decided to update the catalogue every five issues. Thanks to: ~~~~~~~~~~ Chris J Richardson (2J3) Daneil G Shimmin (483) Duncan Webster for starting 8BS Fred Nevin (0E7) Mick Needham (6EE) ...and anyone else who I have forgotten that has given me suggestions or helped me. YJ2