8-Bit Software Online Conversion

Phrases - Listing

10: 20: 30: 40: 50REM" Program by Rushden Roy (A 'L' plate programmer!) This version for 8 Bit Software. 60REM" November 1993 Using a BBC Master 70: 80ON ERROR:PROCerror:END 90MODE7:PRINT:PROCROY:PRINT' 100VDU 23,1,0;0;0;0; 110PROCdh(" A collection of puzzle s",134) 120PROCdh(" using phrases etc." ,134) 130PROCdh(" (8-BIT Software version .)",134) 140PROCspace 150CLS:PRINT' 160PROCdh(" Find the famliar phrase, title,",134) 170PROCdh(" saying or name etc. in the ",134) 180PROCdh(" arrangement of letter s.",134) 190PRINT'" Example P A N. A flash in the pan." 200PRINT 210PROCdh(" Some of the answers that I have",134) 220PROCdh(" given are debatable. You m ay find",134) 230PROCdh(" a different answer more su itable",134) 240PROCdh(" and maybe better.", 134) 250PROCspace 260PRINT'" 1," 270PRINT" CLOUDSCLOUDSCLOUDSCLOUDSCLOU DSCLOUDSCL" 280PRINT" OUDSCLOUDSCLOUDSCLOUDSHEADCL OUDSCLOUDS" 290PRINT" CLOUDSCLOUDSCLOUDSCLOUDSCLOU DSCLOUDSCL" 300PROCdash 310PRINT" 2," 320PRINT" CURTAIN, CURTAIN, CURTAIN, C URTAIN,CUR" 330PRINT" TAIN, CURTAIN, CURTAIN, CURT AIN" 340PROCdash 350PRINT" 3," 360PRINT" GR12INCHAVE" 370PROCdash 380PROCASK 390IF A$="Y"PROCONE 400PROCspace 410PRINT 420PRINT" 4," 430PRINT"  440PRINT" READING" 450PRINT"  460PROCdash 470PRINT" 5, 12INCH" 480PRINT" LADDER" 490PROCdash 500PRINT" 6, D 510PRINT" UC 520PRINT" K 530PROCdash 540PROCASK 550IF A$="Y"PROCFOUR 560PROCspace 570PRINT 580PRINT" 7," 590PRINT" F L O W E RSF L O W E R" 600PRINT" F L O W E R S F L O W E R" 610PRINT" F L O W E R SE L O W E R" 620PRINT" F L O W E R S F L O W E" 630PRINT" F LOW E R SFL O W ERS" 640PROCdash 650PRINT" 8," 660PRINT" BULL bull BULL " 670PROCdash 680PRINT" 9," 690PRINT" ROSES VIOLETS ROSES VIOLE TS ROSES" 700PRINT" VIOLETS ROSES VIOLETS ROSE S VIOLETS" 710PRINT" ROSES VIOLETS ROSES VIOLE TS ROSES" 720PROCdash 730PROCASK 740IF A$="Y"PROCSEVEN 750PROCspace 760PRINT 770PRINT" 10," 780PRINT" OI" 790PRINT" G N" 800PRINT" - G" 810PRINT" D -" 820PRINT" N R" 830PRINT" UO" 840PROCdash 850PRINT" 11, A" 860PRINT" NILGHT" 870PRINT" L" 880PROCdash 890PRINT" 12," 900PRINT" BOTTLE x 1,000,000 plus." 910PROCdash 920PROCASK 930IF A$="Y"PROCTEN 940PROCspace 950PRINT 960PRINT" 13," 970PRINT" PULL PU LL" 980PRINT" (not this one)" 990PROCdash 1000PRINT" 14, up PAIN" 1010PRINT" up " 1020PROCdash 1030PRINT" 15, FEBUARY" 1040PRINT" Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Su n Sun" 1050PRINT" 1 2 3 4 N 6 7" 1060PRINT" 8 E 10 11 12 13 14" 1070PRINT" 15 16 17 V 19 20 E" 1080PRINT" 22 23 24 25 26 R 28" 1090PROCdash 1100PROCASK 1110IF A$="Y"PROCTHIRTEEN 1120PROCspace 1130PRINT 1140PRINT" 16,   1150PRINT"   1160PRINT"   1170PRINT" LOVELY  1180PRINT"   1190PRINT"   1200PROCdash 1210PRINT" 17," 1220PRINT" GREENVY" 1230PROCdash 1240PRINT" 18, sugar+sugar+sugar+sugar+ sugar+" 1250PRINT" sugar+sugar+sugar+sugar+sug ar+sugar+" 1260PRINT" sugar+sugar+sugar+sugar+ sugar =" 1270PROCdash 1280PROCASK 1290IF A$="Y"PROCSIXTEEN 1300PROCspace 1310PRINT 1320PRINT" 19," 1330PRINT" LIGLR" 1340PROCdash 1350PRINT" 20," 1360PRINT" P" 1370PRINT" I" 1380PRINT" A" 1390PRINT" N" 1400PRINT" O" 1410PROCdash 1420PRINT" 21," 1430PRINT" CKYLU" 1440PRINT" YLUCK" 1450PRINT" LUCKY" 1460PROCdash 1470PROCASK 1480IF A$="Y"PROCNINETEEN 1490PROCspace 1500PRINT 1510PRINT" 22," 1520PRINT" 1 STEP" 1530PRINT" 2 SPETS" 1540PROCdash 1550PRINT" 23," 1560PRINT" ECNALG" 1570PROCdash 1580PRINT" 24," 1590PRINT 1600PRINT" PAGESPAGESFPAGESIPAGESNPA GESDPAGESP" 1610PRINT" AGESIPAGESTPAGESPAGESPAGE SPAGESPAGE" 1620PROCdash 1630PROCASK 1640IF A$="Y" PROCTWENTYTWO 1650PROCspace 1660PRINT 1670PRINT" 25,  1680PRINT" I 1690PRINT" SAW 1700PRINT" IT 1710PRINT"  1720PROCdash 1730PRINT" 26, N" 1740PRINT 1750PRINT" Story E" 1760PRINT 1770PRINT" S" 1780PROCdash 1790PRINT" 27, 'Whipper per' " 1800PRINT" snap" 1810PROCdash 1820PROCASK 1830IF A$="Y"PROCTWENTYFIVE 1840PROCspace 1850PRINT 1860PRINT" 28, Left Right" 1870PRINT" TOM" 1880PRINT" DICK" 1890PRINT" H ARRY" 1900PROCdash 1910PRINT" 29, T T" 1920PRINT" R TR" 1930PRINT" tEe wREd" 1940PRINT" E EE" 1950PRINT" S ES" 1960PRINT" S" 1970PROCdash 1980PRINT" 30," 1990PRINT" BMenoMenaMent" 2000PROCdash 2010PROCASK 2020IF A$="Y"PROCTWENTYEIGHT 2030PROCspace 2040PRINT 2050PRINT" 31, T" 2060PRINT" R" 2070PRINT" E" 2080PRINT" N" 2090PRINT" D" 2100PROCdash 2110PRINT" 32," 2120PRINT" N E" 2130PRINT" V" 2140PRINT" E R" 2150PROCdash 2160PRINT" 33," 2170PRINT" STEP" 2180PRINT" IT" 2190PROCdash 2200PROCASK 2210IF A$="Y"PROCTHIRTYONE 2220PROCspace 2230PRINT 2240PRINT" 34, H I J" 2250PRINT"   K " 2260PRINT"  L " 2270PRINT"   M " 2280PRINT"  N " 2290PRINT"    O " 2300PRINT"     2310PRINT"   2320PRINT"     2330PROCdash 2340PRINT" 35, Trouble, trouble." 2350PROCdash 2360PRINT" 36, Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go...." 2370PROCdash 2380PROCASK 2390IF A$="Y"PROCTHIRTYFOUR 2400PROCspace 2410PRINT 2420PRINT" 37," 2430PRINT"  2440PRINT" EV L 2450PRINT"  2460PROCdash 2470PRINT" 38," 2480PRINTCHR$(141)CHR$(129)" THE MORNING" 2490PROCdash 2500PRINT" 39," 2510PRINT" FOR SALE, jack 2p, ONO" 2520PROCdash 2530PROCASK 2540IF A$="Y"PROCTHIRTYSEVEN 2550PROCspace 2560PRINT 2570PRINT" 40," 2580PRINT"      2590PRINT" O N W K E Y 2600PRINT"      2610PROCdash 2620PRINT" 41," 2630PRINT" pPoPd" 2640PROCdash 2650PRINT" 42," 2660PRINT" NIGHT BEFORE, MORNING " 2670PROCdash 2680PROCASK 2690IF A$="Y" THEN PROCFORTY 2700PROCspace 2710PRINT 2720PROCdh("That is all in this version . If you",134) 2730PROCdh("enjoyed the puzzles and wou ld like",134) 2740PROCdh("to see more then look out f or the",134) 2750PROCdh("SOLINET version that I have written.",134) 2760PROCdh(" ('SOLINET' is a disc magaz ine.)",134) 2770PRINT 2780PROCdh(" Press SPACE if you would l ike",131) 2790PROCdh(" to RUN this program agai n.",131) 2800PROCdh(" Press any other key to e nd.",131) 2810IF GET$ <>" "MODE 7 :PRINTTAB(10,10 )"Bye from ROY":END ELSE RUN 2820END 2830DEF PROCASK 2840PRINTTAB(0,19)" Would you like the answers? Y or N" 2850*FX15,1 2860A$=GET$:IFA$<>"Y" AND A$<>"N" THEN GOTO 2860 2870ENDPROC 2880DEF PROCspace 2890PRINTTAB(0,19)STRING$(36," ") 2900PRINTTAB(2,23)" Please press SPACE to continue >>>" 2910*FX15,1 2920REPEAT UNTIL GET =32:CLS 2930ENDPROC 2940DEF PROCdash 2950PRINT 2960PRINTCHR$(132)TAB(3)STRING$(35,"-") 2970ENDPROC 2980DEF PROCONE 2990PRINT" 1, Head in the clouds. " 3000PRINT" 2, Final curtain." 3010PRINT" 3, One foot in the grave." 3020ENDPROC 3030DEF PROCFOUR 3040PRINT" 4, Reading between the lines ." 3050PRINT" 5, One foot on the ladder." 3060PRINT" 6, Sitting duck." 3070ENDPROC 3080DEF PROCSEVEN 3090PRINT" 7, Say it with flowers.(I lo ve you.)" 3100PRINT" 8, Little white bull." 3110PRINT" 9, Roses are red and violet are blue." 3120ENDPROC 3130DEF PROCTEN 3140PRINT" 10, Going round in a circle. " 3150PRINT" 11, All through the night." 3160PRINT" 12, A lota bottle." 3170ENDPROC 3180DEF PROCTHIRTEEN 3190PRINT" 13, Pull the other one." 3200PRINT" 14, Double up with pain." 3210PRINT" 15, Never in a month of Sund ays." 3220ENDPROC 3230DEF PROCSIXTEEN 3240PRINT" 16, Two lovely black eyes." 3250PRINT" 17, Green with envy." 3260PRINT" 18, Sweet sixteen." 3270ENDPROC 3280DEF PROCNINETEEN 3290PRINT" 19, Mixed grill." 3300PRINT" 20, Upright piano." 3310PRINT" 21, Third time lucky." 3320ENDPROC 3330DEF PROCTWENTYTWO 3340PRINT" 22, One step foward two step s backward" 3350PRINT" 23, Backward glance." 3360PRINT" 24, Find it in the yellow pa ges." 3370ENDPROC 3380DEF PROCTWENTYFIVE 3390PRINT" 25, I saw it in black and wh ite!" 3400PRINT" 26, West side story." 3410PRINT" 27, Snap out of it!" 3420ENDPROC 3430DEF PROCTWENTYEIGHT 3440PRINT" 28, Harry isn't quite alrigh t!" 3450PRINT" 29, Can't see the wood for t he trees." 3460PRINT" 30, Three men in a boat." 3470ENDPROC 3480DEF PROCTHIRTYONE 3490PRINT" 31, Downward trend." 3500PRINT" 32, Never a cross word." 3510PRINT" 33, Step on it." 3520ENDPROC 3530DEF PROCTHIRTYFOUR 3540PRINT" 34, Water wheel (H20, H to O )" 3550PRINT" 35, Double trouble." 3560PRINT" 36, Its all go!" 3570ENDPROC 3580DEF PROCTHIRTYSEVEN 3590PRINT" 37, An evil eye." 3600PRINT" 38, Top of the morning." 3610PRINT" 39, A cheap jack." 3620ENDPROC 3630DEF PROCFORTY 3640PRINT" 40, Monkey puzzle." 3650PRINT" 41, Two peas in a pod." 3660PRINT" 42, Morning after the night before." 3670ENDPROC 3680DEFPROCROY 3690PRINT"   PROGRAM B Y ££££££££" 3700PRINT"     k 7e757£k" 3710PRINT"     s550!5u0£5" 3720PRINT"   p5u7t5upp5" 3730PRINT 3740PRINT" FOR 8-BIT SOFTWARE" 3750PRINT" 17 Lambert Park Rd Hedon HUL L HU12 8HF"' 3760ENDPROC 3770DEF PROCdh(text$,color%):PRINTCHR$c olor%;CHR$141+text$'CHR$color%;CHR$141+t ext$:ENDPROC 3780DEFPROCerror 3790REPORT:PRINT" at line ";ERL 3800ENDPROC