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Repton 3 Cheat - Listing

10DEFFNS="REP3CHT" 20IF PAGE<>&1900:PAGE=&1900:CHAIN"Rep 3Cht" 30MODE7 40VDU23;80202;0;0;0; 50A%=0:X%=255:T%=USR&FFF4:T%=(T%DIV&1 00)AND7 60PRINT'TAB(3)" REPTON 3 CHEAT by C.J .Richardson" 70PRINT''TAB(8)"    80PRINTTAB(8)"    100IF T%>2 IF INSTR("Yy",GET$) T%=0:PR INT" Yes" ELSE IF T%>2 PRINT" No" 110Cheat1$="K.0MODE7:VDU23;8202;0;0;0; 0:PAGE=&7900|MLO.""MV""|MDEL.10,50|MDEL. 210,250|M105" 120Cheat2$="K.1 106" 130Cheat3$="K.2 107" 140Map%=0 150Lives%=0 160Immortal%=0 170Editor%=0 180Crowns%=0 190Diamonds%=0 200PRINT'" See all maps Y/N?"; 210IF INSTR("Yy",GET$) Cheat1$=Cheat1$ +"?&304A=&D:":Map%=1:PRINT" Yes" ELSE PR INT " No" 220PRINT'" Infinite Lives Y/N?"; 230IF INSTR("Yy",GET$) Cheat1$=Cheat1$ +"?&311C=&63:":Lives%=1:PRINT" Yes" ELSE PRINT" No" 240PRINT'" Immortality Y/N?"; 250IF INSTR("Yy",GET$) Cheat1$=Cheat1$ +"?&1EBA=&EA:?&1EBB=&EA:?&2830=&EA:?&283 1=&EA:?&2A85=&EA:?&2A86=&EA:?&6500=&EA:? &6501=&EA":Immortal%=1:PRINT" Yes" ELSE PRINT" No" 260Cheat1$=Cheat1$+"|M*FX138 0 129|M" 270IF Immortal%=1:Cheat2$=Cheat2$+"OSC LI""SRWRITE 6500+2 815A 5"":OSCLI""SRWRI TE 6500+2 8197 5"":OSCLI""SRWRITE 6500+2 8218 5"":OSCLI""SRWRITE 6500+2 8298 5"" :OSCLI""SRWRITE 6500+2 892E 5"":OSCLI""S RWRITE 6500+2 8954 5"":" 280IF T%>2 PRINT'" No need for codes i n editor Y/N?";:IF INSTR("Yy",GET$) Chea t2$=Cheat2$+"?&6502=&60:OSCLI""SRWRITE 6 502+1 B17C 4""":PRINT" Yes" ELSE IF T%>2 PRINT" No" 290Cheat2$=Cheat2$+"|M*FX138 0 130|M" 300PRINT'" No need to collect crowns Y /N?"; 310IF INSTR("Yy",GET$) Cheat3$=Cheat3$ +"?&2FF4=0:":Crowns%=1:PRINT" Yes" ELSE PRINT" No" 320PRINT'" No need to collect diamonds "'" or kill monsters Y/N?"; 330IF INSTR("Yy",GET$) Cheat3$=Cheat3$ +"?&2FED=0:":Diamonds%=1:PRINT" Yes" ELS E PRINT" No" 340Cheat3$=Cheat3$+"|MRUN|M" 350PRINT'TAB(3)" INSERT REPTON DISC P ress a key" 360*FX21 370REPEATUNTILGET 380IF T%>2 PROCmaster 390MODE5 400FORI%=0TO2STEP2 410P%=&1100 420[:OPTI%:LDA#0:STA&606F 430LDA#inter MOD256:STA&220 440LDA#inter DIV256:STA&221 450LDA#14:LDX#4:JSR&FFF4 460RTS 470.inter:PHP:PHA:TXA:PHA:TXA:PHA:LDA& 606F:CMP#&8C:BNEout 480LDA#7:JSR&FFEE:] 490IF Lives%=1 [:OPTI%:LDA#&63:STA&311 C:]:REM LIVES. IF THIS DOESN'T WORK TRY &3119 INSTEAD OF &311C 500IF Map%=1 [:OPTI%:LDA#&D:STA&304A:] :REM SEE ALL MAPS. IF THIS DOESN'T WORK TRY &3052 INSTEAD OF &304A 510IF Immortal%=1 [:OPTI%:LDA#&EA:STA& 55A:STA&55B:STA&597:STA&598:STA&618:STA& 619:STA&698:STA&699:STA&1EBA:STA&1EBB:ST A&2830:STA&2831:STA&2A85:STA&2A86:STA&5C 3E:STA&5C3F:STA&5C64:STA&5C65:]:REM IMMO RTALITY 520IF Crowns%=1 [:OPTI%:LDA#0:STA&2FF4 :]:REM NO NEED FOR CROWN OR MONSTERS 530IF Diamonds%=1 [:OPTI%:LDA#0:STA&2F ED:]:REM NO NEED TO COLLECT DIAMONDS 540[:OPTI%:LDA#13:LDX#4:JSR&FFF4 550.out:PLA:TAY:PLA:TAX:PLA:PLP:RTS 560]:NEXT:CALL&1100 570*DIR D 580PAGE=&900:HIMEM=&C00:CHAIN"REPTON1" 590END 600DEFPROCmaster 610ENVELOPE1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,126,-1,0,-1 ,126,0:ENVELOPE2,3,0,0,0,1,1,1,90,-20,-2 0,-2,90,0:ENVELOPE3,2,1,1,0,5,10,40,30,- 10,-10,-15,127,0:ENVELOPE4,131,0,0,0,25, 2,-2,110,0,-4,-8,110,80 620OSCLI Cheat1$ 630OSCLI Cheat2$ 640OSCLI Cheat3$ 650*FX138 0 128 660END