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John Ilsley's Sound - Listing

10 MODE7 20 A$=" "+CHR$(141)+"A weird sound command "+CHR$(156) 30 B=LEN(A$)/2 40 PRINTTAB(20-B,0);A$ 50 PRINTTAB(20-B,1);A$ 60 PRINT 70 PRINT"Here is a weird sound proble m, I was "'"just messing around when ins tead of me"'"doing a normal sound comman d with a low"'"positive number at the en d for the time"'"I stuck in a negative n umber, and this "'"is what I got, weird. .." 80 PRINT'"The command should be :-"'' " SOUND 1,-15,RND(255),1"''"instead it i s now :-"''" SOUND 1,-15,RND(255),-256"' ' 90 S=-256 100 REPEAT 110 SOUND 1,-15,RND(255),S 120 IF INKEY(-1) THEN S=S+1 130 IF INKEY(-2) THEN S=S-1 140 PRINTTAB(0,20);"Current length of note - ";S;" " 150 UNTIL FALSE