8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                        You can use this list to see if you are using any commands that make your programs incompatible. If a particular machine shows an improvement/addition, this means that if you use the new command/improvement, it may not work on earlier machines. BASIC 1 Original model B Basic BASIC 2 Model B basic from 1983. Model B+ and Electron. Various bugs with ELSE, INSTR, EVAL, PRINT -ABS 1, Assembler ASC':' removed. OPENIN Changes function to read a byte from an opened file only. OPENUP introduced. @% Defaults to &90A instead of &A0A. Changing mode sets COUNT to 0. Fatal errors introduced. New error 45 (Missing #) Indirect assembly using O% introduced. EQUB, EQUS, EQUD, EQUW introduced. Slightly improved "garbage collection". BASIC 3 Used in the US version. COLOR or COLOUR accepted. SAVE a$+b$ BASIC 4 Master 128 version. Trailing spaces stripped. Leading spaces stripped if LISTO > 0 Correct indentation of loops by LISTO. LIST IF added. RENUMBER and LIST now not confused by byte &8D in listings. LIST prints colour codes in REM lines without quotes. EXT# will alter the length of a file. TIME$ added. AUTO no longer prints a space after the line number. General recursion in FOR loops. EDIT Command added. VDU can be terminated with | ON n PROC,PROC, etc. RESTORE (line with just a comma) now works. Assembler additions/changes: INA, DEA, CLR. X, Y, A registers, EQUB, EQUS, EQUD, EQUW may be referred to in lower case. BASIC 40 Master Compact. Bugs fixed. BASIC 5 ARM machines WHILE ENDWILE CASE, WHEN OTHERWISE ENDCASE Local errors. Improved TRACEeing. Improved PRINT. Function to print size of arrays. Passing of arrays to PROC and FN Many more improvements, extensions and additions to commands. CHANGES Model B to B+ Additional 20K Shadow screen memory. Additional 12K Sideways memory. 1770 Disc interface replaces 8271. &FE30 Bit 7 controls 12K memory. &FE34 Bit 7 controls 20K screen. *FORMAT *VERIFY *FREE *MAP *SHADOW Various commands relating to shadow and sideways memory. CHANGES B/B+ TO MASTER 128 Shadow screen Real time clock. Numeric keypad. Extra 12K workspace for MOS. Four banks of SWR. Extra latches at Bit 7 &FE30/&FE34. 2 Cartridge slots. Internal modem port. Internal tube connector. 1770 disc interface. CMOS RAM for permanent configuration settings. OSGBPB for Cassette filing system. Temporary and library filing systems. Extended graphics commands. Extended text printing. Characters 128-255 defined in ROM. NEW * COMMANDS *CONFIGURE *CREATE *FORM *GOIO *IGNORE *INSERT * <fs> LIBFS *MOVE *PRINT *REMOVE *SHOW *SHUT *SPOOLON *STATUS *TIME *UNPLUG *X CHANGES MASTER 128 TO COMPACT Bugs removed. Standard issue 3.5" disc drive. Optional supplied monitor. Missing: Real time clock cassette filing system, 1MHz bus, cartridge ports, Tube interface, A/D converter, colour video, RS423, internal modem slot. EEPROM instead of CMOS. *TIME and TIME$ return a fixed date. Switched or proportional joystick configuration settings. OSBYTE call to read EEPROM size 128/256 A/D emulation. I added to *SRLOAD command (insert). Code key to right of P. Use CTRL+SHIFT +CODE KEY, the next key pressed has 128 added to its character code. No DFS. However the DFS ROM is supplied on some Welcome discs. VDU commands that are Master/Compact only: 23,2 23,3 23,4 23,5 23,6 23,7 23,8 23,9 23,10 23,11 23,12 23,13 23,14 23,15 23,16 23,27 (Compact only) 25,32 25,40 25,48 25,56 25,96 25,104 25,104 25,112 25,120 25,128 25,136 25,144 25,152 25,160 25,168 25,176 25,184 25,192 25,200 25,232 (Compact only) 25,240    