8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                                          To: 999 (all members) From: K2D Subject: PIAS 18 Superior have recently released the latest of their Play it Again Sam series- number 18. Below are my thoughts and impressions of the compilation.   First is Holed Out! I remember buying this Golf Simulation several years ago when it was first released by the Fourth Dimension who have since then moved on to producing games for the 32-bit range. I was impressed and thought it was well worth the money I paid for it. Unfortu- nately, my version was tape-based and the 'holes' had to be loaded in which was, in my opinion the only drawback. To see a game as polished as this one put on a compilation with two other previously full price games was an excellent offer, I thought. Holed Out! has impressive 3-Dimensi- onal Graphics which add to the realism of the game and are drawn fairly quickly considering the complexity of the screen . Animation on the game is limited to the swing of the club and the movement of the ball,but for what little there is , it is achieved well. When a player has managed to reach the green, there is an overhead view of the player on the green and the game then becomes a putting sim. The game is easy to learn, even for somebody who has never played golf befor e -like myself. The screen is set out so that the player can see exactly what he or she is doing; that is what clubs are selected,how mcuh power to use , where the ball has landed e.t.c. For the more experienced player there are options for hazards to take effect such as bad lies in the rough, wind influencing the path of the ball, bunker hazards e.t.c. The options even accomo- date for left-handed players. With the game there are 2 sets of cour ses provided, 36 holes to play in other words. In the days of 4th Dimension 'Beeb' games and Impact Games, extra hol es were available, but in my opinion 2 couses are enough for the games player. However, for the golf player..try writin g off to superior Software. This game alone is worth the price for the compilation and because of it's size ,it is provided with a disc of it's own! E-Type is another game bought by Superior Software for their new compi- lation, and is another game that I bought myself on tape when it was first released. This has to be the best road racing simulation that has been release d for the Beeb. It came at a time when games like Out-Run were being released for other computers and the BBC Micro was stuck with companies constantly releasing games similar to CITADEL, Arcade Adventures was the official name I think. This lead to users writing in to magazines such as the Micro User asking for more conversions. Superior eventually got the message and released a series of conversions. The Fouth Dim- ension,however, started to release game s which were not conversions, but simi- lar. The few game that they released were as far as I can remember,all highly rated. E-Type is a typical exa- mple; moving away from the small grap- hics that BBC Micro users had been used to, it gave large animated sprites in t he form of cars and scenery. The game is very fast,playable and realistic. Learning the controls is not difficult but learning to control the car is. Once you have, however, you will be addicted to travelling distances up to twenty mile at high speeds. The game has evrything you would expect from a racing simulation: road hazards and varying scenery. One of the most impressive aspects of the game is the different scenery the game has between the four circuits and the use of colours to add to the atmosphere of the circuit. To Conclude E-Type is an enjoyable and addictive racing simulation. It's only drawback is that to complete each track an increasing distance has to be covered- up to 18 Miles. After a while even the wide range of scenery and background avail- able on E-Type becomes repetitive and eventually tiring, but this is a small price to pay for the enjoyment the game gives and no price at all for racing enthusiasts. It was good to see a new release by Superior : Citadel II. Obviously enou- gh, this is the sequel to the best- sell Citadel. The game was a 'platform' arcade game on a big scale with differ- ent scenarios such as desert,ocean and the castle where the main game was set. The sequel is much the same, but with a different background story and puzzles. Citadel does not break any records,or stand out from the many games of this type that have appeared over the years. However,like Citadel it is colourful and is by no means boring. The game is interesting and entertaining with enough variety to keep your attention for another go. On another compilation it would have outshone the rest. Finally, the last of the four games on the compilation is Nevryon,which is yet another game from the 4th dimension and is, in my opinion, the best game on Play it Again Sam 18. I read somewhere a few years back that the author was so sick and fed up of games of this style appearing on other computers that he decided to write an original one but fo r Acorn's 8-Bit range. What he came up with is everything the compilation's advert promises it to be : graphically brilliant and super fast with sound fx as good as you could expect. I can't understand why a game as good as this did not give other programmers the incentive to produce other games like Nevryon. Surely, they would have sold in large enough amounts to justify a company like the 4th Dimension produ- cing it. Sadly though, it looks like Nevryon is the final commercial game of this type. I wonder if Nevryon was a bestseller, or if the 4th Dimension were successful in the 8-Bit market. For those who missed the chance of buying the game when it was originally released, i would strongly reccomend buying it now, as I have done. This means that if we apparently didn't give the 4th Dimension enough support,Super- ior Software will benefit from it! Overall, the most striking feature of P.I.A.S. 18 is it's value for money.It contains three of the best games I can think of which all were previously full price game, for example Nevryon was `15 and Holed-Out! was `20, together fo r a relatively low price, with a new release as well. It's funny that three of the games were all originally relea- sed by the 4th Dimension, isn't it?   To: 999 (all members) From: K2U (DAVID BROWN) Subject: CUMANA PAD HI ALL YOU BEEB MEMBERS AS A NEW MEMBER TO CJR 8-BIT CLUB I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE MEMBERS THAT HAVE GIVEN ME A LOT OF HELP. MY QUERY IS THAT I HAVE A CUMANA TOUCH PEN DOWN PAD WHICH I HAVE PLUGGED IN TO MY BEEB "B" IT HAS ON THE PAD 2 ARROWS POINTING UP AND DOWN ALSO WHEN YOU PUT THE PEN TO THE PAD THE LIGHT LIGHTS UP AND PEN DOWN COMES INTO OPERATION BUT I HAVE NO TAPE OR DISK 5.25 SINGLE DRIVE FOR ME TO OPERATE THIS TOUCH PAD ANY BODY WHO CAN HELP PLEASE TELEPHONE DAVID AFTER 6PM ON 0233 621053 ASHFORD KENT.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3A (Sue Williams) Subject: Folio - Word Processing Does anyone have the word strip and instructions for the word processing package 'Folio'. I am also having problems with my disc as when it is printing in the display format the printer slips and the top of the word does not line up with the bottom. Any suggestions? I am also looking to purchase any Educational programs which would appeal to my 2 boys aged 4 and 6. My phone number is 0256 862 463. Thanks!  To: 999 (all members) From: K3F (Jacquetta Morris) Subject: WANTED # PANASONIC PRINTER I AM CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A PANASONIC 24 PIN PRINTER (KXP1123) IN VERY GOOD CONDITION WITH, HOPE# FULLY LIGHT USE AND MANUAL. PLEASE CONTACT ME AT: 78 BLAKE HILL CRESCENT, LILLIPUT, POOLE, DORSET. BH14 8QS I AM A NEW MEMBER AND MUST SAY HOW IMPRESSED I AM WITH ISSUE 31.I FOUND THE HANGMAN AND SNAKES AND LADDERS GAMES MOST ENTERTAINING. I INITIALLY PURCHASED MY BBC B FOR MY NINE YEAR OLD SON SO THAT WE COULD RUN SOME EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE, HOWEVER, I AM GETTING A LOT OF FUN OUT OF IT MYSELF. MY IDEA IS TO WORK FROM THE WORDWISE PLUS MANUAL AND GET SOME IDEA OF W.P. I WAS A BILINGUAL SECRETARY (10 YEARS AGO) AND VERY MUCH WANT TO UPDATE MYSELF ON NEW TECHNOLOGY. HOPEFULLY, ONE OF THESE DAYS I SHALL GET BACK TO THE WORK SCENE AGAIN! INCIDENTALLY, IF ANYONE HAS ANY EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE SUITABLE FOR MY SON, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3H (Albert Schofield ) Subject: Tape to Disc. Chris has suggested that I write some articles on my pet subject which I will call Tape to Disc on the BBC Model 'B' Some of you may have started, like myself, with just a cassette based machine and later had a DFS fitted. Well, let us suppose that you have just switched your machine on and can't wait to get your programs on to disc. So you load your program, which is an ordinary basic program, from cassette, type *DISC, and in no time at all it is on disc. Then you run it. If it is a fairly short program it may work perfectly. If it is a fairly long program then it will probhably stop with an error message usually BAD MODE, the mode being bad because there is not enough memory available. The reason for this is because the DFS uses a large slice of memory. On a cassette based machine page is normally at &E00. You can check this by typing PRINT÷PAGE. On a disc based machine page is much higher usually &1900. However, you can claim some of this memory back. If the program does not use any file handling commands such as OPENIN etc. and most games don't, then you can lower page to &1100. So type PAGE=&1100 and run your program again. If it works OK then add the following line to the beginning of your program:- 1IF PAGE<>&1100 THEN PAGE=&1100:CHAIN "PROG" Put the filename of your program in place of PROG. Then when you run your program in future it will automatically set page to &1100. But if your program still gives error messages with page at &1100 then you will have to download it to &E00. To do this add the following lines to the beginning of your program:- 1CLS:VDU23,1,0;0;0;0;:PRINTTAB(8,10) CHR$(131)"Downloading...." 2*FX3,2 3*KEY0 *TAPE|MD%=PAGE-&E00:FORL%=PAGE TO TOP STEP4:!(L%-D%)=!L%:NEXT:PAGE=& E00|MOLD|MDEL.1,5|M*FX3,0|MRUN|M 4*FX138,0,128 5END The downloader deletes itself. Your program will then be in memory exactly as if you had loaded it from cassette. You can create an ASCII version of this downloader and save it to disc. Then with your program in memory the downloader can be *EXECed on to it and saved to disc. See page 402 of the User guide to do this. But first make sure that the first line of your program is not numbered less than six. If it is RENUMBER your program or the first lines will be overwritten. That's all for this month. I hope some of you have found it useful. Next month I will deal with machine code programs.  To: 999 (all members) From: 3SQ (Tim Parsons) Subject: Help with Stop Press I have got Stop Press, with Extra! Extra!, I find I am unable to get the Utility working that copies a Page from one disc to another ?, does anyone else have this problem ?. Still connected with Stop Press, I find that I cannot preview Pages, this routine stops at Line 200 ?. Does anybody else have these problems, or is it just me any my particular copy, oop,s! sorry Chris !. Any comments (or messages) would be Welcome Tim Parsons 40 Coniston Road Flitwick BEDS MK45 1QH 0525 715013 6pm-8pm is best ! otherwise 8pm-10pm  To: 999 (all members) From: 3SQ (Tim Parsons) Subject: Z88 (part 2) I have now got my Z88, it is an absolutely wonderful machine, I have already found one member who also has one, does any other member have one, I would be very pleased to hear from them, it appears that the Z88 Users club has closed down. If its anything like our beloved BEEB's the more we pull together the better it is for everybody concerned. Tim Parsons 40 Coniston Road Flitwick BEDS MK45 1QH 0525 715013 after 6pm please.  To: 999 From: 3SQ (Tim Parsons) Subject: Help With KEY I would be very pleased to hear from members who have got the Key/ITV database program. I have an original copy of the ADFS version (for a Master) but some reason the whole thing appears to have a couple of very important menu options missing, like Backup program disc and create Data Disc !!. Consequently I cant bloody well use it at all. Also I dont have any Example Data Bases making the whole thing completely un-useable !!. I would also be pleased to hear from anybody who has a Z88, or perhaps you dont know what one is ?. I dont yet, but I am getting one very soon, watch this space. I would also like to enquire if any body has a program called Painter, this version is by ASK !, it is an Educational prog whereby you have to guide a little man up ladders and along platforms picking up numbers, either Plus, Minus, Divide or Multiply to try and reach a target figure. I have an original tape of this prog, but would dearly love a Disc Version !. lease get in touch if you can help on any of the above requests, I will be very pleased to hear from you. Tim Parsons 40 Coniston Road Flitwick BEDS MK45 1QH 0525 715013 after 6pm pref. before 8pm otherwise before 10pm TA.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2H (RON BOYCE) Subject: SUBSCRIPTIONS Re comments on introducing subs for 8BS members. As a fairly recent member I am very impressed with the quality and range of 8BS material and prompt service. I assume that Chris is single,has no children and is retired, because if he isn't I just can't see how he can find the time to do all he does for 8BS members! To be serious, I would like the following to be put to the vote:- Keep all disc charges etc as at present (they are a very good selling point) but make a modest annual sub of, say, `5. This could provide a kitty of up to `500 and Chris could then use this to pay for his overheads, and replacement of any equipment worn out by 8BS work. It would also enable him to introduce any improvements which might involve expenditure, such as a printed Catalogue.  To: 999 (all members) From: K1Z (Roy Crouch) Subject: BOOKS. I STILL HAVE THE FOLLOWING BOOKS FOR DISPOSAL THE BBC MICRO BOOK BASIC SOUND AND GRAPHICS.ONE POUND PLUS 50P P &P. BBC USER GUIDE TWO POUNDS PLUS 1 POUND P&P  To: 999 (all members) From: K1Z (Roy Crouch) Subject: HELP. HAS ANYONE GOT SUCH A LUXURY AS A MANUAL FOR THE ELECTRON TO SPARE. INFO ON THE BASIC CONNECTIONS WOULD DO. THANKS.  To: 483 and 999 (all members) From: 4TK (Henry Frost) Subject: My thanks I am most grateful to 483 for a very explicit and enlightening reply to my queries, which is 'manna from heaven' to an old computer ignoramus like me. The ARCHIMEDES breakdown I found most interesting, this was information I had been unable to glean from so-called expert salesmen (expert yes - but at what?) at the various shows I have attended. As a result of 483's advice I have now acquired another issue 7 and an ATPL board which, with the addition of a few necessary chips should give me a machine similar to my sons that I am at present using. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank members (too numerous to mention by name) who have helped me in the past with advice, hardware and software. Thank you all. May I mention here that I have also received great help from (can I call it 'our co-club') SOLINET. Regards and best wishes to you all, Henry. 