8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                      Right, I'll start with correcting some blobs. Thanks to 20G who pointed out that I made a blob with the messaging system function key strip. Just shows you what my vision is like I suppose. Magenta and Cyan were the wrong way around as were flash and steady. I had also missed off the set background codes. There is a corrected version on this disc "MessStr". I made an error in the menu of the DFS version of issue 32 which stopped viewing of the messaging system info. The same error is also repeated in the menu of issue 31. To fix your copies of issue 31 and 32 do this: Insert the disc. *AC. Menu LOAD"Menu" Issue 31 LIST 2720 Issue 32 LIST 2650 Copy the line but do not recopy the :2 SAVE"Menu" Or send me your discs for an update. The Data in the ADFS version of issue 32s menu has an error in it that will cause no problem to the running. However, if you use the updated MenRead program you will spot it in the Message section. $.Mes.$.Mes. etc should read $.Mes. etc. While on the subject of problems. I discovered that my copy of the magazine on 8BS-08 fails on a BBC. I have cured it. Anyone with a copy of 8BS-08 obtained from me should return it with p+p for an update. There was also a bug in a couple of the early 8BS issues that made the menu screen on a Master disappear after the magazine had been run. This was due to the use of *FX114. The problem can be circumvented by using CONTROL+BREAK. I have fixed the copies in the pool by adding: A%=114:Y%=1:CALL&FFF4 to the boot file. Pointed out to me by the ever vigilant L1M (thanks again Janny) is a bug in 8BS-12. The menu tries to load the game Devil's Island in DIR A. This is a shame because the game is in DIR B. Change the menu to DIR B. Or send your copy to me for update. The main menu on issue 26 confused one person, the bottom line of the menu referred to issue 24 software instead of 26. This is now corrected.    The debate rages on about charges. Could I just make a point about postage. A good many of you put FAR TOO MUCH in postage onto your return envelopes. This is money down the drain. Please get your post office to check the weight of your package before putting the stamps on and posting. You will only need to do this the once as thereafter your packages are very likely to be the same weight. A small number of you are not putting enough postage onto your return envelopes. Please check the weight of your package before posting. Remember, you might only be sending one disc, but if it is wrapped in a whole Cornflake packet (this is only an example K2K!), then it is going to weigh a bit more than a 25p stamp will get through the Royal Mail. Extra postage for issue 32 breakdown: Over all £3.67 extra. 5 freebies = .95p Extra paid out because of not enough return postage included. =£2.72p 12 out of 52 items were overweight for postage sent. Thank you for your attention. Lecture over! I have just (26.2.94) acquired some decent scales. These will be very handy for working out the optimum packaging for orders. This should save 8BS quite a lot of pennies. I was quite staggered when I discovered how much could be saved by splitting up large packages into 2 or 3 smaller ones.    It is the 20th of January 1994. It is 2048. I have finally cracked the joining two computers problem. It was a mixture of hardware, software and cerebral problems. All of which added up to a lot of hair loss. The RS423 lead required changing so that the RTS went to CTS and DATA OUT to DATA IN. A picture speaks 1000 words, so this is what I did to one end of the RS423 lead: TOP   Exchanged red for yellow and green for blue. This isn't the colour of the wires, but just illustrates the point. Once I had the lead sorted, then the rest fell into place. The software required the receive rate and send rate to be the same on both machines. I set this like so: *FX 7,8 Receive rate *FX 8,8 Transmit rate Now all I had to do was tell one machine to send: *FX 3,1 Output and one to receive: *FX 2,1 Input Robert's your auntie, simple as that. What was all the fuss about? Now my BEEB and Master are married permanently, what now?  Here is something that I thought ought to be put into words. When putting adverts into the messages and ads section I expect all software advertised for sale to be original copies. I have no wish to infringe, or help anyone else infringe copyright laws. I also expect that all requests for software are requests for original copies and that anyone responding to any request supplies an original copy. There, it had to be said. I know of course that 8BS members would never BYTE the hand that fed them and put at RISC any future development of software for the Beeb.  And another thing! This month I received thousands of calls from members responding to the ads section asking for phone numbers of other members. I only hand these numbers out if the questionnaire that members fill in states that the member does not mind their phone number being published. Unfortunately, there were a couple of occasions that I could not hand out numbers because members had stated that they did not want theirs publishing. I have no intention of publishing phone numbers unless the member actually puts it into the messaging system. Please review your questionnaire bearing this in mind and if you have responded "N" to "Publish phone number?", just remember that if you have advertised something for sale that you may not flog it so easily.          On 26.2.94 8-Bit Software consists of: 1 Master Compact fitted with Wordwise. 1 BBC B with single 40/80 5.25" drive fitted with Watford DDFS, Mega 3 Rom and Fanfare Rom. 1 Master 128 with twin 40/80 5.25" drives, twin 40/80 5.25"/3.5" drives. Replay, ADFS utilities, Printmaster, Pascal. Colour Monitor and plinth. Citizen 120D+, Citizen 120D (now botched and semi-working). Nightingale modem (faulty) Datacorder 2 Sound samplers. 2 Light pens. Quantity of electronics kits and various other spares and parts in a big box. A large box of various software and books (see advert) Approximately 3 feet of paperwork in files. 3000 sheets fanfold paper. Large quantity of re-used envelopes. 8000 Stickers. 850 3.5" blank discs 200 5.25" blank discs 450 3.5" discs of PD software (backup) 450 5.25" discs of PD software 13 Disc boxes of various sizes. 3 tables/desks. Cabinet on wheels containing stationery and blank discs. Computer chair. 4000 Staples. Digital scales. Balance: -£22.99 However, bear in mind that the discs in stock are in theory worth some £600 I do NOT intend to make a profit. 8BS will never show a profit. As soon as the balance goes into the black enough, I will be acquiring a good printer followed by an Archi (maybe). I hasten to add here that I will support the 8 bit side until your support goes completely. Speaking of which: 8BS has 98 active members with 128 on the books. Active means that I have heard from that member within the last 6 months. On the books means that I have an ID for that person, but have not heard from them within 6 months. Approximately 1700 discs sent out from the pool since last July time. Enquiries coming in by the ream as the commercial mags drop the 8 bit side and recommend coming to 8BS. I am still trying to get permission to distribute Disc Users, Fast Access and CEEFAX notes and programs. A fair bit being spent on postage and telephone calls here I can tell you!  Try 316 Supplies your supplies. Phone 0446 421316 for cheap discs as long as you buy in huge quantities.  I am impressed and sometimes overwhelmed by the generosity of the members. Some members have sent donations for the funds. These have been put towards expenses for the coming BIG event at Harrogate. Expenses will be items such as the banner advertising 8BS. I have sussed out a useful fellow down the road that knocks up decent signs for very little expenditure on the groups part, so we should be ok there. Special thanks here to K2O who has donated what can only be described as stacks of stuff to the group. More on that at a later date.  Thanks for the flood of advert forms. I should be ok for a while now. 8BS now receives The Micro Mart once a week. I have responded to various ads and had a few favourable results.  Ah well, that's it for another issue. Space is getting a bit tight again although not as tight as issue 32. On issue 32 the master discs are all 0 bytes free. Your disc probably doesn't show this because there had to be enough free space in each version for the largest message file for that version. Zero bytes free on side 2 of the DFS version proved to be a bit of a nuisance as it messed up the single sided versions (no room for a menu). So you will forgive me I hope if I leave a bit of space on this issue. You could fill it yourself if you want with * characters. Just a thought. Only one issue to go before the show, yahoo!                                    