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Patterns II - Listing

10DEFFNS="Pat2" 20 REM Program name "PATTERN" 30 REM Written by M.L.W. 4/6/1988 40 REM Article by Keith Devlin 50 REM Computer Guardian 2/6/1988 60 REM Sent to 8BIT SOFTWARE 16/2/94 70REM Fiddled with by CJR 21.2.94 80 MODE0 90VDU23;8202;0;0;0; 100N=1:D=1 110ONERROR 120PRINT'"Change the D and N values us ing ZXCV." 130PRINT"Dump the screen (When finishe d) by pressing D." 140PRINT"Pressing any other key cancel s dump." 150PRINT'"ESCAPE to return here."' 160INPUT"Val 1? 1-359 RETURN=no change . "D%:IF D%>0 IF D%<360 D=D% 170INPUT"Val 2? 1-359 RETURN=no change . "N%:IF N%>0 IF N%<360 N=N% 180REPEAT 190REPEAT 200D%=0 210CLS 220PRINTTAB(0,0);STR$D;" Z-Down X-Up"' STR$N;" C-Down V-Up" 230*FX21 240COLOUR 1 250VDU 19,1,RND(6),0,0,0 260oldX=0:oldY=0:A=0 270VDU 29,640;512; 280MOVE oldX,oldY 290REPEAT 300A=A+D 310IF A>360 A=A MOD 360 320X=((N*A)MOD360)*0.01745 330R=SIN(X) 340T=A*0.01745 350newX=R*SIN(T) :newY=R*COS(T) 360newX=500*newX :newY=500*newY 370DRAW newX,newY 380Z%=INKEY0 390IFZ% <>-1 PROCinput 400UNTIL A=360 410IF Z%=-1 OR Z%=68 VDU19,1,7,0,0,0:F ORDEL=1TO1000:NEXT 420IF D%:OSCLI"GDUMP":REM YOUR DUMP RO UTINE HERE 430IF Z%=-1 D=D+1 440UNTILD=360 450D=1 460IF Z%=-1 OR Z%=68 N=N+1 470UNTILN=360 480END 490DEFPROCinput 500IFZ%=68 D%=1 ELSE D%=0 510IFZ%=90 IF D>1 D=D-1 520IFZ%=88 IF D<358 D=D+1 530IFZ%=67 IF N>1 N=N-1 540IFZ%=86 IF N<358 N=N+1 550IF Z%<>68 A=360 560ENDPROC