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                                                      To : 999 (All) From : 2J3 (C.J.Richardson) Subject: For Sale ALL money from these sales go into the 8BS funds. A very noble cause. This is a better way to help out the 8BS finances! Software on tape: Now that 8BS owns some scales, prices include post and packing. BBC Welcome Tape 75p. The Complete Machine Code Tutor by New Generation Software. On two cassettes in 27 lessons. With some of the lessons there are exercises to complete. Very user friendly. Explanatory simulator. Complete with manual. £5.50 Software on disc: Gemini Database £2.60p Boxed, on disc with playing board and plastic tanks etc, Tank Attack £5.90p Hardware: Viewstore ROM with manual and disc 6.00p AID ROM by Lincoln Microsystems. A machine code monitor. £6.00p Micronet ROM £6.00p Iso Pascal. Two Language ROMs. A disc suitable for both 40 and 80 track drives containing second processor software and demos. Instructions for fitting. Pascal From Basic tutorial. Iso Pascal Reference manual Reference card. Function key strip. £15.00p the lot. Real Time Graphics ROM and 5 support discs with manual. 3D animated graphics package, £100 worth of gear. Going to the highest reasonable bid. See the editorial for further details. Books: BBC User guide. £6.40p The Century Computer Programming Course for the BBC Micro. £3.00p (a lot in postage, a very large and comprehensive book) **Prestel System User Guide. 50p ACORN DFS User Guide. £1.50p Watford DFS and DDFS Manual. £1.60p Programming tips from the BBC Micro. Selected articles from the first year of the Acorn User. £2.80p (Excellent!) Alpha Disc Drive Handbook. 1.00p Walters Computer Systems Disc System Reference Guide for the BBC. £1.00p Programming the Z80 by Rodnay Zaks. A large book £8.00p Kits: For the John Ilsley electronics articles Project 1. Moisture detector £1.40 Made up £2.50 Project 2. Continuous alarm £2.20 Made up £3.00 Project 3. Light pen £3.00 Made up £3.74 Kit prices include p+p. These items unlike everything else from 8BS are NOT dispatched by return of post. There may be a considerable wait for some of the items. Also: New 5.25" DS DD discs £3.40 for 10 this price does include postage and packing. Order any quantitiy at any time. 8BS always have a large number in stock. Contact: THE USUAL 8BS ADDRESS  To: 999 (all members) From: L1L (Jock Smylie) Subject: WANTED !! Does anyone have a copy of a modern comms program which uses VT terminal emulation. Or does anyone have a VT 100 extension for the Commstar ROM. These need to work on a BBC Model B (fitted with SWR and Shadow RAM) If anyone does have such a progam for sale could they please drop me a line via 8BS stating the price wanted. Please also include in the price the cost of AIRMAIL postage to Australia.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3K (Alec Miles) Subject: WANTED Wanted:- ROM cartridge holder for Acorn Electron. Please ring:- 0277-651089 or write 7 The Willows BILLERICAY Essex CM11 2RN Many Thanks.  To: 999 (all members) From: Mr Bowker. Subject: For Sale. An apparently large amount of BBC hardware and software is for sale from this gentleman. Ring 0622 843334 for more details. Please mention K2U David Brown when ringing.  To: 999 (all members) From: 2J3 Subject: WANTED I have had an enquiry from someone asking for "The Acorn User Service Manual" for the BBC and Master. Can any one help me respond to this enquiry?  To: 999 (all members) From: K4D (Lorin Knight) Subject: ROMS WANTED I am looking for SPELLMASTER and TOOLKIT+ - Can anyone help please? 0462-685693.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3U (Lol Simmonds) Subject: Advanced 1770 DFS Is ACP's 1770 DFS any good for the 1772 FDC? If so I'd be interested in getting one. How effective is the RAMdisc? If you've got one for sale ring me 081-337-4731  To: 999 (all members) From: K3U (Lol Simmonds) Subject: FOR SALE SPECTRUM +2 128, 2 JOYSTICKS, 1 LIGHTGUN, LOADS OF GAMES `25 + P&P OR SWAP FOR ANY USEFUL BBC B HARDWARE  To : 999 From : 483 (Daniel Shimmin) Re : Spectrum software very cheap For a list of all the stuff I'm selling at giveaway prices, contact me through this message system, or write to: Daniel Shimmin The Queen's College OXFORD OX1 4AW Or, from about the start of July onwards phone: (0204) 492613  To : 999 From : 483 (Daniel Shimmin) Re : !WANTED! 48K Spectrum  To : 999 + K2Q From : 483 (Daniel Shimmin) Re : Printer paper Viking Direct (0800 424444) supply a whole variety of printer paper, including a selection of excellent value recycled printer paper. Ask them to add you to their mailing list or send you a catalogue etc. Be ready with an imaginary "company name", "your position in company" etc.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3S (DAVID) Subject: TO 999(All Members) From David K3S As a new member of 8BS I have been impressed with issue 31.As K3F mentioned in March issue I did not realise there were so many BBC owners out there.I do hope that 8BS has a long life as I am sure most will agree. PS Is there anybody out there that as a copy of Typesetter AND View Spell Disc for sale if there is please drop me line. Mr D T Peck 21 Edward Gardens, Wickford Essex SS11 7EH  To: 999 (all members) From: 4TK Subject: For sale (for a friend) Zenith 'Minis Port' lap-top. Type: 80C88 CMOS, 16-bit processor. Memory: 1 megabyte ram. 640K for MS-DOS applications. 368K for EMS or disc drive. Updateable. Floppy disc: Built-in, 2 inch DS/DD 720K. External, Optional 2, 3.5, 5.25 inch. Battery or mains power. With 3.5 inch external disc drive & dual 115 & 240v power supply unit. `130. Phone me for further details. Henry Frost. Ph: (081) 994 1989.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: Items for sale, 0738-812186 1. MANUALS/USER GUIDES:- Disk Filing System (WE).............`1 Disk Filing System (Acorn)..........`1 ADE m/code debugger & assembler.....`2 InterSheet (Spreadsheet)............`2 Speech System (Acorn)...............`1 Printer commands,Epson compatibles..`2 6522 chip manual/spec'n.............`1 Chip Tester design for testing all types of chips - BBC & others.......`1 2. DISKS - all DFS:- AMX DESK & SUPERART - integrated diary, alarm, memo pad, calc, address book, printer drivers, all via icons and with manuals ...................`5 WORD-AID (WE) incl manual...........`4 WORD-EASE (Bebug) incl manual.......`4 SUPER-GRAPH,simple & complex graphs of all types incl 3D, zoom etc, manual `5 THE MUSIC SYSTEM by Island Logic, with synth, keyboard, sound library etc etc a superb package, incl manual+demos `5 OP-AMP & AC APPLICATIONS, circuit test & design, with disks & manual.......`4 SWRAM UTILS (Acorm User) incl instr.`3 WE ROM/RAM board Utilities disk.....`3 WE 16k RAM disk.....................`2 'MEGAPRINT NLQ' fonts & designer....`2 TRANSISTOR AMP. DESIGNER............`1 MATHS - all types for 11+, 2 disks..`2 'PROGRAM STORE' utilities...........`2 'EASY BANKER' personal accounts.....`2 'CYCLONE' protected disk copier.....`3 CLARES 'REPLICA'tape to disk copier.`3 CLARES 'FONTWISE+ fonts & designer..`4 3. ROMS:- ViewSpell, with disk................`5 1770 DFS............................`5 'STAR STICK' by Microtest a joystick & games controller, very comprehen..`5 EPSON printer driver, makes using the printer commands very easy & quick..`5 GXR - extended graphics & colours...`4 BBC HELP rom, saves using a manual..`3 ADFS rom ver 1.3....................`5 WORDWISE chip with manual...........`5 WORDWISE PLUS chip with manual......`7 TELETEXT chip.......................`5 VIEWSHEET, spreadsheet chip.........`5 VIEWSTORE, database chip............`5 All above items postage extra. Please ring me on 0738-812186 evenings.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: AcornSoft 'DataBase' Does anyone have this disk that they could offer me? A friend bought this recently complete with manual, only to find the disk was blank!! Ring me on 0738-812186 - thanks  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: 8271 FDC chip Does anyone have a spare 8271 they can sell me? There must be hundreds gathering dust when users upgraded to 1770 or 1772 FDC's! Must be cheap!! Please ring me on 0738-812186, thanks.  To: 999 (all members) From: 20G ((Roy Dickens)) Subject: SALES 40 Shortstocks Rushden Northants NN10 0EB 0933 55556 (any time).                  COMPUTER COMPATIBLE CASSETTE RECORDER Ferguson Model 3T27 Mains/Batt Tape counter Auto stop Pause Auto level Built in microphone Computer comp. Remote control Numbered vol.control Mains lead Input/output socket for external equipment. Original instructions/box/packing This is as new and well known to be good with computers. PRICE 13.00 post free. (heavy) ------------------------------------ VIGLEN PROFESSIONAL CONSOLE UNIT. Give your BBC (not Master) the PC-look House your computer and drives in a separate monitor stand. The keyboard with its own box then links up with a coiled cable.2 metre. Complete with instructions. PRICE 15.00 post free.(very heavy) ------------------------------------ ADVANCED DISK USER GUIDE FOR BBC. By Colin Pharo Published by Cambridge Microcomputer Centre.1985 446 pages, looks like and about the same size as the User Guide. Very good condition. (I think DFS only) PRICE 5.00 post free. ----------------------------------- SOFTWARE FOR THE BBC MICRO. (BEST OF PERSONAL COMPUTER WORLD) Book, tape and disc. About 26 programs. Original package. PRICE 5.00 post free. ------------------------------------ MAKING THE MOST OF THE MICRO(BBC SOFT) Book and Tape Original package. PRICE 4.00 post free. -------------------------------------- COLOUR ART FOR THE AMX MOUSE. Book and Disc. By Watford Elec. PRICE 3.00 post free. -------------------------------------- AMX PAGE MAKER USER GUIDE. Book only. PRICE 3.00 post free. -------------------------------------- AMX SUPER ART ROM,DISC & USER GUIDE. Book plus Hints and Tips insert. ROM Disc + two backup. PRICE 6.00 post free. -------------------------------------- THE BASIC EDITOR (BBC Model B) Book all about the editor ROM (Not Master) PRICE 1.50 post free. ------------------------------------- MATHEMATICS WITH A MICRO (BBC) BOOKS By Michael Bawtree Volume 1 and 2 These are 2 books known as Software For The Classroom. About sixty small programs.(thirty each). PRICE 4.00 the two. Post free. -------------------------------------  To: 999 (all members) From: 20G ((Roy Dickens)) Subject: WANTED PLEASE  40 Shortstocks   RUSHDEN   Northants   NN10 0EB   0933 55556   WANTED:-Book   TITLE :-Getting started in   BBC BASIC on the BBC Micro.   AUTHOR:-Mike Bibby   PUBLISHER:-Database   (about 1985ish)   If you have one and wish to   sell please ring or write   as above.   Many thanks   Roy   --------------------------------       Blast! It never tears were it should.  ......................................  To: 999 (all members) From: K1H (J W FULLBROOK) Subject: Items wanted Can anyone help me with.............. Volume 11 issues 8 and 9 of Beebug I want to complete my collection and these are deluding me, I did have them but they seem to have disappeared. HCR eprom programmer or an epromryter programmer. MorleyAA board, or HCR rom box. Any books on combining rom images in one large eprom, I have articles on daisy chaining, but the header has to be altered manually from within a machine code monitor, and I do not have the expertise to attempt it just yet, I have heard that there is software about that will relocate and combine images.  To: 999 (all members) From: K1H (J W FULLBROOK) Subject: ITEMS FOR SALE BEEBUG MAGS MOST OF.. VOLUMES 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 AND A COUPLE OF VOLUME 1 42 MAGS IN ALL EIGHT POUNDS PLUS POSTAGE. I have just bought quite a few mixed eproms mainly 16K, some 32K and 64K and not forgetting 8K, far too many for my own use, so I am offering some to club members at cost plus a bit to cover my expenses, I did place an ad in Micro mart but I am ignoring it until 8bit and solinet are issued. They are all new prices as follows 2764 8k 50p each 27128 16k 1.00 each 27256 32k 1.50 each 27512 64k 2.00 each plus postage User port splitter 8 pounds 3 joysticks 5 pounds each SOLIDISK 4meg 32K rom/ram board switchable, with manual, this is for the BBC B and is supposed to make it run as fast as the master plus have 4 rambanks. 25 pounds plus postage. Electron I bought this a few years ago simply for the software that went with it.Starts up ok but after a short while the screen puts up garbage and then will not work. Might be useful as spares 5 pound plus postage  999 : All Members From : 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: For Sale Replay & Monopoly Vine micro's R8271 Replay A Disc Utility used on a model B issue 4 It claims to transfer tape programes in memory to disc ` 20 ono + PP, Also Waddingtons Monopoly on tape ` 5 ono + PP. 8 Orchard St Pallion Sunderland City Wearside SR4 6QL. Tel 091 567 9135 