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                                                    To: 999 (all members) From: K3X Subject: HELLO Hello everybody. It's wonderful to find such a User Group. I've used a Master128 for about 4 years and get a great deal of pleasure out of it. I also use it for children who need extra help with school work especially dyslexic children. I'm looking forward to my next magazine issue. Number 32 was great. My thanks to everyone who contributed. My thanks to Chris for all his hard work.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3X Subject: WANTED for MASTER 128 Can anyone sell me a copy of the Master Reference Manuals 1 and 2. If you are able to help Please phone 0562 710311 Many thanks, K3X P.S Yes, I know everyone else is looking for them too, but you never know your luck!  To: 999 (all members) From: K3X Subject: Palindromic Numbers. I used to keep cuttings from the Computer Guardian when it first started, because some of the information was so interesting. At intervals Professor Keith Devlin used to contribute. He is a Professor of mathematics. I always found his articles fascinating even if I couldn't program well enough in order to try out his puzzles and suggestions. A little while ago I sent in a program from one of his articles. It was unusual in in that it gave clear instructions for programming. Usually he didn't, he just set a challenge. Here is one such challenge! G.H.Hardy once said in his book 'Mathematician's Apology', "The Mathematician's patterns,like the painter's or the poet's, must be beautiful, the ideas, like the colours or the words, must fit together in a harmonious way." Numerical beauty lies in patterns and there is pleasing symmetry in palindromic numbers. These are numbers which read the same forwards as backwards such as 212 or 23432. Constant digit numbers such as 999 do not usually count as palindromic numbers. The question is, can you write a program to find palindromic numbers whose square is also palindromic? For example, 121 is palindromic and its square is 14641. Similarly, 202 squares to 40804 and 20102 to 404090404. There are some extremely interesting numbers to be found if you take your search far enough. For example 101010101 becomes 10203040504030201 All it takes is a simple program so why not have a go! Perhaps some members would like to take up the challenge and 'have a go'! I never did work this one out! K3X  To: 999 (all members) & K2B From: 4MD (Graham Gallagher) Subject: DATA DUCK When I placed an advert in the last issue for the above item I did not expect to have any success. I thought I'd have to have the necessary cables made up by such as Watford Electronics at some extortionate price. However, it seems that I underestimated the benefits of being a member of 8BS. Within a matter of days an offer of help came from K2B who by return of post modified my data and power supply cables such that I could connect twin drives to my BEEB. This might be a simple task to some members but I would not have had the confidence to attempt this modification on my own. Thanks to K2B and his assistance and advice I now have a twin drive set up to make things that bit easier. The "spare" disc drive had been gathering dust for at least 12 months and is now being put to good use. Thanks again Colin for your help.  To: 999 (all members) From: 4MD (Graham Gallagher) Subject: HISTORY OF 8BS part 1 Duncan Webster's article gives an interesting account of the origins of 8BS and the problems he encountered. I would recommend that members take the trouble of printing off a hard copy and read the article at their leisure away from the computer. Speed reading from the screen won't do it justice. Also, it deserves a second reading as I intend to do when Part 2 appears in the magazine. Duncan hints that this may take him some time to get around to, but whenever it might be I'm sure it will be well received by the present membership.  To: 999 (all members) & 2J3 From: 4MD (Graham Gallagher) Subject: CHARGING With regard to the request for views on the above I agree that some kind of annual subscription might be appropriate. I would suggest that members could be informed after receiving say 6 months issues that a subscription of not more than `5.00 would be welcome. It should be made clear that payment is not obligatory to continue membership since otherwise some people might be discouraged from using 8BS. The voluntary subscriptions would I am sure be put to good use and when necessary the editor could put a freeze on such subscriptions whenever funds exceeded a predetermined amount. Finally, I think that most would agree that a charge to members of 10p for TBI discs is ridiculously low, a charge of 50p in line with non-members seems much more appropriate.  To: 999 (all members) From: 4MD (Graham Gallagher) Subject: MAGIC MUSHROOMS EDITING I have a disc version of the above game with which my two sons enjoy creating their own screens. These have always been saved to tape until recently when my tape recorder finally quit. Since the recorder is not put to any other use I do not intend repairing/replacing it. The question is does anyone know how the editor section of Magic Mushrooms can be made to save newly created screens to disc rather than tape. My two sons would be most grateful.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3B (PAUL MATTHEWS) Subject: SALE OF TAPES & BOOKS ================================== THE FOLLOWING ARE BEING SOLD AND THE PROCEEDS ARE GOING INTO THE 8BS FUNDS SO PLEASE BUY THEM EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT THEM!! ------------------------------------- TITLE MACHINE ------- --------- BOZO THE BRAVE B/ELK RICOCHET B/ELK THE LAST NINJA B/ELK XANAGRAMS B/ELK CHESS(SUPERIOR SOFT) ELK MINI OFFICE ELK PEDRO B THIS LOT IS 75p INC. P&P ------------------------------------- PLAY IT AGAIN SAM ELK BBC MASTER WELCOME TAPE MASTER CUMANA TOUCH PAD TAPE B THIS LOT 2.50 INC. P&P ------------------------------------- BOOKS ----- GO FORTH - a introduction into FORTH a brand new book by Keil EXPLORING FORTH - in good used con- dition by Bishop BOTH THESE SOLD AS ONE LOT FOR 5.00 INCLUDING P&P ===================================== ************************************* =====================================  To: 999 (all members) From: K3B (PAUL MATTHEWS) Subject: CIRCUIT DIAGRAM FOR CUB ===================================== Can anyone help me with a circuit diagram for a MICROVITEC 1441 monitor as mine has a few problems at the moment and I am using a B&W portable to work on. ===================================== ************************************* =====================================  To: 999 (all members) From: K3B (PAUL MATTHEWS) Subject: HELP NEEDED WITH TORCH Z80 ==================================== Can someone help me with the software for the above. I have just obtained a BBC B with Z80 2nd processor and Z80 Disc Pack. There is a system disc with it but it does not boot up, it appears to be blank along with the other discs. The DIR command fails to produce anything on the screen. Can anyone help me with replacements? ------------------------------------- Also one of the disc drives has given up the ghost, the heads seek track 0, the disc spins but it won't read or write. Nothing appears defunct and swapping cables or computers doesn't make it work. It is a MITSUBISHI disk drive model M4853 5.25" half height with a shaped front panel to fit in the Torch Disc Pack as shown below:-     If anyone can help me to pinpoint the problem or sell me a good replacement I would be most gratefull. Thanks Paul. ==================================== ************************************ ====================================  To: 999 (all members) From: K3B (PAUL MATTHEWS) Subject: APTL SIDEWISE BOARD ===================================== A friend of mine has one of the above boards and no instructions for installing the battery backup on it, or where to put the Ram chips. Can anyone help with them and a component list?.Expenses reimbursed. Please write to me at:- 107 Queens Drive, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, L18 1JL. ===================================== ************************************* =====================================  To: 999 (all members) From: K3B (PAUL MATTHEWS) Subject: NINTENDO GAME HELP!! ===================================== MY SON HAS A NES AND HE IS STUCK ON ONE PARTICULAR GAME, HOME ALONE 2. WHEN HE IS IN THE UNCLE'S HOUSE AND HAS CROSSED THE BROKEN FLOOR HE COMES ACROSS HARRY & MARV. HOW DOES HE GET PAST THEM??.DROP ME A LINE AT THE ABOVE ADDRESS IF YOU CAN HELP HIM. ====================================== ************************************** ======================================  To: 999 (all members) From: 0E7 (Fred Nevin) Subject Magazine Discs Can anyone supply copies on tape/disc any format/size of the following monthly programs. Acorn User/BBC Acorn User 1986 April August 1987 August September 1988 February June 1989 January June September December A & B Computing 1985 June July 1986 June Any A & B Computing Magazines particularly from June 1985 onwards would also be acceptable The following are available in exchange for discs/tapes of any of the above if any one requires them. BBC Acorn User September-December 1991 January-September 1992 Please contact F.W.Nevin 17 Moss Crescent Meadowfield Park Crawcrook Tyne & Wear NE40 4XL where full negotiations can be entered into  To: 999 (all members) From: 0E7 (Fred Nevin) Subject: BEEBUG MAG Vol5 N05 Has anyone a copy of the above they would sell please. A photostat of the ADFSmenu article and listing would be acceptable in lieu.  To: 999 (all members) From: K1Z (R CROUCH) Subject: BBC B COMPUTERS. I HAVE AVAILABLE NOW TEN SETS OF COMPUTER EQUIPMENT AS FOLLOWS BBC B COMP B AND W MONITOR. SINGLE 5 .25 DISC DRIVE. CITIZEN PRINTER WITH LABEL ATTACHMENT. THE PRICE IS 99 POUNDS PER SET COMMPLETE WITH ALL LEADS AND MANUAL. A CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS POST CHARGES WOULD ALSO BE A HELP. MY PHONE NO IS AS FOLLOWS 0705 864213.  To: 999 (all members) From: K1Z (R CROUCH) Subject: DISC DRIVE I HAVE FOR SALE 1 ONLY 3.5 SONY DISC DRIVE 5 POUNDS PLUS 2POUNDS PACKING AND CARRIAGE.  To: 999 (all members) From: K1Z (R CROUCH) Subject: CLOCKS I HAVE FOR SALE A FEW QUARTZ ANALOGUE CLOCKS FOR SALE SUITABLE FOR SITTING ON YOUR COMPUTER OR FOR THE DASHBOARD OF YOUR CAR 3 POUNDS EACH INCL.PAND P. 0705 864213 