8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                        Program Memory Games By W.Brederode Use Educational Pairs Games. L1M has sent us this collection of 13 programs. These pairs games are ideally for two players but a single player can also use the games. There are three levels of difficulty. Take it in turns to turn over the cards. If you find a pair, take another turn. Each level has a card designer. Full info in each program. The suite runs from a main menu. Due to the number of files the suite is in an archive called MemArc (DFS version of this issue). To de-archive the programs please read the following section.  Program ARC By Andrew Black Use De-archive/Archive Copy the archived file onto a fresh disc. CHAIN "ARC" Press 0 then RETURN (assuming program is in drive 0). Press D then RETURN to decompress. Type the archived file name. press RETURN. Wait a few minutes. Press N then RETURN. Pairs game: Type CHAIN"Menu" Joining Computers examples: Chain each of the six programs.    