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Wavey demo - Listing

10REM Colour Cycling v2 20REM 05/03/94 (PD) 30 40P%=100:I%=10 50segments=48 60x=640 70y=512 80radius=300 90 100ONERROR RUN 110REPEAT 120REPEAT 130MODE7 140PROCstart 150UNTILG=49 OR G=50 OR G=32 160IFG=32 GOTO 230 170MODE2 180VDU23;8202;0;0;0; 190*FX4,1 200IF G=49 OSCLI("LDPIC WAVES") ELSE P ROCdrawcircle 210PROCcycle 220UNTIL FALSE 230*FX4,0 240MODE7:PRINT'" This program by:"'" J ock Smylie (5/3/94) - Australia."' 250END 260 270DEFPROCcycle 280REPEAT 290FORA%=1TO7 300FORB%=1TO7 310C%=(A%+B%)MOD 7 320IFC%=0 C%=7 330VDU19,B%,C%;0; 340NEXT 350FORT%=1TOP%:NEXT 360IF INKEY(0)=138 P%=P%+I% 370IF INKEY(0)=139 P%=P%-I% 380IF INKEY-99 ENDPROC 390IF P%<0 P%=0 400NEXT 410UNTIL FALSE 420ENDPROC 430 440DEFPROCdrawcircle 450A=2*PI/segments 460CS=COS(A) 470SN=SIN(A) 480X1=x 490Y1=y+radius 500MOVE X1,Y1 510FOR steps=1 TO segments 520GCOL0,1+steps MOD 6 530X2=x+(X1-x)*CS-(Y1-y)*SN 540Y2=y+(X1-x)*SN+(Y1-y)*CS 550MOVE x,y 560PLOT 85,X2,Y2 570X1=X2 580Y1=Y2 590NEXT 600ENDPROC 610 620DEFPROCstart 630VDU23;8202;0;0;0; 640PRINT'" C o l o u r C y c l i n g" 650PRINT''" A program to demonstrate o ne technique of colour cycling." 660PRINT'" This program was written in response to a request from Andrew Sn odgrass for help with his 'Wavey' progr am in Issue 29 of 8-Bit Software." 670PRINT''" Press <1> for 'Wavey' anim ation" 680PRINT'" Press <2> for Wheel animat ion" 690PRINT''" Press up and down cursor k eys to increase or decrease the r ate of colour cycling, <SPACE> to exit." 700PRINT'" Note the circle drawing pro cedure for a relatively fast circle dr awing algorithm in Basic."; 710G=GET 720ENDPROC