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Footprints. PRINTER READY - Listing

10*KEY2 RUN |M 20CLS 30VDU2 40VDU1,27,1,87,1,1:REM Large Print 50PRINT" Footprints" 60PRINT" ---====---" 70VDU1,27,87,1,0:REM Small Print 80PRINT" One night I had a dream" 90PRINT" I dreamed I was walking alon g the beach with God," 100PRINT" And across the sky flashed s cenes from my life" 110PRINT" For each scene,I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand," 120PRINT" One belonged to me the other to God," 130PRINT" -------------" 140PRINT" When the last scene of my li fe flashed before us" 150PRINT" I looked back at the footpri nts in the sand," 160PRINT" And I noticed that at times along the the path of life" 170PRINT" There was only one set of fo otprints," 180PRINT" -------------" 190PRINT" I also noticed that it happe ned at the" 200PRINT" very lowest and saddest time s of my life," 210PRINT" This really bothered me and i questioned God about it," 220PRINT" 'God you said that once I de cided to follow you," 230PRINT" You would walk with me all t he way," 240PRINT" But I noticed that during th e most troublesome" 250PRINT" times of my life there is on ly one set of footprints," 260PRINT" I dont understand why in tim es when I needed you most," 270PRINT" You would leave me,'" 280PRINT" -------------" 290PRINT" God replied, 'My precious c hild," 300PRINT" I love you and I would never leave you" 310PRINT" during your times of trials and suffering," 320PRINT" When you see only one set of footprints."' 330: 340VDU1,27,1,87,1,1:REM Large Print 350PRINT" IT WAS THEN THAT I CARRIED Y OU.'" 360PRINT" ------==================---- ---" 365VDU1,27,1,87,1,0 370VDU3 380END 390REM"  400REM"     420REM" Footprints 430REM" Uknown 440REM" Modified By Fred Price 450REM" 10/2/94 460REM"  470REM" Footprints in the sand 480REM" SAVE"B.FPRINTS"