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Hanoi - Listing

10REM ** HANOI-6 ** 20REM see 8BS Software Issue 24 30REM DP-J 16Mar94 40: 50MODE7 60PRINT'CHR$129"TOWERS OF HANOI: 8BS Software"CHR$130;CHR$136"Issue 24" 70INPUT'"How many discs (1-64) "N 75PRINT'CHR$130"WARNING" 80PRINT'CHR$130" This program is wr itten in C "CHR$136;CHR$94 90PRINT'"Press space":REPEATUNTILGET= 32 100PRINTTAB(0,22)CHR$129"It has now RU N. .... Too fast to C ?" 105PRINTCHR$129"Well don't be hanoid.. ." 110PRINT'"Press space":REPEATUNTILGET= 32 120PRINT'CHR$130"If you think that's f ast then send 50p "CHR$130"and a formatt ed disk with return p&p to"CHR$129"C J R ichardson"CHR$130"and stand clear of you r "CHR$130"letterbox"