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10REM ** ANDorEOR6 ** 20REM (C) DP-J 31Mar1994 Ver 1.11 30: 40MODE7 50PROCtitle 60PRINTTAB(0,23)"Information ? "; 70REPEAT:g%=INSTR(" YyNn",GET$) DIV2: IFg%=1MODE3:VDU19,1,3,0,0,0:PROCinfo ELS E UNTILg% 80IFg%=1 PROCend:END 90*FX4,2 100*FX229,1 110MODE7:PROCtitle 120PROCin:PROCdo 130VDU23,1,0,0;0;0;0 140PRINTTAB(0,30)"R to Re-RUN: Q to Qu it: M to alter mask" 150REPEAT:g%=INSTR(" RrQqMm",GET$) DIV 2:IFg%=3 PROCalter ELSE UNTILg% 160IFg%=1RUN 170PROCend:END 180: 190DEF PROCend 200VDU23,1,1,0;0;0;0 210*FX4,0 220*FX229,0 230IFg%=1PRINTTAB(40,24)"<FINISHED"; E LSEPRINTTAB(13,3)"<FINISHED"; 240ENDPROC 250: 260DEF PROCin 270PRINTTAB(0,23)"(H)exadecimal or (D) ecimal operand?"; 280REPEAT:s%=INSTR("HhDd",GET$):UNTILs %:CLS 290y%=0 300IFs%<3 REPEAT:PRINTTAB(0,2)CHR$(130 )"Operand = &";:INPUT""x$:PROCvalid(x$,2 ):UNTILj%=0:x%=EVAL("&"+x$) 310IFs%>2 REPEAT:PRINTTAB(0,2)CHR$(130 )"Operand = ";:INPUT""x%;:x$=STR$(x%):P ROCvalid(x$,2):UNTILj%=0:PRINTTAB(20,2)" (denary)":s%=2 320PRINTTAB(0,3)CHR$(133)"Mask = &" ;:PRINTTAB(12,3)STRING$(25," "):REPEAT:I NPUTTAB(12,3)y$:PROCvalid(y$,3):UNTILj%= 0:y%=EVAL("&"+y$) 330PRINTSTRING$(34," ");TAB(0,4)CHR$(1 34)"Result" 340PRINT'TAB(7)CHR$(130)"MSB"TAB(25)"L SB" 350ENDPROC 360: 370DEF PROCdo 380PROCbin(x%,130):PROCbin(y%,133) 390xand%=x%ANDy%:PROCbin(xand%,134):PR INT" AND" 400PRINTCHR$(129)"Masked bits unchange d"'CHR$(129)"Un-Masked bits are unset" 410: 420PROCbin(x%,130):PROCbin(y%,133) 430xor%=x%ORy%:PROCbin(xor%,134):PRINT " OR" 440PRINTCHR$(129)"Masked bits are set" 'CHR$(129)"Un-Masked bits unchanged" 450: 460PROCbin(x%,130):PROCbin(y%,133) 470xeor%=x%EORy%:PROCbin(xeor%,134):PR INT" EOR" 480PRINTCHR$(129)"Masked bits reversed "'CHR$(129)"Un-Masked bits unchanged" 490ENDPROC 500: 510DEF PROCbin(N%,c) 520LOCALn%:PRINT 530FORn%=15TO0STEP-1 540IFn% MOD8=7 PRINT" "; 550IFN% AND2^n% PRINTCHR$(c)"1"; ELSE PRINTCHR$(c)"0"; 560NEXT 570ENDPROC 580: 590DEF PROCalter 600LOCALr%,tab%,b% 610PRINTTAB(0,23)"Cursors:Spacebar to set/unset mask bits" 620PRINTTAB(0,24)" (B)eep: (C)lear Ma sk: (R)UN: (Q)uit";:VDU11 630*FX4,1 640c%=0:r%=7:bp%=7 650PRINTTAB(32,r%)CHR$136 660REPEAT 670PRINTTAB(34-c%,r%)"<":tabc%=34-c%:t abr%=r% 680REPEAT:g%=(GETAND95)-7:UNTILg%>0AND g%<5ORg%=-7ORg%=74ORg%=59ORg%=60ORg%=75 690c%=c%+(-(g%=1)+(g%=2))*2 700IFg%=1 c%=c%-(c%=16) ELSE IFg%=2 c% =c%+(c%=15) 710IFc%<0 c%=0 ELSE IFc%>31 c%=31 720r%=r%-(g%=3)*6+(g%=4)*6 730IFr%<7 r%=7 ELSE IFr%>19 r%=19 740b%=(c%+(c%>16)) DIV2 750IFg%=59 bp%=bp%+1:bp%=bp% MOD2*7 760IFg%=-7 THEN IF(y%AND(2^b%))=0 VDUb p%:y%=y%+2^b% ELSE IF g%=-7 VDUbp%:y%=y% -2^b% 770PRINTTAB(tabc%,tabr%)" " 780IFg%=60 y%=0 790IFg%=-7ORg%=60 PRINTTAB(19,1)CHR$13 1"& "TAB(21,1);÷y%;TAB(26,1)"=current Mask"TAB(0,4)" ":PROCdo 800UNTILg%=74ORg%=75 810IFg%=75 g%=1 820ENDPROC 830: 840DEF PROCvalid(x$,row%) 850LOCALg%,i% 860IFx$=""PROCerr(19,20):PRINT"No inpu t! Try again":ENDPROC 870j%=0:FORi%=1TOLENx$:z$=MID$(x$,i%,1 ):g%=INSTR("0123456789ABCDEF",z$):j%=j%+ (g%=0):NEXT 880IF j%<>0 PROCerr(15,24):PRINT"(&"x$ ")? Invalid hex":ENDPROC 890IFs%<3ANDLENx$>4 PROCerr(34,5):PRIN T"Too big: 16 bits only. &FFFF max":ENDP ROC 900IFs%>2 IFx%>65535 PROCerr(34,5):PRI NT"Too big: 16 bits only. 65535 max":END PROC 910ENDPROC 920: 930DEF PROCerr(a%,b%) 940PRINTTAB(a%,row%+1)STRING$(b%," ")T AB(12,row%)STRING$(10," "):j%=1 950ENDPROC 960: 970DEF PROCtitle 980PRINTTAB(35,6)CHR$(130)"dp-j" 990PRINTTAB(10,8)CHR$(141)CHR$(130)"AN DandORandEOR" 1000PRINTTAB(10)CHR$(141)CHR$(133)"ANDa ndORandEOR" 1010PRINT'TAB(7)CHR$(133)"16 bit intege r numbers" 1020PRINT''CHR$(130)"LSB is least signi ficant byte (lo-byte)" 1030PRINTCHR$(130)"MSB is most signific ant byte (hi-byte)" 1040ENDPROC 1050: 1060DEF PROCinfo 1070PRINTTAB(0,2)"INTRODUCTION" 1080PRINT"When it is required to manipu late selected bits of a binary number a procedure referred to as 'masking' is u sed." 1090PRINT"The mask is simply a number w hich is ANDed, ORed or EORed with the or iginal"'"number (the operand) to isolate or convert selected bits of the operand ." 1100PRINT"For example it may be require d to test if the operand has certain bit s 'set'."'"(ie. having the value 1 as op posed to 0)" 1110PRINT"The mask is expressed in hexa decimal which has a more direct relation ship to thehalf-byte (nybble) and conseq uently less cumbersome than denary to in terpret." 1120PRINT'"OPERATION" 1130PRINT"This utility performs the (op erand)AND(mask) etc. logic operations an d displays the resulting bits." 1140PRINT"A particular mask can be sele cted for bit manipulation but note that ALL the"'"masks and results are then cor respondingly updated." 1150PRINT"The original mask value is re tained for reference and the current val ue is"'"displayed alongside." 1160PRINT"Protection is provided agains t invalid inputs." 1170PRINT'"FEEDBACK" 1180PRINT"Program comment to:- 8 -Bit Software, 17 Lambert Park Road, Hed on, Hull"'TAB(28)"East Yorkshire. HU12 8 HF." 1190PRINTTAB(0,24)"End of Text. (C)onti nue or (F)inish? "; 1200REPEAT:g%=INSTR(" FfCc",GET$) DIV2: IFg%=1PROCend ELSEUNTILg%=2 1210ENDPROC