8-Bit Software Online Conversion

        Version 0.10 by Steven Flintham (15A) This is a quick info file. For the full info file, please examine the text on TBI-00 the 8BS info/catalogue disc. Run the program. Insert your 8BS submission disc. Press SPACE. Entering your personal details If you have not used the program before, you will be asked to fill in an on-screen 'form' giving your name, address and (if appropriate) telephone number. You do not have to enter your telephone number, but you may do so if you wish. Although you must give your address, you do not have to agree to it being published. As with the address, even if you give your telephone number you do not have to agree to it being published. press f0 at any time for help. Answering the questions Move between questions by using the left and right cursor keys. There are two types of question - multiple choice and non-multiple choice! To answer a multiple choice question, just press the appropriate number from the list displayed. To answer non-multiple choice questions, just type in the one line answer You can refuse to answer any question by pressing COPY and also by selecting 0 on multiple choice questions. Please try to complete as many questions as possible, however. f0 for help. ESCAPE to save your answers to disc and return to BASIC f1 to force the program to save your answers without finishing, f2 to change your personal details as described above f3 to enter/change your interests as described below. Entering/changing your interests You can enter up to five computing and five general interests. Press f0 for help and ESCAPE to return to answering the questions.    