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Wavey Demo Very good but the Arrow keys do not appear to have the effect I was anticipating.The speed control is not very positive. Wot Next Indeed one might ask. An excellent piece of programming combining nice clear Graphics and that little humerous quirk throughout, particularly at the end. Nice one Roy Hanoi If this is a free sample can I have a copy of the disc on approval please and if approved I will forward the 50p at a later date or is it a case of I do not C the point only having a BASIC language. German Hangman CENSORED I very much prefer the original version. I do not think substituting another language is any improvement ADFS EXTRA Questionaire Results It would appear from the tabulation that one could conclude that one membe sent in a BLANK return there was a NO ANSWER to each question. Hope it wasnt I Graphics from IV Very good but a great similarity with the Kaleidascope graphics. However I was very impressed by the Egg to Chicken graphics. I can only say it was Eggscellent  To: 999 (all members) From: L1M (Janny Looyenga) Subject: Reading the POEMS. When you don't have a printer yet and want to be able to read the poems you should leave out the VDU2 statement in the listings which sends the text to a printer. Now you can read it all on the screen!  To: 999 (all members) From: L1M (Janny Looyenga) Subject: TIMELAPSED (Issue 15) Time is flying but it is really flying in this arcade/adventure game. Because there are no rules given it is indeed adventuring around. Some help is given when you don't press the Spacebar in the beginning of the game and thus you'll notice several screens where to go or where to come from. The keys to use are: Z - left X - right RETURN - move up G - get D - drop U - use (object) SPACE - TELEPORT (at the T) Q - sound off S - sound on delete - pause copy - unpause ESCAPE - kill yourself At the start of the game you find yourself in the forest. The year is 1989. You can go right or left. By dodging the creatures which are draining your energy when touching you can teleport to another year at the T sign. Don't let yourself fooled by the screens, they have upper and lower levels which are looking exact the same way!!! On your way around time you are blocked sometimes. You'll need an object there to clear the way. Which one is depending of the sort of blockade. As you can only carry one object at a time, it's better to make notes. To help you out: in the right hand upper corner of the screen you can see what you are carrying. Nice game but not simple. Who knows more about it? In the meantime I have found out more! From the beginning I came (I don't know how anymore) at The Crypt -1568 and found a key there. Go with the key to The Crypt - 1989 and use the key at the blockade by pressing U from use. At this level you'll find an axe. To be used in the forest - 1000. Teleport and you'll find yourself in the forest - 2099; there's a saw. Whereto now? Well, to the dungeons. I have seen a blockade of chains there...But what year was it??? Has somebody already finished this good and intrigued game?  To: 999 (all members) From: L1M (Janny Looyenga) Subject: DEARC by Andrew Black I have used this program sometime but I want to give one minor thing: You can't compress different directories. Well you can, standing in the wanted directory but it will not decompress the right directory then. Could this be improved some time?  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Program: Title Screen. A good idea having a title screen as L1L suggests. Should be a bit a fun. We had a smart looking one on the disc issue 22. I don't think it gave the name of the author. Was it you Chris? Program: Computer market update A lot of good reading again from 483 Daniel Shimmin about the state of the market. Blink and another new machine is the flavour of the month.By the way Acorn state that all machines prior to the flavour this month, the Risc PC, can be referred to as Archimedes. Program: Message Ceefax Page John Davis (K2F) gave us a good April 1st leg pull. I liked that, did any members 'C' any others?  From: K5P (ANDREW FAY) Program: QUESTIONAIRE I didn't like the questionaire program. The hardware questions could have been handled better in one question covering what machine, what display, printer, other add-ons, etc. In questions that require a text answer there is not enough room to even start an answer little own finish it!. For the record I have a Master 128 with a 512 board and Z80. Twin 40/80 5.25 DD, a colour monitor and a RX80 printer. I also have 2 Amstrad PC1640's, with 40M HD, tape streamer, V22bis modem card and 2 NewBrains, an Einstein TC01 & 256, an Amstrad NC100 with 64k & 1M cards, an ICL model 15 (8085 CP/M system), Victor Vicki (Non IBM MS-DOS 2.11) portable, a CORTEX and a ZX Spectrum. I have also had a Co-Co, a Dragon 32, a Sharp MX700, to name those I remember. The only ones I bought new were my first computer, the NewBrain and then the Einsteins. I 'talk' to Nigel at Chaos Cottage and have started receiving Solinet mailings. I am interested in adding a HD to my Master. Andrew Fay.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2T (Jack Tourle) Subject: TBI-49 POSTERS If you are interested in using various fonts, not only for posters but for other purposes, these discs are excellent. I am still finding my way around the facilities provided, and amazed at what my little Beeb will print! Thanks, M.Bobrowski, for your work.  From: 6EE (MICK NEEDHAM) Program: Computer Languages The brief overview of languages for the BBC micro was excellent please can we have more.  From: 3PM Program: Languages Thank you Stephan for an interesting survey. There are obviously horses for courses but at the end of the day it seems to me that a programmer needs to be familiar with the mcode for the particular processor. Or perhaps future systems will obviate the need? (for both extra speed and OS access). Whereas aids exist to convert Beeb Basic to PC versions I assume that for say the 486 processor the 6502 mcode would be a useless starting point, apart from the underlying algorithm maybe. Tear it up and start again? So would you advise a youngster with a M128 to forget assembler/mcode and go for C as being the most likely general purpose and transportable option for the future? Is C in fact commonly used in current PC commercial software or is it still mainly horses etc.?  From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Program: Wot Next Another great program from 20G. My only complaint is that it is a bit on the short side, but apart from that it is up to his usual high standard.  From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Program: K2O's languages article I thought this was excellent, and I would be very interested to see further articles going into more detail on some or all of the languages mentioned.                               BLAM!                                                   