8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                   8 Bit                        From : 2J3 (Chris Richardson.) To : 999 (All Members.) Subject : For Sale All proceeds from the following adverts go to the 8BS funds. The 8BS bring and buy box was filled at the Acorn User show by many generous donations of software/books and hardware. Since then 8BS has received many more donations delivered by post and even in person. What an excellent way to boost the funds! Just look at this lot: Blank discs £3.40 for 10 including post and packing. Some questionnaires mention disc boxes, so... while stocks last: £1.30 extra for each ten discs (total £4.70p) and they will be sent in a good quality plastic disc box             Eprom programming service. Send the Eprom, program/s on disc and return postage plus £1.00. I will place your program/s onto the Eprom for you. Remember to tell me: 1. The Title of your rom 2. The copyright message 3. The * command/s to invoke the program/s 4. Any text printed with *HELP You can have a Basic or machine code program held in rom. If there is room, you can have more than one program stored in the rom. I will NOT process any program I know or suspect to be copyright. I will return any such packages unprocessed. Watch this space for Eprom supply. Until then try Maplins.             Software on disc: Pipeline £3.00 Play It Again Sam 6 (3.5" ADFS Disc) £3.00 Barbarian £3.00 Tank Attack. Includes playing board and plastic tanks etc. £5.00 Software on tape: All priced at £1.50p unless otherwise noted. If you are buying more than one, prices are negotiable (relative to postage costs) Go Spellbinder Ravenskull (TWO) Barbarian 2 Palace of Magic Life of Repton Nightshade BBC B only Machine Code Tutor £5.50 Rocket Raid Home Finance £3.00 Starship Command Labyrinth Unorthodox Engineers £3.50 Monopoly £2.00 BBC Welcome tape (TWO) Hopper Darts Lunar Rescue Wizadore (TWO) Fruit Machine Time Man One Educational £2.00 Hunchback Football Manager (TWO) Micro Olympics Snowball Penguin Kissin Cousins Map Rally. Educational £2.00 Theatre quiz £5.00 Crazee Rider Edict. Electron Dbase and games Steve Davis Snooker Last Ninja Sphinx Adventure Instant Recall Database £2.00 Graphito. Excellent Art package £6.00 Electron Desk Diary £2.00 737 Flight Simulator £3.00 Busicalc Spreadsheet (no manual) £3.00 Tiles. Fence. Primary Educational Numbers £2.00 Giddy Game Show. Educational. Letters. £2.00 Golf Superior Soccer Flags (of world test) Educational £2.00 Business games Megaplay 1. 6 games: Galactic Patrol. Vagas Jackpot. Fist. Eddie Kidd Geoff Capes. Kane £3.00 Computer Maniacs Diary £3.00 Acornsoft View Printer Drivers £2.00 Typing Tutor + examples for Wordwise + Blank C15 tapes. 50p each. Reduction for more than one purchased. Roms: Printmaster £6.00 Micronet £6.00 Aid £6.00 Pascal £6.00 Wordwise Plus £15.00 No manuals with these roms. Mini Office 2 on rom board £25.00 Books: BBC B User guide £7.00 Prestel System User Guide £1.80 DFS User Guide £1.80 The Book of Listings £1.80 Info for Acornsoft: Money Management, Chess, Draughts and Reversi. 50p each. Start programming with the Electron £1.50 Me and my micro by P. Shreeve (for newcomers) £1.80 Type in games for your BBC Micro (Virgin) £1.80 The BBC Micro in education. E.Glesson. £2.70 The Usborne guide to programming tricks and skills (for kids) £2.80 Type in computer battle games. £1.50 Basic programming by J.Kemeny. £4.00 Printouts: From the telesoft series: OSBITS course (second hand) £2.00 (assembler info) The following are formatted very nicely and printed out on good quality paper by laser. Complete with listings of the accompanying software: OSBITS £4.00 SWR notes £4.00 OPCODES course £8.00 8BS is presently trying to track down Gordon Horsington. Can anyone help? Some function key strips are available. They are laser printed on card. Wordwise. Interword. Intersheet. Interchart. View. Viewplot. Blank. Function key strips are 10p each. Please add 20p to each order for postage and packing. Gandalf LDS 120A Modem with manual. Will require leads. £28 All prices include postage and packing.             Superior Software is offering 20% off all prices on the blue catalogue to 8BS members. You should have found a copy of the catalogue in the envelope with your issue. Just write directly to Superior Software and QUOTE YOUR USER ID.             Disc labels for sale: 15p per sheet of 10. Includes write protect tabs. This price does not take account of postage. If you are ordering labels only, you will have to include 19p extra for postage.               Micro-Aid have offered 8BS members some very good prices on their software. Most HALF price. The rest (Payroll) at one third off. The price in green is the Micro-Aid catalogue price. The price in yellow is the price to 8BS members. Order the software through 8BS. BUSINESS PROGRAMS 102 Account`1 (Cashbook) £14.95 £7.50 Double entry cashbook program. Any number of individual accounts. Printout. Analysis. Used in clubs, schools, and businesses. 102d Account`2 (Cashbook) £24.95 £12.50 A version of the above program that will hold 2500 files on a 200k disc. String search. Unauthorised use protection. 102r Account`3 (Account) £39.95 £20 A version of the above program that includes a choice of cash/bank VAT/bank headings. Credit Control section offering updates, statements, remittances, creditor and debtor ledger facilities. Search facilities. 102r+ Account`4 (Account+) £59.95 £30 A version of the above program that incorporates a program to produce invoices, orders, credit notes, pro-formas and quotations. Produce nominal ledgers and fully automated addressed statements. Many more features. 102rd Account+ demo disc £2.50 £1.25 103 Taxman £59.95 £30 Allows the small businessman to complete a VAT return without any fuss. 105 Mailing`1 (mailing) £14.95 £7.50 Hold 218 names and addresses in memory at a time. Handle in any of the following ways: List. Search by part name. Sort by surname or geographical area. Label Printing to any size or layout of label. 105r Mailing`2 (mailing rnd) £35.95 £18 Store between 525 and 1875 names and addresses. Excellent search and sort facilities. Label printing. 106r Extended Payroll £59.95 £40 A set of programs to handle wages for up to 400 employees. Weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly. Contracted in or out. Annual maintenance contract available. Integrates with Micro-Trader. Accepts up to 46 items of data on each employee, 27 for pay and 19 for personnel record. Allows for update. P35 listings. Automatic tax code changes. Printout for use with P45 and P60s. Handle calculations for wages and N.I. Entry for standard pay, overtime rates, pension funds, sick pay, SSP/SMP, holiday pay, bonuses, pre-tax and post-tax adjustments, contracted out pensions and personal pensions. Summaries and analysis. Cheque printing. N.I. totals kept. 106dd Payroll demo disc £2.50 £1.66 106bx Extended payroll bureau £82.95 £55.30 As extended payroll but allows for as many records as required. 107 Memo-Calc £11.95 £6 Database-calcsheet program. Up to 255 columns. Rows 5 to 1000. Numeric or alphanumeric data up to 255 characters in each cell. Searches. Sorts. Preset function key facility for regularly used calculations. Printout. 120 Micro-Trader £235 £118 Invoice, credit note, statement, remittance advice, profit/loss account plus balance sheet. Up to 450 accounts in each ledger. 4000 transactions a month. Nominal posing for income, expenses, assets, liabilities. Report printing. 10 VAT rates. Full VAT facilities. Printout of VAT return. Up to 6 bank accounts. Integrates with Payroll. Requires double sided twin drives. Demo disc 12.50 on loan. 100% refundable on purchase. 120 Micro-Stock £88.13 £44 Handles up to 4000 items. demo on Micro-Trader demo disc. MISCELLANEOUS 108 Family History System £21.95 £11 108dd Family History Demo Disc £2.50 109 Budget £9.95 £5 GAMES 202 Stockmarket £6.95 £3.50 203 Cribbage £7.95 £4 EDUCATIONAL 102d Micro-Trader+Stock £25 £12.50 See business section. This is the demo disc. 301 Hangman £7.95 £4 Two english and four foreign language versions. French, German, Italian and Spanish. 302 Distances £5.95 £3 Calculate the great circle distance between any 2 points on the Earth's surface. 303 Flags £5.95 £3 Full colour representations of the flags of the world. 98 flags each with four questions relating to name, continent, capital and population. 304 Statpak £11.95 £6 Statistical package covering mean averages, Geometric, harmonic, median, moving and progressive averages. Standard deviation, coefficient of variation, high low variance, range of numbers, chi-square, bar charts, histograms, relationships, coefficient of correlation, linear regression, linear coefficient, spare section for your own use. 306f French Abroad £9.95 £5 Learn and test phrases. Included is an audio tape. 308 Flow chart £6.95 £3.50 Prepare flow charts. Dump included.                 Thanks to K5B for the help with the phototransistors 8BS is now in full control of kits for the electronics articles (see TBI-47 if you are interested, lightpens for £3, moisture detector, low voltage detector, buzzer) If you are waiting for a kit and have not received it with this issue, please contact 2J3 at 8BS HQ.                 8BS is on the lookout for a twin double sided 40/80 switchable 5.25" disc drive with own PSU. Required as a spare for when the present steam powered one pops its clogs. Any offers out there?                            If anyone is interested, I've written a brilliant version of Tetris called Tetish. I'd like to put it out as Shareware, so if you want a copy (3.5" disks only) please send me £1.40+p&p, or a disk and 60p+p&p. I only have HD disks, but I can turn them into DD disks if you want me to. Please send any disks and money to: Theo Gray 'OAKINS' Eaton Bray Road Northall Nr. Dunstable Beds. LU6 2EU This is the complete version, and all it needs to run is a 286, Mono VGA (EGA may work as well) and 1Mb RAM. It may work with less, but this is the minimum I have access to.  To: 999 (all members) From: K4P (Sue Eedle) Subject: New Member (free printer) Hi! I am just writing to say how pleased I am to join 8BS. I think Chris does an excellent job but I would like to know how he finds the time. I have been told that I have all the time in the world but I only manage to ge to my BEEB 2 or 3 hours a week, to write this I have had to turn PHIL COLLINS on full blast so I can't hear my Beagle (dog) howling for it's walk. Thanks Chris and everyone else who contributes to 8BS. Does anyone out there want a very old dot matrix printer works perfectly (I've got a new one) Printer leads, ribbons and manuel included. Yours FREE just pay postage or collect. Telephone Suffolk 0502 725016.  To: 999 (all members) From: K5A (Robin Moffatt) Subject: For Sale   Archimedes games: The WIMP game £7.50 Repton 3/The life of Repton/Around the world in 80 screens/Repton thru time `10 Galactic Dan £7 )or save £4 Grievous Bodily 'Arm £5 )and buy all Cataclysm £10 )4 for X-Fire £5 )£23  To : 999 From : E.Broadley Subject : For Sale Master 128 with twin DS DD drives. 512 co-processor. 6502 co-processor. £200 ono. BBC B+ 128K sideways RAM. Twin DS DD drives. Replay. Wordwise. Solidisk DDFS and ADFS. £150 ono. Acorn teletext adaptor. £40. Lightpen, joysticks and games FREE with any of the above. Telephone: 0602 830205.  To: 999 (all members) From: 3TR (MIKE FLEMING) Subject: UNWANTED ACORN USER MAGS I have just come accross some old issues of Acorn User magazine, in the loft. Sept'83 no 14 TO Sept'86 no 50 As I need the space, I will be 'donating them to the dustmen' in August, unless anybody wants any of them - for the cost of postage. Mike Fleming, 5 Edward Close, Gidea Park, Romford, Essex, RM2 6QH.  To: 999 (all members) From: K4E (Richard Walker) Subject: General WANTED FOR BBC MODEL B: Computech Integra-B (Iss.3 if poss.) Acorn/Watford 1770 DFS upgrade Acorn ADFS ROM FOR SALE: BBC Model B manuals £8 each Master 128 manuals £8 each Econet user manuals £4 each Epson LX-400 priner manuals £5 each Archimdes RISC OS 2 manuals £10 each 2 x Word Aid ROMS (for WW+) £5 each UDM DDFS (ROM only) Send p&p Printserver ROM, no manual £5 Anyone got any CHEATS for SIM CITY?  HELP!! How do you disable Econet on a BBC Model B with a DNFS chip? And finally.... An issue or two ago, somebody was asking about the BBC B keyboard links, the reply said that link 1 did nothing. This is not so. Link 1 controls wether the compuer starts up in DFS or NFS if you have a DNFS ROM fitted. STOP PRESS!!! Printers for sale: Panasonic KX-P1124 (24-pin A4) Epson MX-100 III (9-pin A3) Juki 6100 (Daisy-wheel A3) Seikosha GP-500A (9-pin A4) COSTS: "Any" offers considered!!!  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: WANTED Wordwise plus Handbook by Paul Beverley of Norwich Computers. Phone 0738 812186     