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Perfect Numbers - Listing

10REM PERFECT NUMBERS 20*TV 255,0 30MODE4 40VDU 19,0,4,0,0,0 50CLS 60PRINT"This program searches for per fect numbers on the assumption tha t they follow the same mathematical expression as the highest known perfect number." 70PRINT:PRINT"Whenever a perfect numb er is found it is printed on screen and to the printer before continuing the s earch for the next number." 80PRINT:PRINT"Be warned that the fift h perfect number will take quite some ti me to find. Probably longer than 10 days !!":PRINT 90PRINT"Please prepare your printer.. ." 100PRINT:PRINT"...then press any key t o continue." 110X=GET 120CLS 130PRINT:PRINT TAB(25,1) "COUNTER" 140J=0 150FOR N=1 TO 500 160IF J=20 THEN GOTO 300 170A%=(2^J)*((2^(J+1))-1) 180J=J+1 190X%=1 200M%=1 210M%=M%+1 220PRINT TAB(20,3) M% 230IF M%>A%/2+1 THEN GOTO 290 240IF X%>A% THEN GOTO 290 250B=A%/M% 260IF B=INT(B) THEN X%=X%+B ELSE GOTO 210 270IF B=2 THEN PRINT TAB(20,3) A% ELSE GOTO 210 280IF X%=A% THEN PROCperfect 290NEXT 300END 310DEF PROCperfect 320Z=Z+1 330VDU2:IF Z=1 PRINT TAB(0,5+Z)"I'M A PERFECT NUMBER ...",A%:VDU3 340VDU2:IF Z=2 PRINT TAB(0,5+Z)"...AND SO AM I ...",A%:PRINT:VDU3 350VDU2:IF Z=2 PRINT TAB(0,7+Z)"PLEASE WAIT.ANOTHER WILL BE ALONG SOON.":PRINT :VDU3 360VDU2:IF Z=3 PRINT TAB(0,8+Z)"HERE I AM ...",A%:PRINT:VDU3 370IF Z=3 THEN PROCtexta 380IF Z=4 THEN PROCtextb 390VDU2:IF Z>4 THEN PRINT "WAS IT WORT H THE WAIT ...",A%:VDU3 400VDU3 410ENDPROC 420DEF PROCtexta 430VDU2:PRINT TAB(0,10+Z)"THERE'S NOT MANY OF US AROUND YOU KNOW." 440PRINT "YOU'LL NOW HAVE A SLIGHT WAI T BEFORE YOU SEE ANOTHER ONE(COUNTER=410 0 approx).":PRINT:VDU3 450ENDPROC 460DEF PROCtextb 470VDU2:PRINT TAB(0,12+Z)"NOT TOO LONG A WAIT I HOPE ...",A%:PRINT 480PRINT "YOU'LL NOW HAVE A MUCH LONGE R WAIT." 490PRINT "BE PREPARED TO LEAVE YOUR CO MPUTER ON ALL WEEK OR POSSIBLY EVEN LO NGER!":PRINT 500PRINT "THE NEXT PERFECT NUMBER IS M UCH LARGER!!" 510ENDPROC