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Prime Numbers - Listing

10REM PRIME NUMBERS 12MODE4 14VDU 19,0,4,0,0,0 20CLS 30PRINT:PRINT TAB(8,1) "LIST OF PRIME NUMBERS" 40PRINT TAB(0,4)"PRIME NUMBERS = 1 2 ......" 50T=0 60A=1 70Y=0 80FOR N=1 TO 167 90A=A+2 100M=1 110M=M+1 120IF M>A/2 THEN 160 130B=A/M 140IF B=INT(B) THEN 90 ELSE GOTO 110 150IF B=1 THEN PRINT TAB(20,3) A ELSE GOTO 110 160PRINT TAB(Y*4,6+T);A 170IF (Y/10)=INT(Y/10) THEN Y=0 180IF Y=0 THEN T=T+1 190IF N<2 THEN T=T-1 200Y=Y+1 210NEXT 220END