8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                                              A few points have cropped up as usual. Let's try and get them all into one place for a change. 1. Several people seemed confused about how to actually join 8BS. Not exactly good for 8BS. On reading the documentation on TBI-00 I realised why. Anyone wishing to join 8BS should mention this in words of one syllable to me or I will not understand. 2. I have made a number of mistokes in copying TBI pool discs for people recently. This has been due to major catalogue upheavals. Everyone has been most patient and understanding. Thanks for that. Things should improve soon. Please note that a number of discs from the TBI JJF and GLM sections have been removed due to the fact that they were duplicated in the BBC PD catalogue. I reckon that the odds are that they started there in the first place anyway. The 8BS collection of the BBC PD library is almost complete now. Thanks again to everyone sending in missing discs. Alan Blundell sent 8BS most of the DFS versions of his library. This is quite handy as DFS is of course compatible with all machines. This does however mean that some of the BBC PD items that were ADFS only are not in the 8BS library (YET). 8BS is still after: BBC PD discs: 21 26 30 35 42 43 44 48 51 52 65 76 85 98 99 103 114 115 122 131 138 139 149 150 151 152 158 159 171 Rewards awaiting any help given! In the recent melee' of catalogue upheaval I had managed to get several rogue discs into the collection of TAU discs. This has now been painstakingly rectified (almost). I don't think that anyone has received any of the unsatisfactory discs. If you have, please send yours back for update. I have November 90 missing. Can anyone help? Thanks are due here to Mick Needham who has sent me skiploads of discs over the past months in attempts to sort the TAU section out. New addition to the TBI pool is TBI-58, Wordpower. A powerful word processing package including full on screen help and a SWR image for those of you with sideyways ram. I have started the Master 512 collection off with these BBC PD 512 discs. They are all Acorn DOS 800k discs: 512 UT2 MI2 PR3 WP1 UT1. See TBI-00 or your old copy of the BBC PD catalogue for more info. 3. Congratulations K2O and now increased family. A 7lb baby girl on 4.6.94. 4. My user ID is 2J3. I shall publish a list of names [] User IDs in this issue if memory permits. 5. As things get more busy here at 8BS HQ there is one thing that I am regretting. I do not have the time to give individual replies to people any more. I hope that you all understand, PLEASE don't stop writing. I do enjoy reading your letters to me, it's just that I cannot spend the time replying in the same manner. I am afraid that my replies are short and to the point nowadays. 6. An error in Issue 35 has appeared: Magic3d line 10 says *ROMOFF in earlier copies. This should say *RAMOFF. My fault I think. 7. Telephone bill. I knew it was going to be large. The summary ran to 7 sheets and £117. This is mainly due to organisational activities associated with the Acorn User show. However, in future I intend to keep outgoing calls to the absolute minimum. 8. Speaking of telephones, along with the bill came a reminder that next year all the STD codes are to change. Anyone having or wishing to purchase a copy of CJR-3 the STD code database need not worry about this as I have already prepared version 2 of the STD database that contains all the changes. Come the day, you may all update to the new codes. How organised! I must remember to put this in the catalogue. Don't let me forget. 9. Thanks to a dedicated member, K3E (Pete Fitzgerald). He must be one of our most dedicated members, although you don't hear much from him he does his bit for the club by trying to buy the whole library. Keep it up Pete! Thanks for the big box of goodies too. They are all in the advert section now. Thanks to K6F. Some handy stuff donated. The modem is going to stay in the cupboard though until someone rings ME! See item 7. Thanks to K1H (John Fullbrook) for the Eproms. 10. 8BS is now the proud owner of Eprom programmer, eraser and excellent supporting software. Thanks to donations from a dedicated member. 8BS now has a reasonable supply of Eproms. See the advert section and catalogue. 11. Well, the suppliers index has fallen flat on its face. Obviously everyone out there thinks that their own particular supplier is useless. For those of you unaware of what I am on about, a couple of issues ago it was mooted that we should have a list of favourite suppliers. Here's mine: CLP Computer Supplies, Unit 7/8 Holland Way Blandford Dorset DT11 7TA 0258 459544 I buy labels and re-inking kits from them. They accept switch over the phone and deliver the next day. Amazing speed and reasonable prices especially if you buy by the skip. 316 Supplies 7 and 8 Sully View Ty-Verlon Industrial Estate Barry South Wales CF6 3BE 0446 421316 8BS gets its 5.25" discs from here. I changed from another disc supplier earlier in the year as they would not replace faulty discs. This supplier, once I got the initial bugs ironed out (no labels, bits in the discs) is first class. They are open for a haggle on huge quantities, this I always like in a supplier. Not only this, but they donated 8BS a disc box which has won them my undying loyalty (well, almost). That's it as far as 8BS goes, unless you count Becketts the local newsagent where the odd pen comes from. Oh yes! If you don't get the Micro Mart, do so. It only costs 60p a week and is massive. It is full of all sorts of interesting stuff. The best part is that you can advertise in it for FREE. People to avoid: Mr Greedy down the road. He asks double for his cottopins. Try Richardsons (no relation) at Marfleet. 12. Not too many comments on the languages article by K2O in the last issue. That's a bit of a shame, I was hoping for a deluge which would spur Stephan on to extending the series. Come on you lot! 13. Frank Jones put me on to the fact that the snowmen in the Christmas 93 issue (31) was actually written by a Melvyn Wright. Responsibility for the program had been changed to Psycho Pirate by some pea brain before it came to 8BS. This has now been corrected on the 8BS master copies. Why do people do this? Who is this Psycho? What else has he done? Where am I? What day is this? How many fingers can you see? Where exactly is the pain? How would you describe it? Does movement make it worse? Had I better put this thing to rest now? Right, I have quite obviously had it. That's it for this time, have fun and keep up the good work you lot.    