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                                                      To: 999 (all members) From: 3WU (FRED PRICE) Subject: Reading Poems I must apologize to any of our members that have not got a printer. I wrongly assumed that all of our members had got printers. All of my pieces of poem are already in program form so it much easier for me to send it in and maybe save any member copying it out, Also I would suggest that you do NOT omit line 30 if you want to disable it, Put a REM in line 30 to make it 30REMVDU2 and that will stop it going to the printer also it will pay anyone who has not got a printer to LOAD ( ) the program then List it L. and then CTRL N to PAGE it then read it as it is, IF it is in DR.2 then *DR.2 will take you into DR2 then *. to Cat it then LOAD ( ) it and you should not have any more problems in reading it out in program form, Happy Eating. SORRY I meant READING FRED *************************************** To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: advert in last issue In the last issue, I mentioned that a Shawn Baker had monitors and Beebs for sale, but somehow his tel no was incomplete. His number is 0502-512476. Apologies for any frustration caused!  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: MODUS I recently came across a mail-order company with a difference, which I thought 8BS members might like to know about. Known as Modus Ltd, they offer wholesale prices to house-holders on a wide range of top brand named products from electrical, gardening, CD's, computer games to insurance for the home, car etc - all at prices well below the usual. Typical savings are up to 25% below retail prices, and are possible by offering them direct to house-holds on a 'members only' basis, and by cutting out middle-men. A years membership costs only `19.99 and can be quickly repaid not only from savings but by a 'recommendation bonus'. If you recommend Modus to say just 5 friends, you are paid `4 for each if they become members. You've now got your membership fee back, but if these 5 people also do the same as you and recommend to their friends, not only do they get a bonus, but you get a further bonus for each of them as well! This is all optional of course, but equally, there is no limit to the number of recommendations you can make, which if done seriously, can produce a good income. Not only can people SAVE money, but MAKE money as well. I personally know someone who saved over `300 pa in house contents premiums through the Modus insurance scheme. If any member is interested, please contact me for more information on 0738-812186 or via 8BS or write to Colin Culpitt-Smith, 35 Muirmont Crescent, Bridge of Earn, Perth, PH2 9RG  To: 999 (all members) From: K1Y (Paul Harvey) Subject: BBC Life in general This is my second attempt at constructing a message, the first having gone down in a blaze of error messages, still we press on. After having read through various letters from the previous two issues of 8BS, I want to add my view to the "Oh God, what are we gonna do now that nobody supports the BBC anymore" debate/worry. First of all, if you are still using a BBC of any type, why are you using it and not a more modern computer which has bags more processing power than a Beeb? Surely we must conclude therefore, that the Beeb you continue to use is perfectly adequate for your computing needs...? Secondly, what about availability of additional equipment if needed later on? The Beeb is well furnished in the department of add-ons, almost anything you want in hardware or software has been created and exists. Although it's generally not possible to walk into a shop and buy what you need, someone somewhere has one that they don't need anymore and are willing to swap with your handful of loose change. It's definitely not an expensive computer system to own when compared to any newer computer system. Thirdly, why do we need a commercial magazine supporting the BBC? There are very few new releases of any commercial software/hardware for the BBC these days and with a wealth of pubished literature of the last ten years, just about every detail needed is already covered - if you can just find the issue of Acorn User or BEEBUG that has it! There are a number of good support groups for the BBC, including 8BS, with plenty of still-keen users wanting to share their enjoyment with other like-minded folks. Of these interested users, some still produce various software titles to constantly amuse and amaze. And the BBC - not being very complicated and having good technical documentation - is an "easy" machine to build hardware add-ons for, if you are reasonably confident with a soldering iron and you know what a transistor does. The added bonus of "amateur" support groups like 8BS is that there is a 'friendship' amongst it's members that is never present with a commercial venture such as Acorn User: when was the last time you rang their editor to discuss various things akin to BBC, or had the technical editor contact you to say he managed to find somebody willing to sell their Master to you for the price you wanted. Couple to this the fact that coverage of sections like Reader's Letters never seem to be of enough quantity in these commercial mags due to advertising space and trying to please all of the people all of the time and you have something that rarely caters for so many BBC user's needs. I love getting involved in the various heated discussions that arise, discussing whether "my BBC B+ is faster on nested loops than your BBC Compact..." and similar such substance. Even now, there are people becoming newly aquainted with a BBC Micro for the very first time and wondering where it had been all their life. This requires that support is provided for the beginner as well as the expert and this is something that it's support groups do well.  To: 999 (all members) From: K1Y (Paul Harvey) Subject: BBC SUPPORT UNDER FIRE Having just read a letter on 8BS disc no.35, I feel 'moved' to reply, freedom of speech allowing for it. Our mutual friend seems to have something of chip on his shoulder, perhaps brought on by the closure of BEEBUG recently. I am referring to the analysis of present BBC support groups, my own included. While I subscribe to the reality of everyone having their own opinion on any given subject, I would like to defend myself only where the facts are not correct, and perhaps give a little insight to the "why's" which account for the situation that has been presented from one side only. As a number of you will know, I run the BBC user group known as ByteBack. I started it in April 1993 for my own amusement, but discovered that a few other people enjoyed it also. I began with high intensions of a monthly publication, but being self-employed, my "hobbies" have to take second place. Credit must go to Chris for getting 8BS disc out every month! Over the last few months, it has become apparent that bi-monthly production is more realistic for me to deal with. It has to be considered that groups like myself do what we do for some indescribable reason we ourselves can't fathom: it takes a lot of time out of our lives! I feel that the comparisons drawn between BEEBUG and ByteBack are a little unfair, considering BEEBUG consisted of a team of full-time staff, working solely for the magazine and getting paid for it too! With respect to the letter from K4R: A postcard advert was not included in the ByteBack I sent out because I only sent one to members during the first 'post session'; I thought it would be rude to ask a "first-time reader" to advertise ByteBack. Perhaps I should have worded the mention to explain this. Providing information on programs such as Inter-word is something I was requested to do by a couple of members, many who have bought a BBC system s/h, plenty of Roms, no manuals. I didn't devote 2.5 pages (out of 18) on one model of printer: 0.7 of a page was a printer review, the rest of the article consisted of a general printer program for any dot-matrix printer conforming to Epson compatibility. I agree that the majority of ByteBack content is a rehash of something that has been done before in Beeb's lifetime, but that's because there isn't very much new to work with, except for some new programs being written. A survey of BB's members revealed 56% of them would like to see a beginners section: surely this would have to contain information that has been reproduced elsewhere before? As to the delay in replying to an enquirer (3 weeks in this case), I can't offer any solution and won't make any excuses. I fit BB in when I can, and any cheques sent are never cashed until a number of days AFTER the magazines have been sent out. Although this letter speaks exclusively for ByteBack, I believe I am voicing thoughts common to all of the amatuer "enthusiast-run" groups. Perhaps the disillusoned gentleman should start up his own group, structured to his high standards and then perhaps the reality of the work involved will sober him into a less biased view of those working hard to make other BBC users happy. I know I can't please everyone with ByteBack, but I hope to please as many people as possible with the abilities and knowledge I have. I mean no disrespect to K4R with this letter.  To: 999 From: K2C (Frank Jones) Subject: Beebug Successors. Congratulations to 8-Bit Software on scoring 9.5 on Robin Morom's search for a successor to "BeeBug". I am sure "Solinet" was not far behind in replying. Whilst I know nothing of "Beeb Developements" and "Destroyed Realities", I feel a touch of sympathy is deserved for Paul Harvey in trying to get "ByteBack" off the ground. In a way, he is the victim of his own success. Being a self employed graphic artist, his business has taken off this year leaving him with less time than ever. Coincidentally, "BeeBug" packing up has seen him overwhelmed with enquiries for a written magazine, rather than a disc magazine. Whilst Robin states "that enthusiasm just alone is not enough"...I think it is. Sometimes my conscience is pricked when I think how little I do to hold the 8-Bit World together, I think we all should be grateful to these characters that have a go. Incidentally I notice that Chris expressed his appreciation of Paul's help at the AcornUser show. Perhaps that too might have held up a reply.  To: 999 From: K2C (Frank Jones) Subject: Melvyn Wright I feel that over the last twelve months there has been a growing awareness of the slick programming of Melvyn Wright who produced several musical novelties. There was "Blaze Away" featuring a fairground organ going full blast. This organ is seen again playing "Liberty Bell"...both tunes being real foot tapping music. Last Christmas, 8-Bit's disc featured the bell ringing Snowmen playing carols. This last one was attributed to some character called "Psycho Pirate" but at Billingham BBC Computer Club I have been given the original with all the Wright attributes. Mick Reeves of Selby came up with "Liberty Bell"; he found it as the lead in music for a game called "Harvey Headbanger" though once the game starts the music is totally different. I only came into computing about '87 with an 'Electron' and most of Wright's work was with a BBC around 1985. I wonder if any of our members know of any of Wright's work of that era and have discs with pieces on that I can add to my collection....I might even be able to build up a 'long player'! If anyone has anything or wants a disc containing the three pieces I have 'phone 0845 522241 or write to Frank Jones, "Carrwood", 21, Back Lane, Sowerby, THIRSK, North Yorkshire, YO7 1NQ.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2O (S Richardson) Subject: Z88 Upgrades & Spares I recently spoke to Roy Woodward of Z88 EPROM to ask if Upgrades & Spares could be made available to 8BS users. This he agreed, and the details follow :- Version 4.0 Rom Upgrade `24.95 128K Internal Ram Upgrade `44.95 DIY 128K Internal Ram Upgrade `19.95 Note: This requires expertise in desoldering the existing ram chip. Z88 Display `99.00 Z88 Leg `2.95 Z88 Battery Cover `2.25 Z88 Keyboard `34.95 Z88 Card Slot Cover `2.95 Z88 Case - Upper `3.95 Z88 Case - Lower `4.95 Z88 Metal Function Key Strip `3.95 Z88 Rubber Feet (Set of 4) `1.00 Z88 Screws 5 for `1.00, 11 for `1.75 Z88 Expansion Bus Cover `2.50 Z88 Manual Issue 4 `9.50 Z88 Developers Notes `39.50 The address to send the orders is :- Z88 Users' Club P.O. Box 15 Belper Derbyshire DE56 OXE. Please mention 8BS should you decide to take up any of the above. Also available are all the past issues of Z88 Eprom (41 in all).  PRESS BREAK