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                  To: 999 (all members) From: K5A (Robin Moffatt) Subject: Strange.... I got my Master 128 second hand, and with it came some discs. Most of these I just wiped, but one of them I catalogued, and found something really wierd!. I catalogued drive :0 and it came up blank. Then, I catalogued drive :2 and to my suprise the following came up: [½.AlCl3 (00) FM Drive 2 Opton 0 (off) Dir :2.$ Lib. :0.$ .CH4 + . ^02 = .(OH)3 + .+ ^NaOH .2. FeCl2 .aOH = .NaOH = .02 = £.lCl3 + +., 2,CH4 ,.2,1,1,1 ,.20,9,17 1. NaCl,1 1.,21,32, 1.24,1,2 2. Fe(OH) 3. Al(OH) 3.,11,21, A.,3,1,3 e. X[½ F H. + NaO H.CO2 + l. = A l. + NaC l. + £NaC 0. = Fe( ½. aCL bH L ½.H2O lM L ^. CO2 + I then spooled the output from cataloging the disc, and found when I *TYPEd it, that only this had been spooled: >*dr.2 >*. >*dr.0 >*spool Does anyone have any ideas why it is doing this. Have I uncovered some amazing chemical formula, or has someone just been messing around with a disc editor. Why doesn't it show up on a *SPOOL?????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????? EDITOR......... Looks to me like a corrupted catalogue there.  To: 999 & K5L (John Witham) From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: Olivetti JP101 printer The following articles in The Micro User may be of interest: Making the most of your inkjet printer, August 1986, Page 77 Crystal clear Mode 7 dumps - via Mode 4, October 1986, Page 77 The first shows how to use the basic control codes and also includes a simple BASIC screen dump for modes 0, 1, 2, 4 and 5. The second is an article on how to dump Mode 7 screens, but includes a version for the JP101 - this may be useful in itself or as an illustration of how to control the printer. In the meantime, the following information taken from the first of the two articles may be of use: Command Codes set 10 pitch 27,19 set 12 pitch 27,61 set 18 pitch 27,20 1/6" vertical spacing 27,71 1/8" vertical spacing 27,72 zoom (graphics only) 27,47 reverse (negative graphics) 27,45 On Off double width 27,14 27,15 double height 27,39 27,37 normal underline 27,42,48 27,43 double underline 27,42,49 27,43 dotted underline 27,42,50 27,43 I hope this helps!  To: 999 (all members) From: K3F (Jacquetta Morris) Subject: WANTED - TYPESETTER AND TAPE TO DISC TRANSFER I have now managed to get the hang of simple word processing with Wordwise Plus, thanks to K2B, who has kindly given me a lot of info. on Epson codes for my new Panasonic printer. I am now trying to help my ten year old son with his word processing. His teacher has given him a copy of Folio v.6, however, he would like to have some small newspaper like graphics to put in among his work and print out. I understand Sherston Software's "Typesetter" is quite good. Would anyone have a copy of this or anything similar, please? I am also looking for a tape to disc transfer programme. I have tried Disc Executor, Clare's Replica and Beebug, however, there are still some tapes which I cannot copy. Finally, a message from my son - please keep the games going in your next issue.!  To: 999 (all members) From: K3H (ALBERT SCHOFIELD) Subject: TAPE TO DISC ON THE BBC'B' There are many types of tape to disc utilities, some on disc, some on ROM. Some are quite good but tend to be fairly limited. For instance they cannot cope with games that are loaded as a continuous stream of data. This is where the utilities which save the whole of computer memory come into their own. The best must be REPLAY as this will transfer just about everything but this requires quite a bit of extra hardware and specially formatted discs. However there is another memory saver which only requires a single bank of SWR and that is SNAPSHOT which, I beleive is available from 8-BIT. This is an excellent tape to disc and disc to disc utility. It will not cope with everything but can transfer most. I originally obtained it from TELESOFTWARE and consists of three files. One is a text file with the instructions. When a program is saved to disc it is saved as two files. One is memory from zero to &1400, the other is memory from &1400 upwards. The command used to reload the saved program is *RESTORE. I have found that the best way to reload from disc is to save the ROM image. Have this on a disc with the two memory files. Then all that is needed is a short loader program something like the following:- 10*KEY10 *RESTORE|M 20?&FF34=0:*LOAD <FILENAME> 8000 30CALL!-4 This will load in the ROM image and give the *RESTORE command. If the game has a page of instructions it can be saved on to the disc as normal and the loader program incorporated into it. I have found that SNAPSHOT can be useful in another way. Sometimes a decoded file or a file loaded in as a continuous stream of data can be retreived from the two memory files and used independently of SNAPSHOT. The ROM image takes up rather a lot of space on disc but this can be reduced to &500 and will still work. More next month.  To: 999 (all members) From: 2J3 For K.Locker Subject: WANTED Help!!! Wanted, a dump routine for a Hewlett Packard Deskjet portable printer and any advice on printing graphics on HP printers. Any help here would be appreciated greatly.  To: 999 (all members) From: 4MD (Graham Gallagher) Subject: PUZZLE SOLUTION For those of you who had a go at the maths/logic puzzle in ISSUE 35 the ages of the three children are : 2 , 2 , and 9 years of age. Now here comes the reasoning: Firstly the pen and paper exercise to list out the possible combinations of ages which multiply together to equal 36. At the same time summate the separate combinations to derive the possible room numbers. ie. 1x1x36=36 1+1+36=38 1x2x18=36 1+2+18=21 1x3x12=36 1+3+12=16 1x4x 9=36 1+4+ 9=14 2x2x 9=36 2+2+ 9=13 1x6x 6=36 1+6+ 6=13 2x3x 6=36 2+3+ 6=11 3x3x 4=36 3+3+ 4=10 Secondly, the logic exercise is to put yourself in the place of the college friend. He knows the number of his old room and if it had been any of the above numbers other than 13 then he could have supplied ages for the three children without a further clue. Since he needed an extra clue this discounts the six combinations NOT adding up to 13. Thirdly, the clue "The eldest is a boy." permits the combination with 6 year old twins and the younger 1 year old child to be discounted. Out of the two combinations adding up to 13 only the one with 2 year old twins and the older 9 year old child fits the clue. The gender of the child is a bit of a red herring ! ,but the eldest had to be given a description of some sort and it could hardly have been : "The eldest is a brat." Well done to those of you who arrived at the right answer for the right reasons. I'll be honest and admit that it took a joint effort by me and my son (mainly the latter) to solve this puzzle in about 1.5 hours.  To: 999 & K3H (all members) From: 4MD (Graham Gallagher) Subject: MAGIC MUSHROOMS I tried your tip of using a sector editor ( ie. DISC DOCTOR ) to search for "*TAPE" but unfortunately there weren't any in the files for this game. I did see quite a few "*FX" commands and it also appears that the program uses machine code, something with which I am not familiar. If someone could supply me with the machine code equivalent (and/or *FX command ?) of *TAPE and *DISC then I might then be able to carry out the necessary search/replace. My two children have already saved a few editted screens onto tape and I am sure they would use the edit mode more often if they could access the disc drive. Besides which the tape recorder is broken and they can no longer save/load their editted screens. Any help would be much appreciated.  To: 999 (all members) From: 3WU (FRED PRICE) Subject: Fonts I am trying to get hold of some different fonts for my programs I have seen one in old english style but that was on an Amiga so is it possible to get some other fancy ones to use? Fred *************************************** To: 999 (all members) From: 3WU (FRED PRICE) Subject MAGSCAN DISC With reference to the Magscan Disc being converted to your own fileing system BeeBug did put a little handbook out telling you how to do it and as long as you have View it is quite simple to do i converted one to hold and show where my music titles were and considering I have 120 organists to list plus titles which gives me about 200 + LPs took me a while but in the end it was worth it and if anyone is interested let me know and i will tell you how i did it, And it will work with one word only out of a title of many words when it brings up the whole title.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: Hard drives I'm wondering if there are any other members beside me, that might be interested in obtaining a hard drive for their BBC at reasonable cost. Thanks to an 8BS member who supplied technical info, an electronics and computer friend is now considering adapting PC type drives for the BBC, which could be offered complete and ready to plug-in and go. Alternatively, you could just buy the interface and connecting leads, ready to fit to the your own hard drive (SCSI type). Costs will depend on how many are interested, but a complete set-up is likely to be well under `100, perhaps about `60-70. Any feedback will be appreciated via 8BS or on 0738-812186  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: ADFS menus Does anyone have a copy of Beebug's magazine disk for June & July '87 (vol's 6/2 & 6/3) that they would be willing to share? I would like the ADFS menu programs from each of these issues, and would be happy to send a disk and to cover all your costs. Many thanks if you're able to help me. You can reach me on 0738-812186 or via 8BS.  To: 999 (all members) From: L1M (Janny Looyenga) Subject: DIATEXT Chris had already written that there is not much information about this program. I can't add very much more except that ESCAPE always returns you back to the menu. You can use all normal TELETEXT keys. It was my idea to load the data file NAME by the program but I noticed that you can get some trouble when making only 2 screens because the NAME file uses 3. When you think this is not very handy leave out line 35 but remember you can't use the SHOW from the menu then as nothing has loaded in yet. There might be some confusion with the LOAD/SAVE option. The example uses *LOAD <NAME>. Of course you can use any name you want to give to your DATA file. Except NAME because this is used by the program itself. Don't be surprised that it will take some time before you understand it all: it took me some time too! Sorry I can't explain how the 'copy a part of a screen' works. It works well when you use the right coordinates... I haven't found them yet.  To : 999 (Everyone) From : 483 (Daniel Shimmin) Re : RISC OS "Newer" option Can anyone tell me what the disadvantages of having this permanently switched on might be? (Apart from the fact that it doesn't actually TELL you when it has refused to copy something).  To : 999 (Everyone) From : 483 (Daniel Shimmin) Re : Decent Arch PD libraries? Which Archimedes PD libraries have people found the best, and are there any that anyone thinks are definitely worth avoiding (two-month delays or no response at all or ridiculous charges or tiny catalogues)? I am particularly looking for libraries that have lower charges if I supply my own disks, and/or libraries that put more software on 1.6Mb disks. PRESS BREAK