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Sixty Six Game - Listing

10REM Sixty Six Instruction 20REM by M.Bobrowski 4'94 30: 40MODE7:VDU23;8202;0;0;0;:FORY%=1TO2: PRINTTAB(13,Y%)CHR$141CHR$129"Sixty Six" :NEXT:PRINTTAB(5,24)CHR$131"Press SPACE BAR to continue"; 50VDU28,0,22,39,4 60PRINT"Sixty Six is an old German ga me played with a pack of 24 cards (from Aces to Nines). The values of the car ds are as follows: Ace - 11, Ten - 10, King - 4, Queen - 3, Jack - 2, Nine - 0 ." 70PRINT"In each round, the opponents lay their cards, one at a time, trying to win tricks. The values of the car ds in the tricks are summed up. Additio nal points may be obtained if a player a nnounces" 80PRINT"that he has a pair in his han d, i.e."'"the King and the Queen of the same suit.The first player to reach 66 p oints is a winner of the round. Usually several rounds have to be played to co nstitute a final winner of the game." 90PRINT"In this version, the computer plays one of the hands, and will prove a tough opponent to beat.";:REPEAT UN TIL GET=32:CLS 100PRINT"At the start of each round si x cards are dealt to both, the player and the computer. The top card of the pack is then turned face up and cover ed partly with a pile containing the re st cards" 110PRINT"of the pack. This card is of a great importance as it defines the current trump suit." 120PRINT"A card is then played by one of the players and the opponent may lay the card of the same suit but wit h a higher value or the card of the curr ent trump suit to win the trick. Otherw ise the" 130PRINT"opponent loses the trick."''" A card to be played or discarded are selected by pressing the number shown beneath it. ";:REPEAT UNTIL GET=32:CLS 140PRINT"To fill the hands up to six c ards, the player who wins a trick picks up the topcard of the pack, and the oth er player gets the next one. (This oper ation is done automatically by the co mputer). " 150PRINT"Furthermore, whoever wins a t rick"'"becomes the lead for the next go. "''" The order of playing is checked by" '" the computer and displayed in the"'" text window." 160PRINT'"If the player owns the Nine of trump in the hand, he can, but may not, swap"'"this card with the bottom c ard of the"'"pack (i.e. with that card w hich is"'"layed face up). However, to ma ke such" 170PRINT"a swap, the player has to win one trick at least.";:REPEAT UNTIL GET= 32:CLS 180PRINT"When a player owns a pair in his hand (the Queen and King of the sa me suit), he should announce it by lead ing with the Queen which is a member of the"'"pair (just press the number dis played" 190PRINT" underneath the Queen in ques tion) and by pressing the Y key in repl y to the prompt that appears in the te xt window."''"If the pair is the one of the trump"'"suit, the player will obtain 40 points" 200PRINT"as a bonus. With the pair of any other suit, only 20 points are adde d to the"'"score. Again, to announce a p air, the player has to win one trick a t least.";:REPEAT UNTIL GET=32:CLS 210PRINT"As long as the pack is not em pty either player may play or discard an y card."'"For example, it is possible to counter the opponent's card with a tru mp (and to win a trick), even though t he player" 220PRINT"could follow the suit of the card"'"played by his opponent. Also ther e is no need to lay down the card of t he"'"trump suit in a case when a player has no card of the opponent's suit.":RE PEAT UNTIL GET=32:CLS 230PRINT"When the pack is empty the ro und is"'"continued with a decreasing num ber of cards, until no card remains in either hand. However, with a moment of the"'"pack exhaustion, the rules of the game"'"are a little different." 240PRINT"Firstly, when replying the op ponent's"'"lead, a player has to follow the suit."'"Secondly, if a player has no card of"'"the suit of the lead, then he must lay down a card of the current tr ump suit" 250PRINT"(of course, the latter rule a pplies to situations when a player has any trump card in the hand).":REPEAT UN TIL GET=32:CLS 260PRINT"During the play, a player can stop the round, if he has reached 66 points, or more, in the tricks he has wo n. To do so just press the 0 key inste ad of the keys 1-6." 270PRINT"When the 0 key has been press ed a check is made, and if the player re ally has scored at least 66 points, th en the"'"round is over and the player is "'"announced the winner, even though his opponent has collected more points." 280PRINT"However, when the round has b een "'"stopped and the player's score is less than 66, a penalty of 10 points i s"'"executed and the round is continued to the end. (It is therefore advisable to" 290PRINT"count carefully the points du ring the game).";:REPEAT UNTIL GET=32: CLS 300PRINT"When a round is over and the loser has not won even a trick, then th e winner gains 3 match points. If the loser's score is less than 33 (but no t zero), then 2 match points are given to the" 310PRINT"winner. In any other case, 1 match pointis awarded to the winner."'"T he game is eventually over when one of t he players collect 8 match points or"'"m ore." 320PRINT'" The rules may seem a little daunting when written down but, as e ver, the"'" easiest way of becoming fami liar with"'" the game is to play it. ":R EPEAT UNTIL GET=32:CLS 330PRINTTAB(10)" Some useful hints "'' "(i) When laying your first card, it's"' "advisable to play one of the low value. "''"(ii) Until the pack is not empty, tr y to save single Queens or single King s - you may pick up the complementary" 340PRINT"card, which will make the pai r with"'"your Queen or King, in the next goes."''"(iii) Try to save your trump c ards -"'"don't use them all up at the st art"'"unless it's vital." 350PRINT'" And remember that the compu ter plays"'" quite intelligently, but if you think carefully - and luck is on your side"'" - you can win. ";:REPEAT UN TIL GET=32 360PAGE=&1100:CHAIN"66LB"