8-Bit Software Online Conversion

            From : 2J3 (Chris Richardson.) To : 999 (All Members.) Subject : For Sale All proceeds from the following adverts go to the 8BS funds. What an excellent way to boost the funds! Just look at this lot: Blank discs £3.40 for 10 including post and packing. Some questionnaires mention disc boxes, so... while stocks last: £1.30 extra for each ten discs (total £4.70p) and they will be sent in a good quality plastic disc box Eprom programming service. 8BS has now secured a supply of eproms. Send me your software on disc with return postage and £2.50. I will program an Eprom for you and return it with your disc. You may notice that I have extended the programming service to the catalogue. Any Roms in the PD library may be blown onto Eprom. The price is £3.00 in the catalogue as you do not supply return postage. I have a large quantity of 8K eproms. They are new but have been kept loose in a box. The legs are all slightly bent but useable. Anyone wanting a short program blowing onto one of these chips may, as above, send return p+p and the software on disc. The charge is only £1. Remember to tell me: 1. The Title of your rom 2. The copyright message 3. The * command/s to invoke the program/s 4. Any text printed with *HELP You can have a Basic or machine code program held in rom. If there is room, you can have more than one program stored in the rom. Software on disc: Pipeline £3.00 Play It Again Sam 6 (3.5" ADFS Disc) £3.00 Barbarian £3.00 Tank Attack. Includes playing board and plastic tanks etc. £5.00 Volcano £3.00 Galaforce £3.00 Repton Around The World in 40 Screens £5.00 Paul Daniels Magic Show £4.00 Primary Power Package. A simple introductory computer simulation of electricity supply. Excellent educational package consisting of an A4 folder with teachers notes and large colourful cards with info for kids plus disc of SW. £8.00 Software on tape: All priced at £1.50p unless otherwise noted. If you are buying more than one, prices are negotiable (relative to postage costs) Spellbinder Ravenskull (TWO) Barbarian 2 Palace of Magic Life of Repton Nightshade BBC B only Machine Code Tutor £5.50 Rocket Raid Home Finance £3.00 Starship Command Labyrinth Unorthodox Engineers £3.50 Monopoly £2.00 BBC Welcome tape (Three) Hopper Darts Wizadore Fruit Machine Time Man One Educational £2.00 Hunchback Football Manager (TWO) Micro Olympics Map Rally. Educational £2.00 Crazee Rider Edict. Electron Dbase and games Last Ninja Sphinx Adventure Instant Recall Database £2.00 Graphito. Excellent Art package £6.00 Electron Desk Diary £2.00 737 Flight Simulator £3.00 Busicalc Spreadsheet (no manual) £3.00 Tiles. Fence. Primary Educational Numbers £2.00 Giddy Game Show. Educational. Letters. £2.00 Flags (of world test) Educational £2.00 Business games Megaplay 1. 6 games: Galactic Patrol. Vagas Jackpot. Fist. Eddie Kidd Geoff Capes. Kane £3.00 Acornsoft View Printer Drivers £2.00 Typing Tutor + examples for Wordwise + Elite! Complete with story and notes.£4 The computer Programme 1.75p Animal Vegetable Mineral. (set up question and answer files on any subject. £5 Roms: Micronet £6.00 Aid £6.00 Pascal £6.00 Wordwise Plus £15.00 No manuals with the above roms. Mini Office 2 on rom board £25.00 Databeeb. Comms Rom. £13 Commstar £13 New and unused: Sleuth. The ultimate debugging tool for the Basic programmer. £16. BBC only. The amazing Silicon Vision 3D Graphics package. Complete with ROM, Five discs and extensive manual. £60 Books: BBC B User guide £7.00 (two) Prestel System User Guide £1.80 The Book of Listings £1.80 Info for Acornsoft: Money Management, Chess, Draughts and Reversi. 50p each. Start programming with the Electron £1.50 Me and my micro by P. Shreeve (for newcomers) £1.80 Type in games for your BBC Micro (Virgin) £1.80 The BBC Micro in education. E.Glesson. £2.70 The Usborne guide to programming tricks and skills (for kids) £2.80 Type in computer battle games. £1.50 Basic programming by J.Kemeny. £4.00 P-System Fortran 77 Reference Manual. £7.00 A child's guide to the BBC Micro. John Dewhirst. £3.00 36 Callenging games for the BBC Micro. Tim D Rodgers and Chris Callander. £5.00 Printouts: From the telesoft series: OSBITS course (second hand) £2.00 (assembler info) The following are formatted very nicely and printed out on good quality paper by laser. Complete with listings of the accompanying software: OSBITS £4.00 SWR notes £4.00 OPCODES course £8.00 Some function key strips are available. They are laser printed on card. Wordwise. Interword. Intersheet. Interchart. View. Viewplot. Blank. Function key strips are 10p each. Please add 20p to each order for postage and packing. Seikosha GP100A printer with manual. Will require a lead. Fanfold paper only as there is no friction feed on this model. Makes a fair bit of noise, even for a printer! £20 including postage. All prices include postage and packing. Superior Software is offering 20% off all prices on the blue catalogue to 8BS members. If you want a copy of the blue catalogue, ask and I will send one with your issue. Just write directly to Superior Software and QUOTE YOUR USER ID. Disc labels for sale: 15p per sheet of 10. Includes write protect tabs. This price does not take account of postage. If you are ordering labels only, you will have to include 19p extra for postage.   Just here was a large advert for items from Micro-Aid. This advert also appeared in issue 35. A number of members ordered software from the advert in issue 35. I sent off just one order to Micro-aid on 13.6.94. After hearing nothing from them by 6.7.94 I wrote again, saying that if I did not hear from them by 14.7.94, I would return cheques to people having ordered software and remove the advert from this issue. It is now 16.7.94 and I am doing just that as I have not heard a dicky bird from Micro-Aid. Sorry about that folks, but what can you do when folks don't want your money?     Thanks to K5B for the help with the phototransistors 8BS is now in full control of kits for the electronics articles (see TBI-47 if you are interested, lightpens for £3, moisture detector, low voltage detector, buzzer) If you are waiting for a kit and have not received it with this issue, please contact 2J3 at 8BS HQ.     8BS is on the lookout for a twin double sided 40/80 switchable 5.25" disc drive with own PSU. Required as a spare for when the present steam powered one pops its clogs. Any offers out there?             Due to the Micro-Aid farce, there is now room in this article for most of the late messages: To: 999 (all members) From: 6EE (Mick Needham) Subject: For sale I still have the following tapes and discs for sale:- Draw, Biology, English, Maths 2, Music Quiz, Science Fiction Quiz, The Hobbit, Atic Atac, The Hacker, Estra, World-Wise, Wordhang, Zany Cong Junior, Colditz Adventure, Sea Lord, Chess - Computer concepts, Cylon Attack, Galaxy Wars, Killer Gorilla, European Knowledge, Martian Attack, MoonRaider, World Geography, Frenzy, The Mine, Deathstar, Jet Power Jack, Atack on Alpha Centauri, Gunsmoke, Plankwalk, Spanish Tutor Lavel B, Football Manager, Snapper (Elk), Stock Car (Elk), Dunjunz, Galaforce, Spinx Adventure, Erik the Viking, BBC Mastermind, Zalaga, Palace of Magic, Blagger, Quest, BBC Mastermind Quizmastr, Knight Lore, English Civil War, Revs, The Hourse Lord. All above 25p each. Tape Compilations:- Star Wars Trilogy - Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The Gold Collection - Jetpac, Knightlore, Nightshade, Sabre Wulf, Pirate Adventure, Voodoo Castle, Strange Odyssey, Buckaroo Banzai, Temple of Terror. Megaplay Vol. 1 - Galactic Patrol, Way of the Exploding Fist, Geoff Capes Strongman, Vegas Jackpot, Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge, Kane. All compilations £1 each. Disks:- Tempest, FORTH, Elite, Barbarian, Psycatria, Repton, Thrust, The Sentinal, Galaforce, Imogen, Starquake,Spycat, Head Coach v3. All discs £3 each. The prices do NOT include postage and packing. 153 Firth Park Road, Sheffield, S5 6WU.  To: 999 (all members) From: 6EE (Mick Needham) Subject: Books for sale, as follows:- Epson MX-80 type III printer manual, `2 The Advanced User Guide, `5. BBC User Guide, `3. Commstar User Guide, `2. BBC Micro Wargaming, a bit tatty, `1. The BASIC Cookbook, `1.50 Illustrating BASIC, `2. Epson RX Printer manual, `3. The prices do NOT include postage. 153 Firth Park Road, Sheffield, S5 6WU  To: 999 (all members) From: 6EE (Mick Needham) Subject: Modem help. I have a Telemod 2 modem by OEL, does anyone have a manual I could borrow or any info on this modem, all expenses will be paid. 153 Firth Park Road, Sheffield, S5 6WU.  To: 999 (All members) From: 6EE (Mick Needham) Subject: For Sale I have some Micro User and Acorn User Magazines for sale, both cover the same period Nov. 1985 to 1990, if any one is interested please drop me a line. 153 Firth Park Road, Sheffield, S5 6WU.  To: 999 (all members) From: K5P (Andrew Fay) Subject: General Comments In response to the query over EPROMs I have just bought some from GREENWELD and they all seem OK. For 10 8K second hand EPROMS they charge `6.50, but when mine turned up they were new. For 16K ones they charge `1.20 each. As for I5A (Steve) about the possibilty of snooping by reading a TV screen remotely, it possible but I wouldn't know where to start. What the GPO does when it is looking to catch license dodgers is to scan with two directional aerials on the signal generated by the TV itself. This also enables them to tell what channel you are watching. What happens in a TV as in any Heterodyne receiver is that a local frequency is generated and mixed with that from the aerial. The two interact and produce a beat frequency which is the difference between the two. The next step is to filter out all but those in a narrow band. These then go on to produce the signal. Some of the locally produced signal leaks up the aerial and also directly out of the set allowing detection. In a monitor life is not quite as straightforward as the signal doesn't need to be converted, but the principle is similar. The computer generates a signal and sends it to the monitor which uses internal oscillators to scan the signal over the screen. I assume it is just a case of tuning into the horizontal scanning frequency and decode the on-off signals to control the phosphors. Andy Fay.  To: 999 (all members) From: K5P (Andrew Fay) Subject: PACE NIGHTINGALE OWNERS I have just bought COMMSTAR from a local computer shop sale and it came with an Accessory Board for a PACE Nightingale Modem which allows Auto-Dial, Auto-Answer and baud rate selection. It goes inside the modem and connects to the Beeb via the user port. I am offering this to anyone interested for the price of postage, so if you want to give a call, I'm on Plymouth (0752) 673659 (Answerphone) It comes with software for COMMSTAR which give the extra features. Andy Fay.  To: 999 (all members) From: K5P (Andrew Fay) Subject: Wanted for PACE COMMSTAR As the new owner of COMMSTAR I read the manual and was interested in the terminal emulations capabilities, but it doesn't say much. I would be interested if anyone has any terminal emulation files for COMMSTAR, in particular DEC VT terminals (ANSI) and Lier Siegler ADM3A. I would also like to get my hands on the Appendix which is supposed to describe the format and internal vectors so that I could write my own. Call me on: Plymouth (0752) 673659 Andy Fay.  PRESS BREAK