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Pies. A Poem - Listing

10*KEY2 RUN |M 20CLS 30VDU2:REM You must Change this line to 30REMVDU2 if you want to read it and NOT Print it out" 40: 50VDU1,14:PRINT" MARTHA'S PIE CRUST"' 60PRINT" When Geordie Brown of Backwo rth started courting Martha Gray" 70PRINT" he knew he'd found the right one so he named the wedding day," 80PRINT" She was fetched up to be use full she could make a lovely cake" 90PRINT" She could set about spring c leaning and wash and cook and bake."' 100: 110PRINT" She could make some lovely d inners with thick gravy meat and veg" 120PRINT" and the pies she made was sm ashing with lovely patterns round the e dge," 130PRINT" and Martha very happy made h er Pies and Cakes for George," 140PRINT" But one day George went back home he found his wife in tears."' 150: 160PRINT" Why Martha he says 'WHAT EV ER IN THE WORLDS GONE WRONG WE EVERS PA S SED" 170PRINT" AWAY, She said 'I'VE BROKE ME TOP SET AND I'M PASSED MESELL TODAY, " 180PRINT" THEY STOTTED OFF THE HEARTHS TONE FIRST AND I NEARLY LOST ME WITS"' 190: 200PRINT" When Georgie tried to comfor t her he said 'WHY LASS DIVUNT FRET'" 210PRINT" but Martha said 'MY TEETHS ALL BROKE AND THEY WHERE A PERFECT SET " 220PRINT" THY FALSE TEETH I'SNT BROKEN ITS QUITE ALRIGHT FOR THOU BUT TELL ME ,"' 230: 240VDU1,14:PRINT" 'HOW CAN I PUT THE P ATTERNS" 250VDU1,14:PRINT" ROUND THE PIE CRUS T NOW'"' 260PRINT" ********"; 270VDU1,27,1,83,1,1 280PRINT" PIES"; 290VDU1,27,1,84 300PRINT" ********" 310VDU3:END 320REM" Read Line 30 IF you do NOT want a Printout 330REM"  340REM"  350REM"  360REM" By An Uknown 370REM" Author 380REM" Modified By Fred Price 390REM" 230194 400REM"  410REM" Martha's Pie Crust 420REM" SAVE"PIES"