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          Catalogue change info OK. It has become apparent to me that one or two long standing members that have taken discs from the pool in the past are now unsure as to whether they have certain discs in the pool or not. The reason for this is that I renumbered some of the discs in the pool. 8BS had collected a few BBC PD discs and I had given these discs a catalogue number starting at 1 not realising that later I would be receiving the whole collection from Alan Blundell. Later arrived and, yes you guessed it Alan Blundell kindly sent a large box of discs to me. Rather than confuse the issue completely and continue giving these discs my own number, I decided that it would be far better to use the BBC PD catalogue numbers. So this I did, removed all the old BBC numbers from the 8BS catalogue and gave these entries their original BBC PD numbers. I could then insert the rest of the discs I had been sent into the catalogue. As I was doing this I realised that a large number of the discs in other sections of the 8BS catalogue were also duplicated in the BBC PD collection. A number of entries were then removed from other sections of the catalogue (mainly the TBI and JJF PD section). I knew that this was going to cause problems. Firstly, the changeover. I was going to get orders from people asking for BBC-5 for instance would this be the old 5 or the new 5? Fortunately there were very few problems here as most people use the order form correctly and not only give the disc catalogue number but also its title. However, another problem crops up now and again when the occasional member finds difficulty in knowing whether they have for instance the old BBC-25 or the new BBC-25. This info is for these members. Use the following info to renumber your discs so that in future you know which catalogue entries you have. The first number was the old 8BS BBC catalogue number, the second is the new BBC number. Old New Description 1 0 Catalogue disc 2 10 John Henson Collection 3 16 Clip Art 4 37 Games 5 62 Games Collection 6 104 Game Cheats Solutions 7 97 Lars Osterballe 7 8 135 6502 Macro Assembler 9 2 Maths Competition Pack 10 18 Various 11 29 Games. Utilities 12 33 Institute of Metals 13 47 Master Util Rom 14 49 Memory Protector 15 83 Games and Utilities 16 92 Utilities Game 17 94 ADL 18 106 HC Parr Collection 19 107 Letterhead Designer 20 110 Utilities 21 38 Steven Flintham 22 127 Family History 23 141 Super Tetriz 24 147 Hints and Tips 25 108 109 S Flintham and Utilities 26-1 50-1 Utilities 26-2 50-2 Utilities 27 84 Utilities and Games 28 116 Fractals 29 117 Silly Games 30 120 Snacker The following numbers are transferred from the old 8BS entry to the new BBC entry TBI-3 BBC-4 Small C Compiler TBI-32 BBC-7 Kermit Comms TBI-4 BBC-8 6502 Macro Assembler JJF-13 BBC-11 Urban War TBI-36 BBC-12 Peter Kerr TBI-26 BBC-14 Graphics TBI-27 BBC-17 and 75 Oliver Debus TBI-30 BBC-71 First Aid + Educational JJF-22 BBC-19 Sorcerer's Domain JJF-7 BBC-20 Risk TBI-15 BBC-23 Clip Art JJF-4 BBC-28 Five Action Games TBI-34 BBC-54 Fanfare JJF-25 BBC-60 Roly Poly Pudding JJF-2 BBC-63 Various JJF-15 BBC-78 Find my Young 'Uns TBI-33 BBC-70 BAPS JJF-17 BBC-79 Dracula Adventure TBI-28 VARIOUS 86 87 88 ETC Lars JJF-24 BBC-90 Games GLM-3 BBC-95 SIDE 2 Lars Osterballe TBI-29 BBC-105 Jim Stirk JJF-30 BBC-111 Games + TBI-44 and JJF-64 BBC-123 Names Zodiac TBI-42 BBC-146 Radio Amateur TBI-40 BBC-156 Yellow Disc BBC-172 is now TBI-56 ADDOS TBI-37 will make a BBC-48 some time unless someone sends it in. That is it. I might as well repeat the BBC PD discs wanted: 21 26 30 35 42 43 44 51 52 65 76 85 98 99 103 114 115 122 131 138 139 149 150 151 152 158 171    