8-Bit Software Online Conversion

  The following corrections refer only to early issues of 36 as the master copies are now amended: 1. Oh dear! Here follows a correction to a correction that I made in issue 36. I made a correction for K2O when he had erred slightly in his notepad article on issue 35. I said ram when I should have said rom. 2. 15A's article concerning the ASCII to message file program stated that there were two example files. In fact, I put only one of the example files onto the issue due to filename space limitations on the DFS version. Unfortunately, I neglected to remove the reference to example file one from the article. Sorry about that. I hope that it didn't confuse too many of you. 3. I gave you K2O's new arrival in American notation. Tiffany was born on 4 June 94. 4. Thanks to K4D (Lorin Knight) for spotting an error in the posters package TBI-49. Line 705 should be added to CharDes: 705?W%=max% If you want, you can then remove the same statement from line 700. Right. That's it so far. Now for the rest.       I have been discussing the possibility of an 8BS bulletin board with a member of 8BS. The BB could be used for the rapid up/downloading of 8BS software and, more importantly maybe, queries and answers. Before proceeding any further I think that it would be wise to check that the BB would be used. Therefore, would anyone interested in 8BS setting up a bulletin board please let me know as soon as possible. If the response is good enough, then I shall think seriously about the possibility.       CJR-3 the STD code database has recently been updated to handle the STD changes due in 1995. You may dial the new codes now. So in future I shall send out the updated version unless you specifically request the old version. Please update your version of CJR-3 now folks! Some new stuff for you: TBI-59-1 Mad Rabbit Comms 1D TBI-59-2 Mad Rabbit Texts 1D TBI-60 Nutworks Texts 2D TBI-61 Comm-edy Texts 2D TBI-62 Mad Rabbit Ample 1D TBI-63-1 Rolling Pictures 1 2D TBI-63-2 Rolling Pictures 2 2D     Here are a couple of people that I would suggest you contact if you haven't done so already: Paul Harvey ByteBack 33 King Henry's Mews Enfield Lock Middlesex E93 6JS Paul edits a regular paper-based magazine for the BBC and Master. He has helped 8BS quite a lot in the past and is worthy of your support. Ron Marshall Solinet 41 Westbrook Drive Rainworth Mansfield Notts NG21 0FB Ron brings out a regular disc-based mag. We have attempted to keep our mags sufficiently different from each other to make it worth your while receiving both. Many members of 8BS are also members of Solinet which maybe shows that this is the case.       K2T Made a helpful suggestion after reading about the 8BS phone bill. He reminded me that using Mercury is cheaper. In fact nothing could be more true. Hull area subscribers get free use of Mercury simply by dialling 13 before any number! What's more, you can make a local call for 5.6p. There is no time limit on the call! 5.6p for as long as you want.       2J3 and associated mob removed themselves from the usual location during late August. Returning to HQ just in time for the issue 37 deadline. The old VW lasted the 1000 mile zig zag of the country trying in a vain attempt to avoid the thunderstorms and various hazards such as unexploded wartime bombs (Worksop). We were only in Worksop by the way trying to track down a new pair of bellows for the loo. The holiday ground to a halt when 2J3 spent a night trying to tell 2J3.53 that ghosties were not real when 2J3.52 had told him they were and 2J3.51 refused to budge after walking only 2 miles on what should have been a gentle 4 mile stroll (alright, so it was a bit hilly, but I was the one carrying 2J3.53). Actually, we ran out of time and money. The point of all of this waffle is that if you tried to ring me or got a delayed reply to your letter/request, I was on my hols and was out of computer mode for an unusually long period. The break came without warning as I consider it unwise to announce the 8BS holiday which could happen at any time from May to October.    