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                                   8 Bit                    To: 999 (all members) From: K6E (ROGER LINGWOOD) Subject: B.B.C. TO ROMANIA I am involved through my local school wih a project to bring help to a school in CRAIOVA ROMANIA of over 1300 children, they have an exceptional ability for English both spoken and written and I felt that they may find some of our B.B.C. software useful in improving education even further On contacting the staff at school 22 CRAIOVA I was told that they had no computers of any kind, even in the administration, and that of course there was no government money to buy them. I am therefore going to ask through 8BS for any help you may be able to offer in the way of computers and equipment ( broken or unwanted) books, software, leads,anything in fact that would help to set up a small computer unit. I will gladly pay postage or collect if possible. Also any advice or info on econet would be appreciated. Transport direct to the school in ROMANIA has already been donated and is set for our return in September. It would be nice to have 2 OR 3 B.B.C.s to send them and even a disc drive that could be linked up to the others (ANY ADVICE ON THIS?) As you can see I am a newcomer to computing and left it rather late in life, but my B.B.C. has been a good teacher and I have plenty of time left I hope to improve. It is my own experience with this machine that makes me think it will be perfect for the Romanian children Please contact me if you can help in any way. ADVICE, BITS AND PIECES OF EQUIMENT (working or not) I will pay all postage, ( in advance if required) or I may be able to collect within 30 to 40 miles A WRITTEN ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF ALL DONATIONS WILL BE SENT, AND A FOLLOW UP STORY IN THE (8 BIT DISC) AND HOPEFULLY ONE DAY A DISC FROM ROMANIA I CAN BE CONTACTED ON 0255 221206 this is Clacton On Sea Essex or 102 TUDOR GREEN CLACTON ON SEA ESSEX CO15 2PE THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN  To: 999 (all members) From: K3B (PAUL MARTIN-MATTHEWS) Subject: Digitised Pictures. ======================================= We are getting a nice collection of digitised pictures of late. I liked the collection of automobiles and Mick Needham's Girl. And what about those Pawns, a little dark on my screen, but very impressive. Sadly a picture of a group of BBC 'groupies'found it's way onto the latest issue, a funny looking bunch!!, but dedicated indeed to the survival of the speices. Thanks lads. ======================================= To: 999 (all members) From: 0E7 (Fred Nevin) Subject: PARCEL FORCE Todate I have received some 32+ discs by post and never had a one damaged until issue 36 arrived. On attempting to insert the disc in the drive I felt some resistance but as I was already in first gear with my foot flat on the floor boards the disk went into the drive about 90% with the remainder stuck outside. Thats queer thinks I. On going into reverse I found to my horror that the disk preferred to stay INSERTED IN THE DRIVE. Panic!!!!. After a bit of judicious pushin and shovin the disk suddenly came out of the drive to my great relief The dreadful thoughts then were, had the disc surfaces been damaged in the engagement with the drive and why had there been resistance to the insertion of the disc into the drive? I turned the 3.5" disc over and found that the metal slide that protects the disc had somehow been bent outwards. Presumably PARCEL FORCE at work. This had offered resistance to the insertion of the disc into the drive and prevented its extraction. I had been very fortunate to extract the disc without having to dismantle the drive. The only reason for the damage I can think of is that the packageing that has always been used had failed the new PARCEL FORCE pre-privatisation testing but in no way showed any sign of misuse itself. I then made a backup of the disc without the slide and found that the data was undamaged. Hating the thought of loosing the disc I then set about stroking the aluminium (tin?) slide back into shape and refitted it to the disc which is now working as good as ever.The disk that is not the drive. (Pat yourself on the back Fred for a clever piece of adjusting and mechanical engineering) LESSON to be learned. In future always examine discs before inserting them into the drive Hope it never happens to you May the FORCE be with you. All the best everyone Fred  To: 999 + 20G(Roy Dickens) From: 0E7 ((Fred Nevin)) Subject: INTRODUCTION SCREENS Brilliant The Editor has awarded two discs from the TBI pool for these two introductory screens and rightly so. I do so hope that he will not SHY away from also awarding the COCONUT or COCOANUT which ever is preferred  To: 999 (all members) From: K3T (NEIL TAYLOR) Subject: SHELL EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE Has anyone tried the educational software produced by SHELL U.K. Limited. If so I would like to know what you thought of it. They produce the following compatible with BBC B, Master, Archimedes: Guide A: Measuring & Weighing Guide B: Electricity Guide C: Floating & Sinking Guide D: Hot & Cold Guide E: Energy in Homes & Cars The above for age 9 upwards together with colour booklet @ `13 + VAT from Shell Education Service Bankside Business Services 10 Fleming Road Newbury, Berkshire RG13 2DE  To: 999 (all members) From: K3T (NEIL TAYLOR) Subject: 'Education Otherwise' This is a registered charity which offers support information and legal advice to parents educating their children out of school. A right all parents have under the 1944 education act despite recent government lies to the contrary for which they are being taken to court by E.O. Several of the membership have BBC machines amongst others, and there is some opportunity through the newsletters and address lists for mutual help and software exchange. I just thought the existence of this network might be of interest to some 8BS members from scanning the interests listed. I intend to make the membership of E.O. aware of the existence of 8BS at national level also, as I am sure the library and level of support and activity generally must be of interest. It occurs to me that if interested members of E.O. were to make available their educational software, copyright permitting, to the 8BS library this could only benefit the membership of both organizations. I will await to hear from Chris or anyone else before making these suggestions to E.O. If anyone would like more info on E.O. they can be contacted at: Education Otherwise PO Box 120 Leamington Spa Warwickshire, CV32 7ER For recorded telephone message: 0926 886828  To: 999 (all members) From: K3T (NEIL TAYLOR) Subject: Copyright Material I can understand that there is software currently for sale which is copyright, and I can understand that there is public domain software which is non- copyright and free. What I can't understand is why there is copyright software which I am unable to beg borrow buy or steal because the owners of the copyright no longer consider it worth marketing, and may even have ceased to trade. I call this category of software 'mangerware' (dog in) as it appears to be doing no one any good at all. If it has no commercial value now, then surely it never will again, so why not do the decent thing and release it to P.D.? I was looking forward to obtaining a copy of ULTRACALC having already got an original manual and a good use or two for it. I could have sworn you told me it was amongst the BEEBUG releases Chris, so I was most dissapointed not to find it in the new catalogue which consists entirely of the freebies from the magazine covers, useful as they no doubt are. But where is the commercial stuff? When if ever do we get our sticky mits on that? This is a straight question. If such software was made available through the library anyway is there a realistic chance of legal redress from organizations either no longer in existence or uninterested in the marketing of the product. I went into my local Acorn dealer to buy a Printer Driver or Generator. No longer available, but not in P.D. either. Quite honestly I don't have much respect for the owners of mangerware, and would like to see their pointless obstructiveness challenged. Does anyone else feel militant about this or are we supposed to treat them ever so politely in the hope they will one day deign to hand down their unwanted cast offs to a greatful poor.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3T (NEIL TAYLOR) Subject: BBC B POWER SUPPLY No sooner had I joined 8BS with my 'new' B than the power supply died. Despite a kind offer of help from Colin Culpitt-Smith to see if he could mend it, I chose to leave it with my brother, an electronics engineer who imediately got bogged down in overwork and didn't look at it for months. After a gentle nag or three he phoned up Aztec and rather sensibly asked them what they normally died of (why didn't I think of that). They suggested a particular capacitor which is commonly prone to failure. He replaced it, and instant mend! They also pointed out that the capacitors in these units are subjected to heavy loads and that it might therefore be a good idea to routinely replace all the capacitors at a point of failure of one of them. It occured to me that anyone not afraid of soldering irons might be able to take their failed board into Maplins and ask for a new set of capacitors, and put them in themselves. Not much to lose if you are faced with a repair bill greater than the secondhand value of the machine. If it ever goes again I'll cetainly have a go.  To: 999 (all members) From: K4R (ROBIN MOROM) Subject: USER GROUPS A PERSONAL VIEW Since my message under this title in Issue 35 seems to have caused some distress to Paul Harvey, perhaps I may be permitted to clear things up a little. With a headline worthy of the SUNDAY SPORT he heads his piece in Issue 36 'BBC SUPPORT UNDER FIRE' Well, to suggest that expressing disappointment with something is putting it 'UNDER FIRE' seems to me rather over-sensitive to say the least. What I was doing was to report on the results I got from sending an SAE to five different groups on the same day. I thought that this may have been of some help to other members. Paul says that comparing Beebug and its staff with an amateur group is unfair. I agree absolutely. But since I did NOT compare Beebug with anything else I don't know why he mentions it. He misquotes me further when he says that he can't offer any solution as to why I had to wait 3 weeks for a reply. What I actually said was that I waited FIVE weeks to receive a printed slip in my SAE and a FURTHER 3 weeks for a copy of BYTEBACK. As I made clear this covered 13th March to 13th May altogether. He suggests that I should form my own group. I imagine that this is meant to be heavy sarcasm, it is rather difficult to tell. If, however, he means this as a serious proposition he has failed to appreciate that my point was that I consider 8BS to provide all that one can wish for (and more) and I hope it goes from strength to strength. I have absolutely nothing against Paul Harvey personally or Byteback. It is just not for me, that's all.  To 999 (All) From 4B2 (Ron Marshall) I have (almost) been put in touch with Robin Burton (he was formerly Essential Software) by Stephan Richardson. Stephan had his 512 upgraded to 1Mb by Robin some time ago (cost circa 90 pounds) and speaks highly of the quality. Robin has no bits left, but may be willing to have another go, given sufficient support. I have no idea of the potential cost as yet, but to make it viable, and keep costs down, he will need at least 25 subscribers and wants cash 'up front'. WILL ALL THOSE INTERESTED, INCLUDING 8BS MEMBERS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW DIRECT (can you include your add/phone) AND I WILL KEEP TALLY. Let us stick together on this one. I have had a word with Chris of 8BS and he agrees. DO NOT SEND MONEY AT THIS STAGE! Ron Marshall (Solinet) 41 Westbrook Drive Rainworth Mansfield Notts NG21 0FB  PRESS BREAK