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                                                      To: 999 (all members) From: K6A (Ian Clapperton) Subject: WANTED Would someone be willing to loan me a manual for the BEEBUG 'Toolkit' ROM for a few days? It will be returned in good condition with a refund of your postal costs. Please telephone (Derbys.) 0773-822477 if able to help.  To: 999 (all members) From: K6D (Mick Sanders) Subject: Oki ML83A Printer. Has anyone got any info on my printer? It would be handy if I could borrow a manual for it, or failing that, has anyone experience of using one? It works all right but I don't know enough about it and all I've found on it are a variety of different character sets and no way of changing fonts or sizes. I don't even know if these are available on this machine, it is rather old and cost very little.  To: 999 (all members) From: K6D (Mick Sanders) Subject: 32016 2nd PROCESSOR I inheritted my 32016 with my B+ but unfortunately not enough information or software to get it going. I have a disc with Panos 1.4 Start-up on it, which requests a compiler disc which I do not have. My only other Panos disc is an Editor Linker "SYSTEm DISC". I also have the 32000 BASIC Reference Manual, but that's the lot so any help, information or software would be gratefully recieved.  To: 999 (all members) From: K3B (PAUL MATTHEWS) Subject: CUMANA QFS HELP NEEDED =======================================  ======================================= Can someone out there help me please?. I have a B with the CUMANA QFS disc filing system installed inside. Unfortunately one of the wires from IC86 to the main board has come adrift at the main board position and I honestly cannot make out which of the terminal positions it has broken away from. Any help will be recieved with thanks and acknowledged in 8BS. Paul Matthews 107 Queens Drive Mossley Hill Liverpool L18 1JL =======================================  ======================================= To: 999 (all members) From: K3B (PAUL MATTHEWS) Subject: HELP FOR HARD DRIVE NEEDED! ======================================= I HAVE JUST OBTAINED A MORLEY HARD DRIVE FOR MY MASTER. IT DID NOT COME WITH ANY MANUAL OR UTILITIES DISC. I HAVE CONNECTED IT UP TO THE 1MHZ BUS & I SET THE MASTER UP FOR THE HARD DRIVE AND TRIED TO *CAT IT. THE DRIVE LIGHT FLASHES BRIEFLY AND THE MESSAGE BROKEN DIRECTORY APPEARS. CAN ANY ONE HELP? PAUL MATTHEWS 107 QUEENS DRIVE MOSSLEY HILL LIVERPOOL L18 1JL 051-734-4023 =======================================  ======================================= To: 999 (all members) From: K3B (PAUL MARTIN-MATTHEWS) Subject: SNAPSHOT TAPE TO DISC PROG. ======================================= In issue 36 of 8BS Albert Schofield wrote about tape to disc transfers. He mentioned a utility called SNAPSHOT, and I would like to know if this is in the 8BS pool and what disc it is on. ======================================= To: |999 From: |K3W (Tom Chilton) Subject:|BBC & OTHER COMPUTERS I am giving below the details of service facilities offered by Karl Tilbrook of Knight Techology Service. Karl is an ex Acorn Computer Service Engineer who is setting up his own business. He has done work on my BBC B and on a Microvitec Monitor and also repaired a Music Centre for me. His rates are very reasonable and he will undertake repairs to any computer and/or associated equipment. Aynone interested should telephone him on 0642 475568 and mention my name as an introduction.  To: 999 (all members) From: Shawty Subject: COMPUTER CONCEPTS GRAPHICS ROM Please can someone give me a hand with the graphics extension rom from Computer Concepts? I would like the manual or info on the Plot and GFX commands. Some example programs would really help too. Please send your help via Chris Richardson at 8BS HQ.  To: 999 From: ??? Subject: USER INFORMATION I would very much appreciate assistance in advising me on certain features which are unclear to me. Could you please explain the meaning, involvement and application of the following: 1.Sideways ROM 2.Sideways RAM 3.ROM Image 4.Shaddow ROM 5.Eproms Are all relative to Master and BBC "B"?  To: 999 (all members) From: K2T (Jack Tourle) Subject: FORMATTING DISCS Before I became a member of 8BS I used only single-sided discs, and formatting gave me no problems. When formatting double-sided 80-track discs, however, I frequently lost track (!) of which side was being processed. Even when keeping a tally with pencil and paper I could never be sure whether it was side 0 or 2. So why not get the format program to do the job? It was quite simple ... FOR X%=0 TO 2 STEP 2 ... (Format action) ... NEXT, with Drive%=X% This worked well for the first side, but I could not get the other side formatted, and I still haven't discovered where the bug is. Since I was getting impatient to get my next disc in the post, I changed to the following:- Line XX-10 Drive%=0:Track%=80 Line XX INPUT "Choose (1) Format; (2) Format with Verify; (3) Verify "CH% ..... (Appropriate Format and/or Verify action) ... Line YY PRINT "Disc ";:IF CH%=3 PRINT "Verified on Drive ";Drive% ELSE PRINT "Formatted on Drive ";Drive% Line YY+10 IF Drive%=0 THEN Drive%=2:PRINT "Drive 2 ready for action ":GOTO XX ELSE END I hope that this may help others in this routine task, and I hope the purists will forgive the GOTO !  To: 999 (all members) From: K3H (ALBERT SCHOFIELD) Subject: TAPE TO DISC ON THE BBC"B" Sometimes when a game or utility etc. which may be made up of several parts has been transferred from tape to disc and then run, one or two parts may load and then suddenly the searching message appears on the screen and the computer is back in the tape mode. If the offending part is in basic then you will have to list it and look for *T. or *TAPE and eliminate it. Or it may be *FX140 which is the cause or even something like:- FOR N%=6 TO &3F: N%?&200=N%?&D940:NEXT. So a bit of detective work is required to isolate and eliminate the guilty section. Also the lines containing the statements may have been made unlistable so you may need to use *DUMP to find it. In this case you will have to use a sector editor to remove it. But what if the offending part is in machine code. With this you will have to *DUMP it and seek out the following sequence of hex numbers:- A9 8C A2. 8C is the OSBYTE CALL for TAPE (See page 434 of the user guide) If it is a long program it can be a lengthy search. Use a sector editor to eliminate the 8C. Replace it with a space (20) then all should be well. If the next part has to be loaded via sideways ROM then the 8C could be changed to 8D and then the computer will search in the rom filing system. 8D being the OSBYTE CALL for ROM (See page 165 of the advanced user guide) I am sorry MR. GALLAGHER (4MD) that my information regarding MAGIC MUSHROOMS did not work for you. Your version of the game must be different to mine. However, this article should solve your problem. Let me know how you get on. As a last resort you could send me a copy of your version and I would try to sort it out for you or I could send you a copy of my version. And finally thanks ROY (20G) for the bouquet. More next month.  To: 999 (all members) From: K4R (ROBIN MOROM) Subject: FRED NEVIN'S VIEWSHEET QUERY I think that Fred is right here. There is probably no way to make VIEWSHEET use an input SLOT in the EXACT way he describes. However, it IS possible to have an input ROW to write to designated slots. Start off with a new sheet, preferably in MODE 0 or 3. For the sake of this example let us suppose that you want the values to end up in slots C5, B2, D4, A6 and E3 (in that order). I am going to use ROW 10 as the input row. Now: Go to slot C5 and enter A10 <RETURN> ...........B2...........B10 ...........D4...........C10 ...........A6...........D10 ...........E3...........E10 Next: Toggle AUTO ENTRY (CTL-f0) until you get AR in top left of sheet. Then: go to slot A10 and start entering the values (followed by RETURN each time of course) You will see your values appearing in the designated slots as well as in row 10. I suggest using the values 1 to 5 the first time to show what happens. If you want to change the values just go back to slot A10 and repeat. This is the basic idea. There are many improvements possible. For example, it will be difficult to remember where each entry is going to if there are many. Taking the above example then, use ROW 9 to show the destinations. Go to A9 and enter "C5 (the " is important. Remember this is a LABEL not a VALUE) Similarly enter "B2 in slot B9 and so on. This will show where the value in ROW 10 is going. Warning: If you want to change the value in one of your designated slots do it ONLY in the entry row, otherwise you will lose the reference to this row. Further additions could include defining a scrolling window for the entry slot and a non-scrolling main sheet. The possibilities are endless. Of course you can do the whole thing vertically by using an entry COLUMN and toggling CTL-f0 to D(own). I am including a short VIEWSHEET file called FREDN on my submissions disc. This will demonstrate the above. Perhaps Chris can find room for it. OF COURSE I REALISE THAT SOMEONE WILL PROBABLY COME UP WITH A BETTER SOLUTION TO FRED'S QUERY. OH WELL, ALL PART OF THE LEARNING CURVE! In any case it has been an interesting problem. Thank you, Fred. By the way, you didn't say WHY you wanted to do this in the first place! Robin  To: 999 (attn.of K5N Stan Doran) From: K5U (Simon Godfrey) Subject: Viewdata/Term Bulletin Boards In Issue £36 Stan Doran asked whether there were any bulletin-boards he could access with his Prism/Prestel modem... Over the past 12 months I have used several Bulletin Boards. I'm not sure whether they are ALL still operating so it may be worth trying them with a normal phone call first. (otherwise it gets very annoying for the person on the other end) I've compiled these lists for any 8BS members who own a Beeb and a modem... The following BBs have either file or message areas dedicated to the Beeb: CCl4 V 0482 798249 Cellar V/T 0782 551015 Challenger V 021 445 3913 Control Centre T 061 707 9221 Darkhaven V/T 0604 413716 DCT1 Ample V 0384 239944 DCT2 BBs V/T 0384 283073 Equinoxe V/T 0705 871531 Lambda V/T 031 556 6316 Odyssey T 0482 870919 StarNet T 0603 507216 TAS V 0372 743809 Test BBs V 0273 888704 Viking V 0255 503048 World of Cryton T 0749 679794 These BBs don't have any Beeb areas but you may find something of interest: Arcade T 081 654 2212 Arkham BBs T 071 738 5596 Boswells V 0245 252355 Cyberspace T 0942 321389 Owl T 0532 605876 Healthdata V 081 986 4360 Line 3 V 0245 252512 Prometheus V 081 300 7177 Slash BBs T 0484 688070 Summer Wine T 0274 851027 TAO/Shades V/T 071 275 9996 NB: V = Viewdata, T=Terminal Viewdata boards use Teletext (mode 7) graphics, and communicate at 1200/75 baud. This was the Prestel standard. The standard speed is 1200/75 (V23) because in the early days of Prestel, 1200 was the fastest reliable 'receive' speed possible on the (then) crackly analogue telephone lines -and the only data being 'sent' was the occasional key-press by the user so 75 was seen as sufficient speed for their needs. Viewdata boards operate at a different parity to terminal boards. If your comms software has a Bit/Parity/Stop setting, this should be set to 7E1 - that is 7bits, EvenParity, 1StopBit. The screen-mode should be mode7. Terminal boards are much more common these days. There are a few points: *If your comms software has a Bit/Parity/Stop setting, this should be set to 8N1 (8Bits, NoParity, 1Stop) as most BBs use this data format; *You should use an 80-column screen (mode0 or mode3). *Many terminal BBs use ANSI codes for colour and graphics - you are usually asked the first time you log-on whether you can use these. Unless you have clever software, answer 'no'. I strongly recommend use of the 'Quercus' PD comms software as this does support ANSI-type graphics. *Try connecting at the highest speed your modem will go, then work your way down in speed until you get a connection. *Some BBs run on American modems, which cannot operate at V23 1200/75 speed. If your modem won't go any faster than V23, try 300. Warning: this is V.SLOW! erm, that's about it... the rest you will have to find out for yourself!!! ...Which is just where the fun starts! WARNING!! Most boards give details of other boards - Chaining from one board to the next will seriously increase your telephone bill!!  PRESS BREAK