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One Thousand Card Game - Listing

10REM Thousand Instruction 20REM by M.Bobrowski 4'94 30: 40MODE7:VDU23;8202;0;0;0;:FORY%=1TO2: PRINTTAB(13,Y%)CHR$141CHR$129"THOUSAND": NEXT 50PRINTTAB(1,9)CHR$134"Do you wish an instruction (Y/N) ? ";:REPEATG$=GET$:UN TILINSTR("YyNn",G$):IF INSTR("Nn",G$) TH EN 260 60PRINTTAB(5,24)CHR$131"Press SPACE B AR to continue";:VDU28,0,22,38,4 70PRINTCHR$134"Thousand is a game pla yed with a pack"'CHR$134"of 24 cards (fr om Aces to Nines). The"'CHR$134"values o f the cards are as follows:"'CHR$129" A ce - 11, Ten - 10, King - 4,"'CHR$129" Queen - 3, Jack - 2, Nine - 0." 80PRINTCHR$134"In this version, the c omputer plays"'CHR$134"one of the hands. "''CHR$134"At the start of each round no trump"'CHR$134"suit is defined and six cards are"'CHR$134"dealt to both, the pl ayer and the" 90PRINTCHR$134"computer. The rest of the cards"'CHR$134"turned face down con stitutes a pile."''CHR$134"In each round , the opponents lay their";CHR$134"cards , one at a time, trying to win"'CHR$134" tricks."CHR$133"A card to be played or" 100PRINTCHR$133"discarded is selected by pressing the"'CHR$133"number shown be neath it.";:REPEAT UNTIL GET=32:CLS 110PRINTCHR$134"When replying the oppo nent's lead, a"'CHR$134"player always ha s to follow the suit,"'CHR$134"however, there is no need to lay a"'CHR$134"card with a higher value. If a player"'CHR$13 4"has no card of the suit of the lead," 120PRINTCHR$134"then he must lay down a card of the"'CHR$134"current trump sui t (of course, the"'CHR$134"latter rule applies to situations"'CHR$134"when a tr ump suit is defined - see"'CHR$134"below )." 130PRINT'CHR$134"To fill the hands up to six cards,"'CHR$134"the player who wi ns a trick picks up"'CHR$134"the top car d of the pack, and the"'CHR$134"other pl ayer gets the next one." 140PRINTCHR$133"(This operation is don e automatically"'CHR$133"by the computer ). ";:REPEATUNTILGET=32:CLS 150PRINTCHR$134"Moreover, whoever wins a trick becomes";CHR$134"the lead for t he next go."CHR$133"The order of";CHR$13 3"playing is checked by the computer and ";CHR$133"displayed in the text window." 160PRINT'CHR$134"When the pack is empt y the round is"'CHR$134"continued with a decreasing number of"'CHR$134"cards, un til no card remains in either";CHR$134"h and.";:REPEAT UNTILGET=32:CLS 170PRINTCHR$134"When a player has"CHR$ 129"a pair"CHR$134"in his hand"'CHR$134" (the Queen and King of the same suit),"; CHR$134"he should announce it"CHR$133"by leading with"'CHR$133"the Queen"CHR$134 "which is a member of the" 180PRINTCHR$134"pair"CHR$133"(just pre ss the number displayed"'CHR$133"underne ath the Queen in question)"CHR$134"and"' CHR$133"by pressing the Y key"CHR$134"in reply to the"'CHR$134"prompt that appea rs in the text"'CHR$134"window." 190PRINTCHR$134"To announce a pair, th e player has to"'CHR$134"win one trick a t least.";:REPEATUNTILGET=32:CLS 200PRINTCHR$134"There is a bonus for a nnouncing a pair"CHR$134"and the number of points obtained"'CHR$134"depends on t he suit of the pair:"''CHR$129"100 point s "CHR$134"is awarded for the pair"'SPC1 2;CHR$134"of Heards," 210PRINTCHR$129"80 points"CHR$134"- fo r the pair of Diamonds,"'CHR$129"60 poin ts - for the pair of Clubs,"'CHR$129"40 points - for the pair of Spades." 220PRINT'CHR$134"Furthermore, the suit of the pair"'CHR$134"announced"CHR$1129 "becomes the trump suit"'CHR$134"until t he end of a round, or unless"'CHR$134"ot her pair is announced by the player"'CHR $134"or by the computer in next goes." 230PRINTCHR$133"The current trump suit is dispalyed"'CHR$133"in the text windo w.";:REPEATUNTILGET=32:CLS 240PRINTCHR$134"When a round is over t he values of the"CHR$134"cards in the tr icks are summed up."'CHR$134"Additional points are obtained for"'CHR$134"each pa ir announced."''CHR$134"The first player to reach 1000 points" 250PRINTCHR$134"is the winner. Usually several rounds"'CHR$134"have to be play ed to constitute a"'CHR$134"final winner of the game."'''SPC10;CHR$130"HAVE A GO OD LUCK!";:VDU26:PRINTTAB(25,24)"start ";:REPEAT UNTIL GET=32 260PAGE=&1100:CHAIN"L305"