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Anagram Answers - Listing

10REM" DON'T RENUMBER! 20REM ANAGRAM ANSWERS - J. DAVIS '94 30MODE7 40VDU23,1,0;0;0;0; 50A$=CHR$(141) 60PRINT" ANAGRAM ANSWERS - 8BS 36" 70PRINTCHR$(148);STRING$(39,"s") 80FORC=1TO9 90RESTORE(1000*C) 100READS$ 110L=LEN(S$) 120PRINTTAB(0,C*2+1);A$;" ";S$;" <=>"; " " 130PRINTTAB(0,C*2+2);A$;" ";S$;" <=>"; " " 140PRINTTAB(3,23)"PRESS SPACE" 150A=GET 160PRINTTAB(3,23)" " 170PRINTTAB(0,C*2+3);A$;" ";S$ 180PRINTTAB(0,C*2+4);A$;" ";S$ 190FORP=1TO500:NEXT 200FORM=1TOL 210B$=MID$(S$,L-M+1,1) 220FORN=1TO38-L 230R=N+L-M+1 240PRINTTAB(R,C*2+3);B$ 250PRINTTAB(R,C*2+4);B$ 260FORP=1TO10:NEXT 270NEXT 290NEXT 300L=L-1 310S$=RIGHT$(S$,L) 320FORN=1TOL 330FORP=1TO400:NEXT 340READX 350X$=MID$(S$,X,1)+" " 360PRINTTAB(38-L+X,C*2+3);" " 370PRINTTAB(38-L+X,C*2+4);" " 380FORM=38-L+X TO L+7+N STEP-1 390PRINTTAB(M,C*2+1);X$ 400PRINTTAB(M,C*2+2);X$ 410FORP=1TO100:NEXT 420NEXTM 430NEXTN 440PRINTCHR$(7) 450FORP=1TO3000:NEXT 460NEXTC 470PRINTTAB(3,23)"PRESS SPACE" 480A=GET 490PRINTTAB(2,23)" And can you think o f five anagrams of PETALS ?"; 500A=GET 510PRINT" Sorry - no help!"; 520GOTO520 1000DATA" SENATOR" 1010DATA 5,7,2,4,1,6,3 2000DATA" RUFFIAN" 2010DATA 3,2,7,4,6,5,1 3000DATA" GENERATE" 3010DATA 7,2,4,3,6,1,8,5 4000DATA" PRAISED" 4010DATA 3,5,1,4,2,6,7 5000DATA" PRAISED" 5010DATA 7,4,3,1,6,2,5 6000DATA" PRAISED" 6010DATA 7,6,5,1,3,4,2 7000DATA" TOENAIL" 7010DATA 3,7,5,1,6,2,4 8000DATA" MEASURING" 8010DATA 9,2,6,3,8,7,5,1,4 9000DATA" CARTHORSE" 9010DATA 6,7,1,5,9,8,4,3,2