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Anagrams - Listing

10: 20: 30: 40REM" Program by RUSHDEN ROY 20G (Shuffle PROCedure by JOHN DAVIS) For 8-BIT SOFTWARE and PD Aug.94 50: 60MODE7 70VDU23,1,0;0;0;0; 80CLS 90PROCROY 100PROCdh(6,10,1,"ANAGRAMS ") 110PROCdh(6,12,0,"(Another way to look at them.)") 120PROCdh(6,16,0,"Word or words made b y arranging in") 130PROCdh(6,17,0,"different order the letters of") 140PROCdh(6,18,0,"another word or word s.") 150PROCdh(2,23,0,"Please press SPACE t o continue >") 160REPEATUNTILGET=32:CLS 170PROCdh(6,5,0,"You will be invited t o type in a word") 180PROCdh(2,1,1,"--INFORMATION-- ") 190PROCdh(2,3,1,"Single or multi-word anagrams.") 200PROCdh(6,6,0,"or words (best no spa ces) that you ") 210PROCdh(6,7,0,"wish to 'anagramise'. Max.28 letters.") 220PROCdh(6,8,0,"These letters will th en appear lower ") 230PROCdh(6,9,0,"on the screen in doub le height. Press") 240PROCdh(6,10,0,"space to shuffle the m. With a bit of") 250PROCdh(6,11,0,"skill and a lot of l uck you may see a") 260PROCdh(6,12,0,"word in the group th at you wish to") 270PROCdh(6,13,0,"extract, press escap e and type it in.") 280PROCdh(6,14,0,"(Max.14 letters). Yo u then type in the") 290PROCdh(6,15,0,"remaining letters (M ax.18) and shuffle") 300PROCdh(6,16,0,"again. Repeat until you are satisfied") 310PROCdh(6,17,0,"with your selection of words.") 320PROCdh(6,18,0,"After a while the sc reen will be full") 330PROCdh(6,19,0,"you can then quit or start again but") 340PROCdh(6,20,0,"make a note of your words first.") 350PROCdh(6,22,0,"Go cold U.K.") 360PROCdh(2,23,0,"Please press SPACE t o continue >") 370REPEATUNTILGET=32 380CLS 390VDU23,1,1;0;0;0; 400A=5:B=5 420ON ERROR GOTO 1370 430PRINTTAB(0,0)" TYPE YOUR WORD/LETTE RS THEN <RETURN>" 440INPUTTAB(5,1)" ? "name$ 450name$=LEFT$(name$,28) 460PRINTTAB(8+LEN(name$),1)" ";LEN(nam e$) 470PRINTTAB(0,0)SPC(38) 480PRINTTAB(1,2);CHR$(150);STRING$(37, ",") 490A$=name$:PROCshuff:END 510DEFPROCshuff 520VDU23,1,0;0;0;0; 530A$=name$ 540REPEAT 550PRINTTAB(5,20);CHR$(141);" ";A$:PRI NTTAB(5,21);CHR$(141);" ";A$ 560PROCshuffleJ`Davis 570PROCspace:UNTILFALSE:ENDPROC 590REM PROCshuffleJ`Davis is from a program'ALFSHUF'by JOHN DAVIS (K2F) 8-Bit Software Issue 36. 610DEF PROCshuffleJ`Davis 620R=RND(LEN(name$)-1)+1:B$=MID$(A$,R, 1):A$=B$+LEFT$(A$,R-1)+RIGHT$(A$,LEN(nam e$)-R) 630ENDPROC 650DEFPROCspace 660PRINTTAB(0,22)" SPACE to Shuffle. ESCAPE to type. " 670PRINTTAB(0,23)" ESC+ZZZ to end. ESC+XXX to restart." 680REPEAT UNTIL INKEY(-99) 690ENDPROC 710DEF PROCword 720SOUND1,-3,20,2 730VDU23,1,1;0;0;0; 740PRINTTAB(0,3)" Type letters to be t aken out.<RETURN>" 750PRINTTAB(1,5);CHR$(150);STRING$(37, ",") 760A=A+1 770IF A>19 PROCscreenfull: ENDPROC 780PRINTTAB(0,4)SPC(30) 790INPUTTAB(2,4)" ? "name$ 800name$=LEFT$(name$,14) 810IF name$="ZZZ"THEN PROCend:ENDPROC 820IF name$="XXX"GOTO 380:ENDPROC 830PRINTTAB(5,20)SPC(30):PRINTTAB(5,21 )SPC(30) 840PRINTTAB(22,A);" "name$ 850PRINTTAB(23+LEN(name$),A)" ";LEN(na me$) 860PROCremain:ENDPROC 880DEF PROCremain 890SOUND1,-3,20,2 900B=B+1 910IF B>19 PROCscreenfull: ENDPROC 920PRINTTAB(0,3)" Type letters to be s huffled. <RETURN>" 930PRINTTAB(0,4)SPC(30) 940INPUTTAB(2,4)" ? "name$ 950name$=LEFT$(name$,18) 960IF name$="ZZZ"THEN PROCend:ENDPROC 970IF name$="XXX" GOTO 380 980PRINTTAB(5+LEN(name$),4)" ";LEN(nam e$) 990PRINTTAB(0,B)" "name$ 1000PRINTTAB(1+LEN(name$),B)" ";LEN(nam e$) 1010PROCshuff 1020ENDPROC 1040DEF PROCscreenfull 1050VDU23,1,0;0;0;0; 1060PRINTTAB(0,3)" Sorry the scre en is full " 1070PRINTTAB(0,4)" Press a key to resta rt or SPACE to end" 1080SOUND1,-2,5,5 1090PRINTTAB(0,22)SPC(39) 1100PRINTTAB(0,23)SPC(39) 1110*FX21,0 1120IF GET$ <>" "THEN GOTO 380:ENDPROC 1130IF GET$=" "THEN PROCend:ENDPROC 1150DEF PROCend 1160VDU23,1,1;0;0;0; 1170CLS:PRINTTAB(10,8)"BYE FROM ROY":PR INTTAB(8,9)"(Ref. My or Boy)":END 1180ENDPROC 1210DEFPROCROY 1220PRINT"   PROGRAM B Y ££££££££" 1230PRINT"     k 7e757£k" 1240PRINT"     s550!5u0£5" 1250PRINT"   p5u7t5upp5" 1260PRINT 1270PRINT" FOR 8-BIT SOFTWARE " 1280PRINT" 17 Lambert Park Rd Hedon HUL L HU12 8HF"' 1290ENDPROC 1310DEF PROCdh(C%,L%,D%,T$) 1320IF D% T$=CHR$(141)+T$ 1330X%=(40-LENT$)DIV 2-1 1340FORY%=L%TOL%+D%:PRINTTAB(X%,Y%);CHR $(128+C%);T$:NEXT 1350ENDPROC 1370IF ERR=17 THEN PROCword ELSE REPORT :PRINT" at line "ERL