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Hastings Poem. Printer Ready - Listing

10*KEY2 RUN |M 20CLS 30REMVDU1,27,1,56:REM No Paper Extent ionThere is Two Lines Left 40VDU2 50VDU1,27,1,87,1,1:REM B PRINT 60PRINT" THE BATTLE OF HASTING S"' 80VDU1,27,87,1,0:REM S PRINT 90: 100PRINT" Now I'll tell you of the Bat tle of Hastings which happend in days l ong" 110PRINT" gone by," 120PRINT" When Duke William became Kin g of England and Harold got shot in the eye." 130PRINT" It was this way - one day in October and the Duke, Who was always a toff," 140PRINT" Having no battles at the mom ent had given all his lads a day off." 150PRINT" So they all took boats to go fishing when some chap in the conquero r's ear," 160PRINT" Said 'LET'S GO PUT THE WIND UP THEM SAXONS' Says Bill 'BY LAD THATS A GOOD" 170PRINT" IDEA"' 180: 190PRINT" So turning round to his sold iers he lifted his big Norman voice sho uting," 200PRINT" 'HANDS UP WHO'S COMING TO EN GLAND'thats swank Because they'd bloomi ng choice." 210PRINT" So they started away about t eatime the sea it was calm and still," 220PRINT" And at quarter to ten the ne xt morning they arrived at a place call ed Bexhill" 230PRINT" King Harold rode up as they landed his face was full of venom and h ate," 240PRINT" And says, 'IF YOU'VE COME FO R THE REGATTA I CAN TELL YOU YOUR TWO W EEKS TOO" 250PRINT" LATE'"' 260: 270PRINT" Then up rose the Duke calm a nd haughty,and says'GIVE US NONE OF YOU R CHEEK" 280PRINT" AND YOU'D BEST HAVE YOUR THR ONE RE-UPHOLESTED COS I SHALL BE WANTIN G IT NEXT" 290PRINT" WEEK, When Harold heard thi s defiance with rage he turned purple a nd blue," 300PRINT" And shouted some rude things in Saxon to which William answered" 310PRINT" 'AND THE SAME TO YOU'."' 320: 330PRINT" Twas a beautiful day for a b attle the Normans came out with a will, " 340PRINT" And when both were duly asse mbled they tossed up for the top of the hill." 350PRINT" King Harold, he won the adva ntage on the hilltop he took up his sta nd," 360PRINT" With his knaves and his serf s all around him on his horse with his Hawk" 370PRINT" on his hand."' 380: 390PRINT" The Normans had nowt in thei r favour their chances of victory was s mall," 400PRINT" For the slope of the field w as against them and the wind in their f aces" 410PRINT" an all." 420PRINT" The kick off was sharp at tw o-thirty and as soon as the whistle had went," 430PRINT" Both sides started bashing e ach other till the swineherds could hea r them" 440PRINT" in Kent."' 450: 460PRINT" The Saxons had the best line of forwards well armed with buckler an d sword," 470PRINT" But the Normans had the best combination and by teatime nobody had scored." 480PRINT" So the Duke called his cohor ts together and said 'LET'S MAKE ON WE' RE BEAT," 490PRINT" AND ONCE WE'VE GOT THEM ON T HE LEVEL WE CAN CUT OFF THEIR MEANS OF RETREAT'."' 500: 510PRINT" So they ran and the Saxons r an after them exactly as William had pl anned," 520PRINT" Leaving Harold alone on the hilltop On his horse with his Hawk on h is hand." 530PRINT" When the Conquerer saw what had happened a bow and an arrow he drew ," 540PRINT" He went right up to Harold a nd shot him he was offside but what cou ld they" 550PRINT" do?."' 560: 570PRINT" Then the Normans turned roun d in a fury and gave back both parry an d thrust," 580PRINT" Till the the fight was all o ver bar the shouting and you coudn't se e the" 590PRINT" Saxons for dust." 600PRINT" And after the battle was ove r They found Harold so stately and gran d,"' 610: 620VDU1,27,1,87,1,1:REM B PRINT 630PRINT" SITTING THERE WITH AN EYEF ULL OF ARROW" 640PRINT" ON HIS HORSE WITH HIS HAWK ON HIS HAND"' 650VDU1,27,1,87,1,0:REM Cancel 660VDU1,27,1,83,1,1:PRINT" KINGYB":VDU 1,27,1,84 670VDU3:END 680REM"  690REM"  700REM"  710REM" Author Uknown 720REM" Modified By Fred Price 730REM" 280194 740REM"  750REM" SAVE"KINGYB"