8-Bit Software Online Conversion

          Editorial Summary For those of you not wishing to wade through all the drivel in the editorial, I have extracted the salient points of what was said. New discs in the pool since the last issue: 8BS-00 Gazeteer 2D TBI-55-3 Digital Solutions PD section Music Tracker Utils and info. 1D TBI-55-4 Digital Solutions PD Graphics Kit. 1D TBI-55-5 Digital Solutions PD Windows Kit. 1D TBI-55-6 Digital Solutions PD Utilities and miscellaneous. 1D TBI-64-1 Destroyed Realities 1. 1D TBI-65-1 Mad Rabbit PD 24 Utilities. 1D TBI-66 Amateur Radio. 2D TBI-67 View Drivers. 1D TBI-68 Screen Thief. 1D TBI-69-1 Humour. A A to J TBI-69-2 Humour. A L to Y TBI-69-3 Humour. 2D A to D TBI-69-4 Humour. 2D D to J TBI-69-5 Humour. 2D L to P TBI-69-6 Humour. 2D Q to Y TBI-69-7 Humour. 1D P and Y CJR-1-2-14 ADFS compilation BBC-21 Games Adam Sandman A BBC-35 ADFS BBC-52 Starfleet MA BBC-85 Aeronautical Dogfight II MA BBC-114 Clip Art. 4D BBC-152 Astrological Chart Drawing. 2D GLM-14 GLM PD Utilities. 1D TAU-87 Acorn User Compilation 1987. 2D TAU-88 Acorn User Compilation 1988. 1D Updates to: TBI-00 TBI-02 TBI-46-5 Peter Davy Disc. TBI-54 Mandelbrot disc. One member has asked me for an explanation of Witchcraft, the puzzle on the ADFS version of issue 37. The idea is to make the grid on the left look the same as the grid on the right by pressing the keys QWEASDZXC. Pressing a particular key causes a certain pattern of tiles to toggle. The letter Q for instance toggles QWAS. You cannot toggle a letter if the corresponding tile is red. That is enough for now! A file on side two of TAU-4, the printer help disc is corrupted. It is corrupted on all my copies of the disc, so I assume it arrived at 8BS HQ corrupted. Has anyone an intact copy of The Acorn User Printer Help Disc? The 8BS Magazine Database is now ready for the streets 8BS-00 is now available as 2D, a database which allows you to search for articles and software from any 8BS issue. Sumvaders on TBI-2 was BBC only, however, you can get it to work on a Master. Two common compatibility problems here, so they are worth a mention: 1. The first is that PAGE should have been set to &1900 before running the program "Sumvade" 2. The sprite lookup table is in a different place. You can tell this problem when all the movement of the game is on the top line of the screen of your Master. Cure it with the following program: 50accon=&FE34:?accon=&18 60FORJ%=0TO31:K%=J%*640:P%=(2*J%)+&C375 :[OPT2 70EQUB K% DIV 256:EQUB K% AND 255 80]:NEXT Then chain your program. In the case of Sumvaders it was: 100PAGE=&1900:CHAIN"SUMVADE" I do not normally read the private messages, but I spotted a note from one member to another by chance. It concerned filing systems. You can find out the filing system that your machine is currently using. Type this: A%=0:Y%=0:A%=USR&FFDA Then if A%=1, you are using TAPE. If A%=4 DFS. If A%=8 ADFS. Simple when you know. BBC discs still required by 8BS: 26 30 42 34 44 51 65 76 98 99 103 115 122 131 138 139 149 150 151 158 171 If you have any of these, please send copies to 8BS, I will swop it for software of your choice. Acorn User Show to be held at Harrogate on 6th and 7th of May 1995. Put this in to your diaries as 8BS is going to have a stand there again. More in the next few issues.    