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                                                      To: 999 (all members) From: K5A (Robin Moffatt) Subject: RISC PC compatibility Having found to my disipointment that some of my games wouldn't work on the RISC PC, I was pleased to hear that The Arm Club had produced a program that would make them compatible. Does anyone know how this program works, or what it is that prevents the games from working?  To: 999 (all members) From: K5A (Robin Moffatt) Subject: Keyboards When typing I am finding that I am having to hit some letters to get them to print. I suspect that this is because I need to clean the keyboard, but I don't know how! Would anyone like to do an article on cleaning and maintaining the computer?  To: 999 From: K2C (Frank Jones) Subject: Melvyn Wright According to my family I am not at all musical; infact tone deaf! Yet here I am beating the big drum for any of Melvyn Wright's "Musical Machine" pieces. You 'BeeBug' readers know of him. Afterall on the front page of the last issue of your magazine, centre of the nine pictures IS Melvyn Wright's "Music Machine". Regretfully,I was not a subscriber otherwise I would be hounding the publishers for information. I have been priviliged to use their 'Magscan' but have not come up with anything. Expressed my admiration of Wright and of another guy called B.A. Bramson who digitalised Bach's D Minor fugue, commonly called "Toccata"...sounds very classical, but I bet 90% of you would know it should you hear it...the graphics on the disc, feature organ pipes. Was told by the fellow enthusiatic Beeb owner that I ain't heard nothing yet till I hear Handel's music called "The Entry of the Queen of Sheeba". Agony of Agonies, his disc was corrupted some years ago and he had never managed to get another copy. Date around 1985/6. Can anyone help with any newly discoverd pieces of Wright or Bramsons' works or the "Entry of the Queen of Sheeba"?. Frank 0845 (Thirsk) 522241  To: 999 (all members) From: 3PM (DP-J) Subject: ECONET Info wanted. I have a Master128 fitted with Econet board and ANFS ROM. Also 2 dedicated Master Econet terminals (they have no other ancillary facilities). Having no experience of setting up for Econet I need a look at:- Econet Installation Guide " Advanced User Guide " Level 2(3) File Server Guide " Level 2(?) Server Manager Guide " Printer Server Managers Guide or anything relevant. Flowchart Ltd (thanks Rushden Roy) did have these but...too late again... and they were only 50p apiece! Any help appreciated/remunerated or both even. DP-J, 69 Ashley Rd., Lytham St Annes, Lancashire. FY8 3EL or 0253 723074  To: 999 (all members) From: 3PM (DP-J) Subject: BBC B POWER SUPPLIES Re comment by K3T in Iss37 the capacitor prone to failure is 0,1 microFarad, 250v÷MP,fo=4,9MHz. It is rectangular with dimensions: height 13mm width 23mm thickness 7mm The pins are spaced 21 mm apart. It is not an electrolytic type. Suppliers in my area are limited but when I find replacements I will let you know. Mine blew its side out! WARNING. These power supply units are of the Switched Mode type and are more difficult to deal with than other kinds. PSUs can give you one hell of a belt hours after you have unplugged so you must know what you are doing. Electronics are not my speciality but I would not think it a good idea to replace capacitors of any kind unless essential. For those interested the following books will help:- More Advanced Power Supply Projects by R A Penfold. ISBN 0 85934 166 6 Library Ref 621.381'044 Published Babani Ltd 1988 Electronic Power Supply Handbook by Ian R Sinclair. ISBN 1 870775 03 1 Library Ref 621.381'044 PC Publishing 1990  From K7H: !Shawty! To: 999 Subject: Help I am presently writing software on an IBM PC using the Turbo Assembler. Can anyone help me with this: I type this code CALL FAR [BX] but the assembler insists on assembling it as CALL [BX] The arrows in this text are in fact squ are brackets.  PRESS BREAK