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I didn't understand the questions about magazine content at first, perhaps the wording could be made clearer. More space is needed for textual answers. Facility for comments would help. e.g. I own a BBC B, so answered "1", but don't use it as it is broken! I had problems as I re-ran the program to change one or two answers, and afterwards found that some of the other answers had disappeared! I ended up entering everything again.  From: K5K (David Robinson) Program: Messaging System Fairly easy to use. I found that when typing fast the occasional letter is missed. Also when inserting characters (CONTROL-f6) the last word on a line starts to go off screen, rather than wrapping onto the next line. i.e when I type this and ins ert a spac  To : 999 (Everyone) From : 483 (Daniel Shimmin) Re : Issue 37 hacker test Chris will be disappointed to know that I am way ahead of him on this, having scored 1010010, and am thus a certified Guru. The test is rather biased (perhaps justifiably) towards those who have used Econets and Archimedes a lot. (After all, a hacker who only "hacks" on computers that aren't connected to any other computers isn't much of a hacker). I have to admit to having used the binary option on my calculator to keep track of my score. Editor...... Not in the least disappointed Daniel. I am pleased to see that you managed to do so well.  From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Article: BBC faults article This was very interesting and I think it could be extremely useful in prolonging the life of my BBC B.  To: 999 (all members) From: K4R (Robin Morom) Subject: DESTROYED REALITIES DISC Presumably following up on my comments in Issue 35 on various groups, David Lowless asked Chris to send me a copy of the DR1 disc to look at. There were 28 files on the disc, 8 of them text and documentation, in total a little over 100k. They have obviously tried to provide a mixture of utilities, information and amusement and seem to have suceeded rather well. The cream of the disc must be the PANTHEON game. I am not a games player myself so I just sat in awe at the quality of the graphics. There are said to be 66 different screens and they are certainly of superb detail. No wonder it took two programmers over nine months to produce them. And all in 16k RAM! Also on this disc: Mandelbrots, disc backup, cheats, demos, etc. There are some good ideas on the disc and provide something of interest to most. Price: `1.80 (for S/S disc) but includes disc and postage. SUGGESTION: Perhaps a file on disc giving details of the group, etc? Verdict: Well worth a look. I give it 7 out of 10. Of course, I have only seen one disc. They may have done even better recently. DETAILS FROM: David Lowless 82 Main Street Pembroke Dyfed SA71 4HH  To: 999 (all members) From: K2K (Peter Davy) Subject: TBI 49 POSTER (Lorin Knight's note in REACTOR iss.37) I was pleased to see Lorin's note as I had just received a copy of the one disk ADFS version of this program. Having now put the program through most of its paces I wholeheartedly agree that it is excellent. I don't mind admitting that I am the world's worst at getting other people's software to work. With this one I had virtually no difficulty and when I did stray the odd time, the program was robust enough to guide me back to the right action.  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Program: FIRE I had a good laugh with this tale from CHRIS ROBBINS (K4U) he reckons that it is true. It was certainly a "I don't belieeeeve it" for all those involved. Send it to the TV Chris they could make a good comedy sketch out of it!  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Program: MY EARLY DAYS. Part2 These interesting articles by ROBIN MORON (K4R) are making us appreciate how fast the advancement of computer technology is rushing. I am looking forward to part 3 Robin.  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Program: BONFIRE DEMO and WORLD MAP Lovely flashing bonfire from LORIN KNIGHT (K4D). I think I will sit and look at the program on Nov.5th. Also LORIN has let us have a nice and clever program from Technical Software I like the way it updates as the time increases.  From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Program: DOG MAZE A nice and amusing little adventure from SUE EEDLE (K4P) with the dog. It is a pity that SUE failed to put a up-front instruction page to let us know that we could have used the fkeys instead of having to type N,S,E and W in full.  From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Program: 'FINDEM' & 'RESCUE' - Iss.37 The last issue had a couple of excellent programs called 'Findem' & 'Rescue'. 'Findem' searches a disk for deleted files after inputting a chosen string, and then gives track and sector info for use with either sector editors, or the 'Rescue' program which recovers the file for saving to another disk. Both programs work extremely effectively, and are very simple to use. The only problem I found, was in recovering a file which had been saved over another file of the same name. If the later file was shorter than the earlier version, the rescued file contained unwanted data from the earlier version, but this was easily edited out of the rescued file.  From: K2F (John Davis) Program: Anagrams It was nice to find more anagrams lurking in the nooks and crannies of Issue 37, from K6X and Roy Dickens. I trust that our Editor has recovered from the facial lacerations revealed in K6X's clever anagram. Try to be more careful with the razor, Chris...                               BLAM!                                                   