8-Bit Software Online Conversion

    This is a list of people that I consider worth contacting for various reasons. The bulk of the list will remain the same. But from time to time addresses will be added/removed. If you would like your name and address to appear in this section, please let me know.        Paper Based Magazine Paul Harvey. 8BS Member K1Y ByteBack 33 King Henry's Mews Enfield Lock Middlesex E93 6JS Regular paper-based mag for BBC enthusiasts.  Disc Based Magazine Ron Marshall. 8BS Member 4B2 Solinet 41 Westbrook Drive Rainworth Mansfield Notts NG21 0FB  Technical Enquiries, Z88 Library. Stephan Richardson. 8BS Member K2O 4 Pulteney Drive Tillington Stafford ST16 1NU Z88 Library.  Bulletin Board. Nigel.J.Woolcock. 8BS Member K4Y "Chaos Cottage" 5 Turnpike Road Connor Downs Hayle Cornwall TR27 5DT Tel. 01736 756633 Bulletin Board. Further details in future 8BS issues. This bulletin board will feature an 8BS section in the near future.    Repairs, Technical Enquiries. Karl Tilbrook. 8BS Member K6W. Knight Technology Service 8 Portrush Close Narmarske Redcar TS11 8BZ Tel. 01642 475568 Repairs and technical enquiries. Karl trained at Acorn Computers in fault finding and repair down to component level. He is offering to undertake repairs of your hardware and answer technical queries. Please ring or write before posting your broken BBC off to him!  Spares, Manuals, Welcome discs John Hubbleson PRES PO Box 319 Lightwater Surrey GU18 5PW Tel. 01276 472046 Welcome discs for Masters and Compacts. Reference Manuals for BBCs and Masters. Well worth contacting if you are after any spares or manuals.     