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                                   8 Bit                    From: K4B (GEORGE LYNCH) Subject: GenCom Dear chris, Don't quite know where to begin. I am fair 'chuffed' with the quality of the current and back issues of 8BS magazine discs. The help and information that I have had from your goodself and other members is much appreciated and I am already growing in confidence and expertise in the use of my Master128 and ancilliary equipment. How nice it was to have a mention from Charles Spencer(8J4) re my first submission. Makes one feel like a member of a rather exclusive club. Then there was a personal letter from Steven Flintham who had the humility to apologise and accept a measure of responsibility for the fact that I was having trouble with the messageing system. Nothing wrong with the system Steven. I am a slow learner and keep on making the same mistakes. Most common one is hitting the break key in error. There are so many questions that I would like to ask and so much help that I feel I need but I will keep this for another time and , for the moment confine myself to a couple of comments. (a) I had a look over the members list and noted the shortage of scottish names. Am I the only scotsman in the club, even if I do bear an Irish name? Are there no lads and lassies in the Edinburgh area who would like to form a local 'Beep' group? (b) I did enjoy the 'snowman' program from the Christmas Issue No.31 and was pleased to note that Melvyn Wright was given the credit that his fine work deserves. Keep up the good work Chris. It is all very much appreciated. My very best wishes for your continued good health. I enclose the usual postage etc. and will look forward to receiving Issue 38 Oct.'94. Yours as aye, George Lynch Mem.No.K4B  To: 999 (all members) From: K4V (Trevor Crapper) Subject: General Comments Issue 38 is another well presented one with plenty of good solid contents to keep most people happy. Thanks to Chris and to everyone who helped by sending something in. To our good friend Colin Culpitt-Smith your days of losing programs are over, simply invest in 8BS-00 and buy your- self our catalogue disc. I am hoping to write an article about the disc commands, it would seem that not everyone is lucky enough to have a copy of a disk drive guide, or the Acorn Disc Filing System Guide. The project is not a simple one and having had a few goes decided to try doing the job properly! The Z88 is working fine and again could I ask if anyone is thinking of selling anything off to let me know please. By the way we have a pusher in our midst, a person going around flogging a particular brand of portable laptop. Who is this person, well if I told you all the goodies could disappear before I get a chance to get any. Tim Parsons has been seen driving between Flitwick and Lerwick via the south coast with a message about getting one. A Z88!! these are very good little computers. Tim has suddenly found him- self being the agent for free info, send him an A4 s.a.e. Trevor Crapper.  To: 999 From: K7X (T.R.L.) Subject: FROM A NEW MEMBER (LATE STARTER) My name Roger Lockwood and I am 46 years and have been using the computer for just over a year. From K6E's letter in magazine number 38 It would appear that I am not alone in starting later than most. The comments you make in the magazine regarding the jargon and terminology used has also confused me,the EPROMS ROMS RAMS and other terms used in 'computerese' have done little to assist and encourage my age group to take up working with computers. I think there could be some mileage in spreading the word to people of our age group, that these BBC machines are not that difficult to use and with the help of this type of magazine assissitace is always nearby. In conclusion to this my first message via magnetic media I would like to ask other member for their comments on Watford electronics, I personally have only made two purchases from them but their service has been very poor, I have had to make returns on both occasions due to faulty goods and poor advice. When telephoning them you wait for what seems ages running up a hefty telephone bill being passed from department to department, anyone else experienced this? THANKS TO YOU ALL FOR WHAT LOOKS TO BE A GREAT MAGAZINE. EDITOR......... Yes! Although I do hesitate to be critical, I have been let down every time I have had anything to do with WE.  To: 999 (all members) From: K5W (CHRIS LEWIS) Subject: THE BBC GETS ITS OWN BACK! Recently Chris Richardson put me in touch with Chris Wilson (lots of Chrissys in this business) a BBC engineer who was looking for an ELECTRON keyboard to repair Melvyn Bragg's teleprompter. I was able to oblige and had a guided tour of Broadcating House and waved to Terry Wogan in his studio when I delivered it. Thanks Chris, 8#Bit Software gets you places!   Can anyone help me with some   ll information on a Watford ZIF socket I acquired? The ROMS are shown at positions 12 to 15 but also shadowed at 7 to 10. I also have a Watford 32k Shadow RAM board connected to the CPU socket. How do I select it?  To: 999 + K4R (Robin Morom) From: 15A (Steven Flintham) Subject: Mandelbrot article Firstly, sorry for the confusion over names - I hope I've got it right this time. Secondly, I think what I was trying to say when I said that all positive real numbers have only one square root was that SQR() is defined to have the positive value. In other words, using BASIC notation for convenience, it is technically incorrect to write: SQR(4)=-2 because SQR(4)=2 by definition and a (mathematical) function can only have one value (i.e. it can be many-one or one-one). I hope I have got this right and even if it is I admit that the original text was a bit ambiguous, but please correct me if the above is also wrong. Finally, thanks for commenting on the article - it's nice to know what people thought of it.  To: 999 (all members) From: I daren't say! (Well,OK. K4R) Subject: *** Christmas Crackers *** *************** 1st Computer Buff - "Did you know that for every floppy disc you buy, 30p is for the hole in the middle?" 2nd C.B. - "No! Who gets the 30p? 1st C.B. - "The hole-saler, of course." *************** Did you hear about the microprocessor company which has been so successful that they are thinking of moving into smaller premises? *************** And how about the tortoise who was mugged by three snails? When the police asked if he would be able to identify any of them, he said, "Well, it all happened so quickly...." *** MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYBODY ***  To: 999 (all members) From: K4R (Robin Morom) Subject: EDITORIAL IN ISSUE 38 So now we know. Apparently there really IS such a person as Chris Richardson. It is NOT (as many must have previously suspected) a group of a dozen or so very, very hard working people using this name as a joint pseudonym. All I know is, after merely READING about the Editor's month, I was so exhausted I had to go and have a nice lie down! EDITOR...... Last time, the lie down I had wasn't so nice, a little unplanned to say the least. The usual varied disasters have beset me this time too! A lot of people seem to have enjoyed the article, which as I was writing I wasn't so sure about. Thanks for all the kind comments.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2F (John Davis) Subject: PENTIUM There was a recent item on the TV news about the Pentium processor not getting zero for some values of X and Y for the expression: X-(X/Y)*Y The Beeb also struggles a bit in this department (maybe all computers do?), as this short routine shows: 10 MODE7 20 FOR X%=1TO25 30 FOR Y%=1TO25 40 Z=X%-(X%/Y%)*Y% 50 IFZ<>0 PRINT'CHR$(131)"X="STR$(X%) " Y="STR$(Y%):PRINTCHR$(129)"NOT ZERO="Z:FOR D=1TO2000:NEXT:PRINT: GOTO70 60 PRINTZ 70 NEXT:NEXT  To: 999 (all members) From: 4MD (Graham Gallagher) Subject: WEIGHTS & MEASURES ANSWER Some of you who had a go at the puzzle in Issue 38 may have spotted how to derive the correct weights quite quickly. Others might have had to persevere for some time. Either way, well done. For those who gave up or maybe didn't try then the answer is as follows : 1 , 3 , 9 , 27 Most people will have realised that a 1 lb. weight is needed. This is because whilst 1 could be obtained by say the difference between 2 and 3 it would then not be possible to obtain a weight of 39 lb ( ie 40 - 1). The next weight has to give the maximum possible increase and produce a difference in weight of 2 lb. Hence a 3 lb weight is derived. ie. 2 = x - 1 x = 3 With the first two weights the greengrocer can weigh goods of 1 lb to 4 lb inclusive. The next weight has to give the maximum possible increase and produce a difference in weight of 5lb. ie. 5 = y - (1 + 3) y = 9 With these three weights he can weigh goods of 1 lb to 13 lb inclusive. Hence the next difference in weight has to produce 14 lb. ie. 14 = z - (1 + 3 + 9) z = 27 The four weights added together equal 40 and you should be able to combine them to produce any weight between 1 and 40. The following are a few examples where the brackets represent the pans of the weighing scales : (1 + 3) : ( 9 ) = 5 lb (1 + 3 + 9) : ( 27 ) = 14 lb (1 + 3) : (9 + 27) = 32 lb ( 1 ) : (3 + 9 + 27) = 38 lb  To: 999 & K5A From: 4MD (Graham Gallagher) Subject: Charges/Subs etc The purpose, or at least one of them, of 8-BS is to encourage members to contribute to the contents of each issue in what ever way they can. The present method of sending off submission discs in advance of the next issue, even if they are blank, is the best way of doing this. Also, meeting the set deadlines shows some commitment to continuing your membership. However, if someone does forget to send in their disc then this doesn't prevent them from obtaining the next issue at some later date. All that occurs is that they miss an opportunity to contribute. Hence I do not believe that the suggested option of paying an advance 6 or 12 month subscription instead of the normal method is appropriate to 8-BS. Since the matter has been raised I would reiterate my previous suggestion (Issue 34) for a voluntary annual subscription of say not more than `5.00 to be set by the Editor. New members could be informed of this after receiving 6 or more issues whilst stressing that such a payment is not obligatory. Otherwise some people might be discouraged from using 8-BS. The Editor could put a freeze on these voluntary subscriptions as and when necessary by making an announcement in his monthly editorial. I would add that these voluntary payments should be totally separate from present means of paying for monthly issues and therefore any changes in administration would be minimal. Finally, whether the above suggestion is adopted or not I have decided to put my money where my mouth is and donate a token amount to help boost 8-BS funds. In doing so I recently looked at the cost of ACORN USER , a magazine I stopped buying in March 1993 due to its decreasing 8 bit coverage, and discovered it retails at `2.95 (ie `35.40 per year). I used to buy it monthly at `1.80 (ie `21.60 per year) and since 8-BS works out at about `1.50 (ie `12.00 per year or strictly `18.00 for 12 issues) then a small donation shouldn't be missed. EDITOR....... Thank you Graham for your donation. It all helps to keep the group afloat. Many people "Do Their Bit" for the group in many ways. The most important contributions are messages and programs. Many members have given a lot of their time to the group one way or another. Many others have tried to buy up the PD pool. Others have donated hardware and software. Others have tried to empty my loft by buying the second hand stuff that is always for sale. I would like members to know that the above suggestion of donation of pennies is acceptable and welcome. However, I do know that many members simply cannot afford any more than they pay out now.  To: 999 (all members) From: 20G (Roy Dickens) Subject: CHRISTMAS GREETINGS                            I would like to thank all who have made comments about my programmes all who have purchased odd bits from me all who have sold me odd bits and everyone who have contributed games, utils, text, help etc. to the disc over the year.   A big special thanks to   our ED.(Chris)for all his    work, effort and time    looking after every one.    All together now....    FREEZE A JOLLY GOOD   FELLOW.....FREEZE A JOLLY     GOOD FELLOW.......                                       