8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                   8 Bit                                    What are you getting for Christmas then? I am hoping for a GSX 1100, Stainless steel laryngoscope, new jeans, countless CD's, new rucksack, sweeties, peace and goodwill. None of these are likely at all of course. The editorial will remain restrained this time as there was enough waffle in the last one to keep you all occupied until the millenia.           OK, I know the menu is a bit sluggish this time, but that is due to the seasonal snow storm, which is obviously vital.           I shall stick to the facts this time. As I write this, issue 38 is complete but not issued. Today I have put the finishing touches to TBI-70. This is a disc of transfer utilities containing tape to disc and DFS to ADFS programs. Also included are two text files. One of which is the Albert Schofield collection, all those messages from the last 5 issues or so collected into one place, a wealth of info.         I have just finished backing up, and packing all the discs for issue 38. I have a couple of points that I would like to mention: PLEASE verify your discs before sending them to me. PLEASE ensure that the return packing isn't falling apart. Having said this I must congratulate you all for, sending the correct postage, well labelled envelopes and clearly marked discs. It helps me considerably. Issue 38 has been the first issue that I have not had to grovel around on the floor to pack all the envelopes, the new desk worked a treat. I started at 0900 and finished at 1500. Thanks to Paul Clucas for the proof reading and check over of 38. Now I can blame someone else for all the bugs and crumy speling! <forget this one Paul.           It strikes me that I have not listed the 8BS hardware for quite some time and that you are all bursting to know what there is kicking around 8BS HQ worth having. Apart from the stuff in the 8BS loft that has been repeatedly listed over the last 10,000 8BS issues, there is: 1 Desk 4ft paperwork 1 Canon BJ-130 inkjet printer (NOW FAULTY! Using the 120D+ at the moment) 2ft blank paper 1 Dual 3.5 5.25 double sided 40/80 disc drive 2 Monitors 1 Master 512 < Yes! I Just got a 512 board! 1 Mouse 1 BBC B 1 Master Compact (In the loft) 1 twin 5.25 40/80 double sided disc drive 1 Single 40/80 double sided drive Electtronic digital scales/calculator/ clock Sellotape dispenser Z88 (containing accounts, Membership details, pool list and totals) 1 full noticeboard 1 Eprom blower 2 Eprom Erasers 1 Modem 1 Fax Yes, you can see a fax listed in the equipment there. So send your orders, queries etc by fax now for an even quicker response (is that possible?).                 It is now 20.11.94. I am just starting some days off, a brief respite between a load of those dreaded 3-11 and call shifts that I seem to be getting a lot of recently. I have just spring cleaned all the 8BS gear and it is sliding all over the desk. I May have over done the polish a bit. This is as good a time as any to summarise the new entries and updates that have appeared in the 8BS catalogue since the last 8BS Mag issue. The first BIG change of note is that I have totally re-written the catalogue handling software. It all started when I was chatting to Stuart Kempner (bless his cotton socks) on the phone one day. He happened to mention that he had great difficulty reading the catalogue. Why could it not be done in a similar way to the magazine? For a long while I had been aware something needed doing, but had put it off. This comment stirred me into action. After 4 days of planning, sussing out and programming, I came up with a workable idea. It required major structural alterations to the catalogue data itself and many hours of mind blowing tedious graft. The result is now on TBI-00 for you all to see, please update! Discs into the library since issue 38: TBI 70 Tape To Disc 1D TBI-71 Amateur Radio A TBI-72 Kangaterm And Pagerom 1D TBI-73 Amateur Radio A TBI-74 View Professional with support utilities. A commercial package, not public domain, 8BS has obtained the distribution license for this excellent combined word processor/spreadsheet. Available as 2DA and on up to 4 eproms. A photostat of the large well-written manual is also available. BBC 42 43 44 65 76 Archimedes Section (ARC) ARC 1 2 3 (Various in ADFS L) ARC 4 5 6 7 8 All Amateur Radio on 800K ADFS The Disc User. YES! At long last, after many phone calls and letters, I have finally managed to get The Disc User cover discs into the public domain. You will find it in the TDU section. 14 single sided DFS discs or 3 ADFS discs. Thanks to Janny Looyenga for sending the mode 7 graphics compilation, a further disc is available containing the mode 7 animation screens that were featured on each of The Disc User issues. TDU 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1D TDU 1-5 A TDI 6-10 A TDU 11-14 A TDU 15 1D (animation compilation) The next question is, has any one got the magazines that came with The Disc User? 8BS would appreciate copies if you are willing to donate/sell/ photostat for us? The Master 512 Section Now I have a 512 board, I am collecting 512 software. Already in the library: 512-1-1 Dabs Shareware Vol.1 Disc 1 512-1-2 Dabs Shareware Vol.1 Disc 2 512-1-3 Dabs Shareware Vol.1 Disc 3 512-1-4 Dabs Shareware Vol.1 Disc 4 512-1-5 Dabs Shareware Vol.1 Disc 5 512-2-1 Dabs Shareware Vol.2 Disc 1 512-2-2 Dabs Shareware Vol.2 Disc 2 512-2-3 Dabs Shareware Vol.2 Disc 3 512-2-4 Dabs Shareware Vol.2 Disc 4 512-2-5 Dabs Shareware Vol.2 Disc 5 512-3-1 (BBC 512) 512-3-2 (BBC M12) Miscellaneous 512-3-3 (BBC PR3) Printer Utilities 512-3-4 (BBC WP1) Word Processing 512-3-5 (BBC UT1) Utilities 1 512-3-6 (BBC UT2) Utilities 2 TBI-35 is a football management game that is Master only. Supplied on ADFS now for Compact users as it uses SWR. One member had trouble when the game wiped out his SWR DFS as it loaded from DFS. Rick Sterry has sent me an update of his programs on BBC 146. Thanks to Tim Parsons 3SQ, we now have the rest of the Beebug cover discs in the library. They are numbered from BUG-6-1 through to BUG 12-10. There are ADFS versions available. Please note that the ADFS versions of volumes 7 to 12 take up 2 ADFS discs each. DFS versions are 1D. See the catalogue disc for full details. Thanks also to Tim Parsons for the Beebug compilation discs now in the library as follows: BUG-13 10th Anniversary Compilation. 1D BUG-14 Best Board Games. 1D BUG-15 General Utilities. 1D BUG 16 Filer. 1D BUG-17 Best Arcade Games. 1D BUG-18 Applications 1. 1D BUG-19 Applications 2. 1D That leaves the text from the OSBITS course that was sent out as Telesoftware, I am still trying to track down the owner of the copyright for this text. There are also a number of leads to follow with various other single items of software. That is around 150 discs into the library since the last issue. Coo!           The subject of faulty keyboard switches has cropped up from time. So I thought you would like my opinions on the subject. The keys on my Master's keyboard probably get more hammer than the average home computer and have caused me problems occasionally. As you must already know, the majority of dust in our houses is actually dead skin, it's flaking off all the time! It falls off your hands and into the keyboard along with all the bits of fluff from your jumper and crumbs from your cheese butties. Gill regularly hoovers the keyboard. Up to now no keys have gone missing. Now and again, I pop all the key tops off and wash them. Whilst the key tops are off, I use a paintbrush to loosen the dust and hoover it all out (I also do this inside the Master). That is the regular cleaning. Sometimes a key will stop working. This is what I do: 1. Blow straight down onto the key a couple of times and gently tap the key. This usually works. A particular key may act up like this a few times and then settle down. 2. If the problem persists, I will then pop off the key top and blow straight down into the key whilst tapping the peg. Almost always, this cures the problem. 3. On half a dozen occasions the above 2 methods have failed. The next stage involves removal of the offending keyswitch from the circuit board. Do not attempt this if you are unsure. Disconnect the computer from the mains supply. Remove the fixing screws from the case and lift the lid off. Remove the fixing screws from the keyboard and unplug the ribbon cable. Locate the two soldered pegs that hold the offending key and desolder them so that the keyswitch will pull out. I use a soldering iron and desoldering pump. This is a simple device consisting of a rubber bulb with a heat resistant nozzle. Heat up the solder, squeeze the bulb, place the nozzle into the molten solder and release the bulb. The solder is sucked into the bulb leaving a nice dry joint. I then wash the key in alcohol, dry it out and solder it back onto the keyboard. Re-assemble the computer and that's it. Up to now this has worked every time. 4. I have bought myself a few new keyswitches (available from Maplins at only a few pence) for when stage three fails.             There has been a lot of talk about subscriptions again in this issue. Eventually, some sort of a compromise may have to be reached. My opinion is that, while the funds are always a bit thin on the ground, I am not doing this for profit, the club is doing just fine as far as I can see. You will all notice that an increase has happened this time with the price of blank discs going up to a nice round figure of £4 for 10. By all means, please continue debating charges. I will then be able to see what you all think.                     Before winding up the editorial for this issue, I guess I ought to mention the Acorn User Show at Harrogate. 8BS has been offered a free space at this show which happens on Saturday and Sunday the 6th and 7th of May 1995 at the International Centre in Harrogate. Volunteers are required to help at this event. Two members have already pledged their talents. I fancy that this event will not be the bone dry one it was in 1994 if you get my drift. Hopefully, this event will turn into an 8BS "get together". This time, I intend to spend more time chatting with members. After the hurly burly of the 1994 show, I realised that I had been so busy flogging discs to complete strangers that I had not been able to speak to visiting members.       That is it. See you all in 1995. Have a good Christmas and New Year. I'm at work. So spare a thought as you put your feet up after your Christmas dinner, I will probably be jumping up and down on somebody's chest.                                                