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Pyramid Patience. Master Only - Listing

10REM PROGRAM PYRAMID 20REM By Leslie J. Fowl. 30MODE7:VDU23,1,0;0;0;0; 40CLS:PROCvdu:REPEAT:PRINTTAB(0,12);C HR$131;"Do you want instructions ? (Y/N) "; 50G$=GET$:CLS:IF G$="N" THEN GOTO70 60PROCinstruct 70CHAIN "PYR" 80END 90: 100DEF PROCvdu 110VDU23,230,204,204,51,51,204,204,51, 51 120VDU23,231,8,28,62,127,62,28,8,0 130VDU23,232,54,127,127,127,62,28,8,0 140VDU23,233,8,28,28,107,127,107,8,28 150VDU23,234,8,28,62,127,127,127,28,62 160VDU23,235,1,3,3,7,7,15,15,31 170VDU23,236,0,128,128,192,192,224,224 ,240 180VDU23,237,31,15,15,7,7,3,3,1 190VDU23,238,240,224,224,192,192,128,1 28,0 200VDU23,239,24,124,126,255,255,255,25 5,255 210VDU23,240,48,124,252,254,254,254,25 4,254 220VDU23,241,255,127,127,63,31,15,7,3 230VDU23,242,254,252,252,248,240,224,1 92,128 240VDU23,243,3,7,15,15,15,7,59,125 250VDU23,244,128,192,224,224,224,192,1 84,124 260VDU23,245,255,255,255,125,57,1,3,7 270VDU23,246,254,254,254,124,56,0,128, 192 280VDU23,247,1,3,7,15,15,31,31,63 290VDU23,248,0,128,192,224,224,240,240 ,248 300VDU23,249,63,63,31,31,13,1,3,7 310VDU23,250,248,248,240,240,96,0,128, 192 320ENDPROC 330: 340DEF PROCintro 350X%=10:FOR Y%=6 TO 7 360PRINTTAB(X%,Y%);CHR$133;CHR$141"Wel come to" 370NEXT 380X%=7:FOR Y%=9 TO 10 390PRINTTAB(X%,Y%);CHR$131;CHR$141"PYR AMID PATIENCE" 400NEXT 410X%=13:FOR Y%=12 TO 13 420PRINTTAB(X%,Y%);CHR$134;CHR$141"By" :NEXT 430X%=5:FOR Y%=16 TO 17 440PRINTTAB(X%,Y%);CHR$130;CHR$141"Les lie 'LEE' J. Fowl." 450NEXT:PROCvdu 460REPEAT:PRINTTAB(0,24);CHR$129;"HIT SPACE when ready to play....";:UNTILGET= 32 470ENDPROC 480: 490DEF PROCinstruct 500CLS:VDU28,0,4,39,0 510FOR Y%=1 TO 2 520PRINTTAB(8,Y%);CHR$133;CHR$141;"Pyr amid Patience":NEXT 530PRINTTAB(6,3);CHR$134;"By Leslie 'L EE' J. Fowl." 540VDU28,0,24,39,23 550PRINTTAB(8);CHR$130;"Press shift fo r more" 560VDU28,0,22,39,4,14 570PRINT'CHR$131;"The pyramid is forme d by a deal of 28"'CHR$131"cards, With a King always at the apex." 580PRINTCHR$131;"The stock is located in the top right"'CHR$131"hand corner wi th the first card being"'CHR$131"dealt, The waste pile is used for the"'CHR$131" discarded cards from the Stock pile." 590PRINT'CHR$131;"At the start of the game the stock card"CHR$131;"and cards i n row six only are available"CHR$131"and they are removed in pairs that"'CHR$131 "total thirteen, Once removed they"'CHR$ 131"are no longer in play." 600PRINTCHR$131;"The cards in the uppe r rows become"'CHR$131;"available when t he two adjacent cards"'CHR$131;"in the r ow beneath them are removed." 610PRINTCHR$131;"Available cards in th e table can be"'CHR$131;"paired with one other if their total"'CHR$131;"pip valu e is thirteen." 620IF INKEY(-1)CLS 630PRINTCHR$131;"The stock is dealt on e card at a time"'CHR$131;"and can be pa ired with an other if the"'CHR$131;"tota l is thirteen. The stock is dealt"'CHR$1 31;"automaticaly when a card is removed" 640PRINTCHR$131;"from the stock pile, Or a manual deal"'CHR$131;"is made using the";CHR$133"'@'";CHR$131;"key followed by"'CHR$131;"return." 650PRINT'CHR$131;"If a card in the Was te pile + a card "'CHR$131;"in the Stock or pyramid total thirteen"'CHR$131;"The n both of these may also be removed"'CHR $131"by typing" 660PRINTCHR$133;"'W' <RETURN> + 'S' <R ETURN>. or the "'CHR$133;"cards co-ordin ates" 670PRINT'CHR$131;"At any time during t he game the card"'CHR$131;"status may be viewed by pressing"'CHR$133;"'T' <RETUR N>." 680PRINT'':IF INKEY(-1)CLS 690PRINT'CHR$131;"Typing"CHR$133;"'Q'" CHR$131"will abandon the game and"'CHR$1 31;"reveal the status as above" 700PRINT'CHR$131;"Enter the cards that are to be removed"'CHR$131;"by entering its co-ordinates"'CHR$131;"as row and c olumn i.e.";CHR$133;"6G <RETURN>."'' 710PRINT'CHR$134"The game is won only when all the of"'CHR$134"the cards excep t the KING at the top "'CHR$134"of the p yramid have been removed."'CHR$134"Inclu ding both Waste & Stock Piles." 720PRINT''''':IF INKEY(-1) CLS 730PRINT'CHR$130;CHR$141;"Card Values :-" 740PRINTCHR$130;CHR$141;"Card Values : -" 750PRINT'CHR$130;"Ace = 1" 760PRINTCHR$130;"Jack = 11" 770PRINTCHR$130;"Queen = 12" 780PRINTCHR$130;"King = 13 ( removed singly )" 790PRINT'CHR$130;"All other cards as f ace value" 800PRINT''" The only rule is:-"''CHR$1 33"If it's legal you can do it....." 810PRINT'" Hint:-"'CHR$133"Don't let t he waste pile get too big.." 820VDU28,0,24,39,23 830PRINTTAB(8);CHR$134;"Press SPACE to play.....":REPEAT UNTIL GET=32 840VDU22,7:ENDPROC