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                    To: 999 (all members) From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: WANTED and GIVEAWAYS I fell lucky when I was given a PIXY 3 Desktop Plotter and the BEEBplot Plotting Package Book but Minus the BEEBplot master disc and the BEEBplot Instruction Manual. Also with it was the BEEBUG Members Pack Manual and once again no Discs, So friends, is there anyone that can help me to get the software for both of these two things working? If you can, I will be very obliged, Also in this package I got some Beebug Volume 7 Mags 1988 Numbers 1,Qty 1 / 2,Qty 2 / 3,Qty 2 / 4,Qty 1 / 5,Qty 2/ 6 Qty 2 / 7,Qty 2 / 8,Qty 1. If there are any of any use to anyone, you can collect or pay the postage they're yours for free. So give me a bell or post: Fred Price 091 / 5679135 8 Orchard St Pallion Sunderland City Wearside SR4 6QL  To : 999 (All members) From : 483 (Daniel Shimmin) About: WANTED: Philosopher's Quest Does anyone have a copy of this game for the Beeb (or Master/Arch) that they can give/sell me?  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN WILSON) Subject: MASTER COMPACT ELITE WANTED HAS ANYONE OUT THERE GOT AN ORIGINAL COPY OF ELITE FOR THE MASTER COMPACT I'LL PAY FIVE POUNDS INCLUDING POSTAGE. IT NEEDS TO BE IN GOOD NICK WIH BOX AND DOCUMENTATION. T E L ( 0 9 3 5 ) 2 5 9 7 4  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN WILSON) Subject: WANTED CHEAP HYBRID 5000 WANTED A CHEAP SYNTHESISER FOR EITHER A MASTER 128 OR COMPACT OR EVEN ELECTRON. TEL (0935) 25974  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN WILSON) Subject: MASTER 128 TURBO BOARD I'M INTERESTED IN GETTING ONE. AT THE MOMENT I'M USING AN EXTERNAL SECOND PROCESSOR BUT I BELIEVE THE INTERNAL BOARD IS FASTER. ANYONE GOT ONE FOR SALE AND HOW MUCH? TEL. (0935) 25974  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN WILSON) Subject: STUFF FOR SALE PHILIPS GREEN SCREEN MONITOR WITH AUDIO OUTPUT. SINGLE PHONO INPUT OR MULTIPIN INPUT FOR SOUND. `22 INCLUDING INSURED POSTAGE. TEL (0935) 25974  To: 999 (all members) From: 4WL (MARTIN WILSON) Subject: DISC DRIVES I COULD DO WITH A FEW SPARE 3.5 DD BARE DRIVES. PREFERABLY NEW. NORMAL HEIGHT(COMPACT/ST/AMIGA). NOT THOSE HALF HEIGHT TYPES. PREFERED BRANDS NEC OR EPSON BUT WILL ACCEPT GOOD SONY AND CHINON DRIVES. I'VE SEEN NEW 3.5 HD DRIVES FOR 20 POUNDS PLUS VAT SO I SUPPOSE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT 12 POUNDS PLUS POSTAGE NEW OR ABOUT 7 POUNDS SECONDHAND PLUS POSTAGE. TEL (0935) 25974  To: 999 (all members) From: K2H (RON BOYCE) Subject: FOR SALE 40T TWIN DISC DRIVE (ALPHA) with integral power supply, instructions and leads for BBC Master 128. (Used until I changed to a 40/80 drive) `20 if buyer collects from Lincoln area, else plus carriage. Tel. 01673 860892 95 used 40T discs. A few blank, but most contain various Games, Graphics, Music, Utilities etc etc typed in from books and magazines. `10 the lot if buyer collects from Lincoln area, else plus carriage. Tel. 01673 860892  To: 999 (all members) From: K7A (Liam Morrissey) Subject: WANTED !!!! Does anyone out there have any form of (AI) e.g. BBC BUGGYS, TURTLES or even simple ROBOTIC ARMS. Prices have to be reasonble and the robots have to be compatiable with the BBC B or MASTER. Contact me through 8BS and every offer will be considered. They don't have to be perfect , they can be home-made but they must WORK!  To: 999 (all members) From: K7E (STUART KEMPNER) Subject: FOR SALE I have four BBC Master's for sale. They seem to have been built just for the econet system, but upgrading them for normal use shouldn't be too much of a problem. Also included with each one is a plinth and an ELKAY CONBLOCK attached for easy power connection. Lastly two green monitors to be given away to the first two buyer's, all power up and seem to work O.K., could be used for spare's or repair's. `20 is all I'm asking, very reasonable. All enquire's please ring Stuart on 071 240 2465 (work) or 081 941 7824 (home).  To: 999 (all members) From: K4W (ROY FIRTH) Subject: Items For Sale. 2 x BBC 40 Track disc drives in cases. (One works OK the other appears to be S/C when power lead connected from BBC computer. Yours for `5 to cover p&p. 2 x Philips 40 track disc drives for case mounting. BBC standard power and data input connections. Both working. Again - Yours for `5 p&p. EPSON MX80 printer in first class condition and working order `38 plus `6 p&p/insurance.(With Hand Book) Pace Series 4 Modem with power unit and Hand Book. Offers! Tandata T512 Modem with power unit and Hand Book. Offers! Chipchat Multi Standard Modem with power unit but no Hand Book. Offers! Contact me at: 7, Burned Grove Shelf, Halifax West Yorks. HX3 7PU  To: 999(All) From: Pyramid Computer Services 16 Borough Crescent, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 3UT. Tel: 01384 396739 Fax: 01384 836760 Here is a list of second hand items for sale from the above address. Prices include postage. Books are exempt from VAT but if ordering the ROMs, please add VAT of 17.5%. Graphics on the BBC, Cryer £4.00 Basic Rom User Guide, Plumbley £6.00 Advanced Disk User Guide, Pharo £6.25 Econet Lev 1 File Server UG, Acorn 2.60 Econet Lev 2 File Server UG, Acorn 2.60 Econet Advanced UG, Acorn £2.60 BBC User Guide, Acorn £4.50 DFS User Guide, Acorn £3.35 BBC Micro Toolbox, Trackman £5.25 As above with programs on tape £6.50 Advanced User Guide, Bray etc £7.50 Structured Basic, Freeman £4.25 Assembly Language, Birnbaum £5.00 BBC Advanced Programming, Telford £6.50 Write Adventure Games, Killworth £4.00 Guide to BBC Rom, Thomasson £5.50 Disk Companion, Latham £4.75 Sleuth. Manual and ROM £16.50 Disc Doctor. Manual and ROM £16.50 Disc Doctor. Manual ONLY £3.60 Micro Users: From Vol 5 No 7 to Vol 8 No 5 £1.60 each EDITOR...... I have typed this advert in myself from a letter sent. Please check with the supplier before ordering items. If you order anything from this advert, please let me know how it went next time you contact me. I received this ad in late November 1994.  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: Items for sale!!!! Although working, the following are offered cheaply to members mainly for spare parts to help keep aged equipment going! BBC model B's..................£25 Microvitek colour monitors.....£35 Various disk drives (enquire)..£10+ Please feel free to ask for more details - tel 0738-812186 any time  To: 999 (all members) From: K2B (Colin Culpitt-Smith) Subject: Z88 Users - sale items I have some Z88 bits to sell, plus info on a number of items that my Z88 contacts are wishing to sell - please ring me for details on 0738-812186 WANTED by a friend, a cheapish Z88 plus mains psu etc  To: 999 (all members) From: K8M (Mick York) Subject: For Sale Cikit Distribuion Satpic Satellite decoder interface with instructions and Rom `15 not including postage. Corby 0536 260189 aft 6pm weekday.  To: 999 (all members) From: Paul Martin. Subject: For Sale Sanyo Hires Green Screen Monitor. Composite Video. Perfect working Order. £8.00 BBC B with Acorn 0.90 DFS + 8271. Disc Doctor. Wordwise+. Only fault is that it will not wok ni mode 7. NOT the teletext chip at fault. It is new. £5.00 BBC B exactly as above but crashes after 15 mins. Seems to revert to model A (16 K not 32K). Memory chip? £5.00 Two spare working 8271 chips and a box of other known working BBC chips. Including teletext chip 6502 and via. £10.00 Ground Control eprom programmer. Plugs into user port. Programs 8/16K 12/21.5v eproms. Perfect working order. £5.00 Ground Control. Eprom eraser. Takes 3 eproms at once. £5.00 Box of 55 erased eproms. 41*8k 14*16k all tested. £20.00 These prices do not include postage. Contact: Paul Martin, 'Stoneovers', Wellow Top Road, Wellow, Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight, PO41 0TL. Tel. 01983 531756  To: 999 (all members) From: K6E (ROGER LINGWOOD) Subject: WANTED DUAL DISC FILING SYSTEM BOARD to enable a B.B.C. B to switch between a 1770 and the 8271 floppy disc controler chips at the flick of a switch I THINK THIS WAS AN STL BOARD. I CAN BE CONTACTED ON 01#0255#221206 OR 102 TUDOR GREEN CLACTON ON SEA ESSEX CO15 2PE  To: 999 (all members) From: K3B (PAUL MATTHEWS) Subject: WANTED NEWBRAIN PSU ====================================== HAS ANYONE OUT THERE GOT A POWER SUPPLY UNIT FOR A NEWBRAIN COMPUTER. IT HAS A 'SQUARISH' INPUT PLUG. PLEASE CONTACT:- PAUL MATTHEWS 107 QUEENS DRIVE, MOSSLEY HILL, LIVERPOOL. L18 1JL TELEPHONE:- 0151-734-4023 =======================================  To: 999 (all members) From: K3B (PAUL MATTHEWS) Subject: SALE OF COMPUTER ITEMS ====================================== HELLO FOLKS, I AM SELLING ON BEHALF OF MY LOCAL SCOPE (FORMELY THE SPASTICS SOCIETY, THEY LOOKED AFTER OUR YOUNG DAUGHTER HANNAH UNTIL SHE DIED ONLY RECENTLY), THE FOLLOWING ITEMS TO RAISE FUNDS TO BUY A NEW ARCHIMEDES COMPUTER FOR THE KIDS TO USE. POSTAGE PAID UNLESS STATED:- 1 X BBC B+ 64K WITH BBC B MANUAL £50.00 2 X AMSTRAD CPC464's AND COLOUR MONITORS & SOME SOFTWARE. BUYERS COLLECT OR MAY DELIVER LOCALLY £75.00 1 X VIEW PACKAGE CONSISTING OF VIEW, VIEWSHEET AND VIEWSTORE ROMS. MANUALS FOR VIEW AND VIEWSHEET AND REFERENCE CARDS FOR ALL THREE ALSO INCLUDED IS THE PRINTER DRIVER GENERATOR, ON DISC & TAPE WITH MANUAL £25.00 1 X AMX MOUSE ROM AND MANUAL £ 5.00 1 X STARSTICK ROM £ 4.00 1 X SPELLCHECK ROM, NO DICTIONARY DISC OR MANUAL £ 2.00 1 X WATFORD 32K RAM CARD BOOK £ 2.00 1 X PACE DFS MANUAL £ 2.00 1 X CUMANA DFS MANUAL £ 2.00 1 X VIEWSHEET MANUAL & REFERENCE CARD £ 4.00 FOR THE IBM PC & CLONES 10 X MICROSOFT WINDOWS 3.0a PACKAGES ON 3.5" DISC. NEW AND SEALED. EACH £11.00 3 X DATA GENERAL PC DIAGNOSTIC MEDIA PACKAGE. NEW AND SEALED. EACH £ 6.00 1 X MICROSOFT MS-DOS 4.01 PACKAGE ON 3.5" DISC. NEW AND SEALED. £11.00 1 X DATA GENERAL 386-25 DOCUMENTATION AND VGA DRIVERS. NEW AND SEALED. £ 6.00 1 X DATA GENERAL SVGA DRIVER AND UTILITIES PACK. V4.00 ON 3.5" DISC. £ 4.00 LAN (LOCAL AREA NETWORK) BNC FLYLEADS 5 METRES LONG £ 4.00 8 METRES LONG £ 8.00 PLEASE CONTACT PAUL MATTHEWS. 107 QUEENS DRIVE, MOSSLEY HILL, LIVERPOOL. L18 1JL. TELEPHONE 0151-734-4023 **************************************  To: 999 (all members) From: 6EE (MICK NEEDHAM) Subject: FOR SALE I have a few games discs I no longer require, they are all original but some have the instructions missing:- Pace Utilities for AMCOM DFS. Crazee Rider - Acornsoft. WAR - Martech. The Big K.O. - Tynesoft. Spellbinder - Acornsoft. Winter Olympiad '88 - Tynesoft. Bone Cruncher - Superior Software. Grand Prix Construction Set - Superior Software. All the above have no instructions. Superior Soccer - Superior Software. Replica III - Clares. Imogen - Micropower. Galaforce - Superior Software. Thrust - Superior Software. Repton - Superior Software. Barbarian - Superior Software. Forth - Acornsoft. The above 8 discs all have original instructions. All the discs are `3 each including p&p. A few tapes I no longer require:- The Hobbit, Gorf, Slicker Puzzle, BBC Master Mind, Palace of Magic, Zalaga, Knight Lore, Blagger, Quest, Star Wars Trilogy, Revs, Which Salt?, Swarm, Bounty Bob Strikes Back, Spellbinder, 3D Grand Prix, Moonraider, Martian Attack, Killer Gorilla, Attack on Alpha Centauri, Gunsmoke, Plankwalk, Dunjunz, Stock Car (Electron), Sphinx Adventure, Galaforce, Snapper, Football Manager. All the tapes 40p each p&p extra. 153, Firth Park Road, Sheffield, S5 6WU.  PRESS BREAK