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Book Loan Service. ------------------ Richard Chamberlain (K6L) has sent the following text file. In it he offers the loan of books. If you wish to borrow any of these books, please ensure that it costs Richard nothing and that you respect the loan period! Please contact Richard through the address below, NOT 8BS. CJR. From: Richard Chamberlain (K6L). To: All (999). Subject: Book Loan Below is a list of books and manuals, relating to the BBC/B/Master/512 machines, that I am prepared to lend out to members. This loan is subject to availability, and is restricted to a period not exceeding 4 weeks from date of despatch. A fine will be imposed for anyone breaking these terms of agreement. This fine will be the cover cost of the books or manual in question, plus a notice in the diskzine to publicize said infringement. Also note that one or two books are of a weighty nature, so on these items it will be necessary to levy a charge for postage, before despatch. Members will be informed whether this is the case when enquiring about individual items. Richard Chamberlain, 78,Whitemoor Lane, Belper, DERBY DE56 0HD Tel. 01773 829543 ************************************************************************** MANUALS/GUIDES: for the BBC/Master. ------------------------------------- Prestel System User Guide. (Photo copy) Seikosha GP100a Manual (Photo copy) Epson LX-80 Operating Manual. HyperDriver Manual - Robin Burton. 65C102 Co-Pro User Guide/leaflet. MosPlus Manual - David Spencer. ADFS User Guide. Watford Quest Paint - Watford Electronics. AMX SuperArt Guide - Watford Electronics. BBC Micro User Guide. The Complete Mouse User Guide - for the BBC Micro - Watford Elec. Advanced ROM Manager - ACP Ltd. Advanced Disk Toolkit - ACP Ltd. Acorn Speech Upgrade Instruction Leaflet. Acorn Speech Upgrade User Guide - Acorn. Acorn Speech/Text to Speech User Guides - Computer Concepts. BBC Graphics ROM User Guide - Computer Concepts. Solidisk 2/4 meg RAM/ROM Expansion Manual. Advanced Control Panel Manual - ACP Ltd. (Photo copy) Music 5000 Synthesiser User Guide - Hybrid. Ample Programmers Guide - Hybrid. Music 4000 Keyboard USer Guide - Hybrid. Turtle Graphics on the BBC/Electron - Acornsoft Shadow Ram-Board Manual - Watford Electronics. ************************************************************************** BOOKS: for the BBC/Master. -------------------------- 30 Hour Basic - Clive Prigmore (NEC) Illustrating Basic - Donald Alcock (Cambridge University Press) The Advanced User Guide for the BBC Micro - Bray, Dickens and Holmes. Master Welcome guide. Master Reference Manuals 1 & 2. Toolbox2 - Ian Trackman and David Spencer. (BBC) BBC Basic - R.B.Coates ( Edward Arnold ) Games for your BBC Micro - Alex Gallner (Virgin) Graphics on the BBC Micro - Cryer, Cryer and Cryer (Prentice/Hall) Assembly Programming Made Easy on the BBC Micro - Ian Murray (Century) Easy Programming on the BBC Micro - Eric Deeson (Shiva) Introducing the BBC Micro - Ian Sinclair (Granada) HitchhikersGuide to ArtificialIntelligence- ForsythandNaylor/Methuen. ************************************************************************** MASTER 512/PC Manuals and Guides. --------------------------------- Master 512 Technical Guide Programs Disk leaflet - Robin Burton (Dabs) Master 512 User Guide Programs Disk leaflet - Chris Snee (Dabs) Problem Solver Manual - (Shibumi) SideKick Manual - (Borland) GEM Write Manual - (Digital Research) - original PC manual. GEM Desktop Manual - (Digital Research) - original PC manual. Ability User Guide - (Migent) - original PC manual. ************************************************************************** MASTER 512 Books. ----------------- Master 512 Technical Guide - Robin Burton (Dabs Press) Master 512 User Guide - Chris Snee (Dabs Press) Mastering DosPlus - Simon Williams (Sigma) Master 512 User Guide - (Acorn) Introduction to WordStar - Arthur Naiman (Sybex) Using Word Perfect - Deborah and Walter Beacham (QUE) Using 1-2-3 Special Edition - (QUE) Using WordPerfect 5 - (QUE) **************************************************************************