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Change. M/C Relocation - Listing

10REM 'CHANGE' 20REM An experimental program for altering Machine Code programs to run at a different location. 30MODE7 40ON ERROR PROCerror:END 50PRINT CHR$(141);" ALTCODE - Changes Program addresses" 60PRINT CHR$(141);" ALTCODE - Changes Program addresses" 70 PRINT'" The addresses are change d but the machine code program is not moved. Program must be *SAVEd an d reloaded at the new address bef ore use." 80VDU28,0,24,39,8,12 90INPUT"Enter actual starting address &"B$ 100INPUT'"Enter actual finishing addre ss &"C$ 110B=EVAL("&"+B$) 120IF C$>B$ C=EVAL("&"+C$):D=C-B+1 ELS E VDU7:PRINT'"Finishing address must be higher than the starting address, plea se re-enter details":wait=TIME:REPEAT UNTIL(TIME-wait)>400:GOTO80 130INPUT'"Enter starting address where code shouldnormally reside &"E$ 140E=EVAL("&"+E$):F=E+D 150INPUT'"Enter the new starting addre ss &"G$ 160G=EVAL("&"+G$) 170IF G>E H=G-E:?&7A=0 ELSE H=E-G:?&7A =&FF 180?&70=B MOD &100:?&71=B DIV &100 190?&72=D MOD &100:?&73=D DIV &100 200?&74=E DIV &100:?&75=F DIV &100 210?&78=H MOD &100:?&79=H DIV &100 220RESTORE 1340 :REM 6502 CPU 230REM RESTORE 1400 :REM 6512 CPU 240FOR word=&A00 TO &AFC STEP 4 250READ number% 260!word=number% 270NEXT 280: 290PROCcode 300CALL&900 310result=?&77*256+?&76 320PRINT'"There were ";result;" addres ses changed." 330VDU7 340C=C+1:C$=STR$÷(C) 350PRINT'" *SAVE XXXX ";B$;" ";C$;" "; G$;" ";G$ 360PRINT'"Code may be saved by copying the above line, using the up arrow and COPY keys." 370END 380: 390DEF PROCcode 400searchbase=&70:memtotal=&72 410counter=&76 :REM number of altera tions counter 420FOR pass=0 TO 2 STEP 2 430P%=&900 440[OPT pass 450INC &75 460LDY #0 470STY &76 480STY &77 490LDA memtotal+1 ½checking machine c ode program 500BEQ nohigh 510.loop1 520JSR compare 530LDA memtotal+1 540BNE loop1 550.nohigh 560LDA memtotal 570BEQ done 580.loop2 590JSR compare 600CPY memtotal 610BCC loop2 620.done 630RTS 640: 650.compare 660LDA (searchbase),Y 670TAX 680LDA &A00,X 690TAX 700CPX #3 710BEQ change 720.skip ½1 & 2 byte Opcodes, no acti on taken 730JSR update 740DEX 750BNE skip 760RTS 770: 780.change ½check to see whether addr ess is within the program area 790JSR update 800JSR update 810LDA (searchbase),Y ½check address (hi byte) 820CMP &74 830BCC out 840CMP &75 850BCS out 860INC counter ½increment address ch ange counter 870BNE few 880INC counter+1 890.few 900DEY 910CPY #&FF 920BNE jump 930DEC searchbase+1 940INC memtotal+1 950.jump 960LDA &7A ½check to see if move shou ld be up or down 970BNE down 980: 990.up ½alter address up or down as a ppropriate 1000CLC 1010LDA (searchbase),Y 1020ADC &78 1030STA (searchbase),Y 1040JSR update 1050LDA (searchbase),Y 1060ADC &79 1070STA (searchbase),Y 1080JMP out 1090: 1100.down 1110SEC 1120LDA (searchbase),Y 1130SBC &78 1140STA (searchbase),Y 1150JSR update 1160LDA (searchbase),Y 1170SBC &79 1180STA (searchbase),Y 1190.out 1200JSR update 1210RTS 1220: 1230.update ½increment Y register count er 1240INY 1250BNE over 1260INC searchbase+1 1270DEC memtotal+1 1280.over 1290RTS 1300]:NEXT 1310ENDPROC 1320: 1330REM 6502 CPU Opcode bytes 1340DATA &01010201,&01020201,&01010201, &01030301,&01010202,&01020201,&01010301, &01030301,&01010203,&01020202,&01010201, &01030303,&01010202,&01020201,&01010301, &01030301 1350DATA &01010201,&01020201,&01010201, &01030303,&01010202,&01020201,&01010301, &01030301,&01010201,&01020201,&01010201, &01030303,&01010202,&01020201,&01010301, &01030301 1360DATA &01010201,&01020202,&01010101, &01030303,&01010202,&01020202,&01010301, &01010301,&01020202,&01020202,&01010201, &01030303,&01010202,&01020202,&01010301, &01030303 1370DATA &01010202,&01020202,&01010201, &01030303,&01010202,&01020201,&01010301, &01030301,&01010202,&01020202,&01010201, &01030303,&01010202,&01020201,&01010301, &01030301 1380: 1390REM 6512 CPU Opcode bytes 1400DATA &01010201,&01020202,&01010201, &01030303,&01020202,&01020202,&01010301, &01030303,&01010203,&01020202,&01010201, &01030303,&01020202,&01020202,&01010301, &01030303 1410DATA &01010201,&01020201,&01010201, &01030303,&01020202,&01020201,&01010301, &01030301,&01010201,&01020202,&01010201, &01030303,&01020202,&01020202,&01010301, &01030302 1420DATA &01010202,&01020202,&01010201, &01030303,&01020202,&01020202,&01010301, &01030303,&01020202,&01020202,&01010201, &01030303,&01020202,&01020202,&01010301, &01030303 1430DATA &01010202,&01020202,&01010201, &01030303,&01020202,&01020201,&01010301, &01030301,&01010202,&01020202,&01010201, &01030303,&01020202,&01020201,&01010301, &01030301 1440: 1450DEF PROCerror 1460REPORT:PRINT" at line ";ERL 1470ENDPROC