8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                  Plans for The Acorn User Show at Harrogate on 6th and 7th of May 1995 are well under way. 8BS has been invited to attend once more. I am looking for volunteers to come and help at the stand. Any help at all will be appreciated. If you can only make it for a couple of hours your help would still be welcome. Bear in mind that if you do come to help, you will receive a free pass to the show. If you do wish to come along to help, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can order the necessary number of passes. If you don't think that you can help, then please come along anyway just for a chat. This is going to be an 8BS get together again. I will require help on the Friday (setting up), Saturday and Sunday (packing up). This year Gill will be unable to come along and help, so your help is vital! I shall probably be camping in the trusty inflammable VW close to the show somewhere to keep costs down. I have three tents, so if you fancy a couple of nights close to nature, just let me know. I can promise that you will keep warm if the VW lives up to it's reputation. Remember that there is only one more 8BS issue to go before the show (41). In fact the show falls right in between the planned issue 42 deadline and issue dates. The deadline for issue 42 will be strictly adhered to and the issue date will be brought forward one week. Details in issue 41.                   Disaster! Thanks to Mick Needham for pointing this out to me before too many people received version 2 of CJR 3 the STD database. Total foul up caused by my misunderstanding how the new codes were going to work. I have decided to scrap the whole thing as I do not have the time to correct the data. Therefore, if you have a copy of version 2 of CJR 3, please erase it immediately as it is misleading. Some of the codes are wrong. You are welcome to send it to me with return P+P for an exchange of your choice. DO NOT USE version 2 of CJR 3 as it is WRONG! Stephan Richardson has kindly offered to go through the data and correct it, so all is not yet lost. Watch this space. Another foul up. On Fast Access Volume 2, the ADFS compilations (FAC-2-7 to FAC-2-12). The main menu was misleading. It proudly announced that it was volume one. This is now corrected. APOLOGIES. The first few issues of 8BS 39 do not state that the Patience Game is Master Only. My apologies for any confusion that this may have caused. My only feeble excuse is that Beebug did not mention this in their menu either.                   Kevin Hallam pointed out to me that the text info for the game Mirror of Khoronz on BBC-135 was in View format and very difficult to read if you don't have view. I have added a plain text file that will *TYPE to the disc. This only took me a few seconds to sort out, so if any of you have similar problems with discs in the library, please let me know. Thanks to Jim Robson K7B for adding the fancy bits to the Bingo program on CJR 1. The bingo caller that uses Superior Software Speech now says all those extra bits like "two fat ladies 88" etc.                         This old chestnut refuses to lay down and pop it's clogs. There has been much discussion by members of late regarding charges. I would like everyone to know that I have no intention of making any further changes to the charges for the forseeable future. Thankyou! Messages discussing the charges issue will be greatfully received and published (all messages received are published unless they contain naughty bits) and then carefully ignored.                   Many people ask what the TBI stands for. (T)oo (B)ig for (I)ssue. Duncan Webster chose this name. When he could not get a large submission onto an issue disc, he announced a disc too big for issue was available. He further extended this idea to XBI, e(X)tra (B)ig for (I)ssue. The XBI collection was a collection of ADFS discs. I removed the XBI section from the catalogue and incorporated it into the TBI pool later. Now there are a whole range of three letter codes, all of which I hope are self explanatory! When I took over the running of the group there were about 20 discs in the TBI section, 13 in the XBI and 20 8BS issues. Now there are over 700 entries in the 8BS catalogue!                             TBI-61-2 InterText 2D More text from bulletin boards. As a result of the above addition, TBI-61 has been re-named to TBI-61-1 TBI-71 Radio Amateur, was ADFS only, now also available as 1D. TBI-73 Radio Amateur, was ADFS only, now also available as 2D. TBI-75 Plato Republic on 2 ADFS discs or 2 DFS discs. Menu driven. Split up into small files to enable you to load them into your text editor. TBI-76 Mark Twain. What is Man? Crime. Two books avaailable on one ADFS disc or TWO DFS discs. As TBI-75, the books are split into manageable chunks, all menu driven. Updates: CJR-1 Bingo program CJR-3 v.2 IF YOU HAVE IT, ERASE IT! FAC-2-7 to FAC-2-12 (minor alteration) BBC-135 Text addition. TBI-70 Tape to Disc. More additions from Albert Schofield (text from this issue).                   Thanks to Richard Sterry for mentioning 8BS in an article he wrote in RadCom a Radio Communications magazine just before Christmas. I have never had such a response from an article. A good 50 or so enquiries have resulted from the article up to writing this. The good old Citizen 120D+ has been hard at work printing out catalogue summaries.                     A point worth mentioning is that you do not have to receive every issue of the 8BS magazine to maintain your membership of 8BS. If you miss a couple of 8BS issues, it does not really matter. You can also get back issues of any of the 8BS issues at any time. If you forget to send off for an issue, don't worry, your membership of 8BS will not lapse. I have mentioned this as, on a number of occasions now, members have come back after 6 months or so with profuse apologies, wondering if they were still members.                   Don't forget the intro screen competition! You are invited to submit an intro screen for an 8BS issue. Each screen used will earn you a prize. The screen can be in any mode. It must feature the words 8-Bit Software (or 8BS), Issue (whatever) reasonably prominently. Mode 7 screens are welcome. How about a little animation? There is nothing to stop you writing a short program for instance. I leave the rest to you, come on you lot! A free disc of PD software goes to the writer of every screen used. James Cavanagh has donated a two disc package from Garland Educational Software as a prize. This package will go to the first screen submission that requests it. It contains: Pyramid, Casino, Wordsquare, Seabattle, Pick-a-Pair, Three Men's Morris, Ba-Awa, Ming-Mang, Six Men's Morris, Fox & Geese, Tablut.                 Well, that's it until next time. I hope that you enjoy this issue. PRESS BREAK