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Ugly. Poem - Listing

10*KEY2 RUN |M 20CLS 30VDU2 40VDU1,27,1,87,1,1:REM Large Print 50PRINT" WRITTEN ON BEHALF OF ANY"' 60PRINT" AVOIRDUPOISED DISADVANTAGED LADIES"' 70: 80PRINT" I'm different inside"' 90PRINT" -----==========-----"' 100VDU1,27,87,1,0:REM Small Print 110: 120PRINT" I'm reliably informed there are many among you who think" 130PRINT" I'm just ancient and fat," 140PRINT" But I'd rather like to assur e you all now - that inside" 150PRINT" I'm just not like that," 160PRINT" Your opinions don't even bot her me much, I don't give as much as a fig" 170PRINT" In my mind I'm as slim as a wand" 180PRINT" It's just - that my body's a trifle too big,"' 190: 200PRINT" The same thing goes for my m ind I suppose, You think I'm a fool no doubt" 210PRINT" In my head indeed there's a lot going on, It simply doesn't come out," 220PRINT" In school I recall I was nev er too bright, My brain seemed made o f wood" 230PRINT" But I was always next to the top of the class, When in a circle w e stood,"' 240: 250PRINT" My face I suppose is my fort une, It's not" 260PRINT" Inside myself I'm the best l ooking around with a skin like beautifu l silk," 270PRINT" My posture too in my mind I can see, Upright, Broad shouldered an d tall" 280PRINT" Is it my fault if what you c an see is nothing like that shape at al l,"' 290: 300PRINT" My manner too is kindly and sweet, All goodness and light and che ery" 310PRINT" Can I help if the others aro und find me grumpy, Sarcastic and drea ry," 320PRINT" My voice I know is soft tone d and tuneful, Inside me it seems a de light" 330PRINT" But what comes out, A stra ngulated shout like tom-cats having a f ight,"' 340: 350PRINT" My dress sense is legend and to me in my mind" 360PRINT" I think that it takes some b eating," 370PRINT" The wrinkles you see and the colours that clash" 380PRINT" I blame on the gas central h eating,"' 390: 400PRINT" As for hygene and keeping c lean, Thats a thing I think of a lot" 410PRINT" I never fail to bath every w eek, Whether I need one or not," 420PRINT" When that last day occurs an d the doctor decrees that I'm finally d ead" 430PRINT" This body with all its wrink les and faults, I'll leave behind on t he bed,"' 440: 450PRINT" And Peter will say as he ope ns the gates" 460PRINT" 'Come inside you beautiful c reature," 470PRINT" We're all happy in here, Al l problems are solved," 480PRINT" We're perfect in every featu re',"' 490: 500PRINT" But there's just a small dou bt, He might shut me out" 510PRINT" Saying go you awful looking bimbo," 520PRINT" Your voice is a shout, Yo ur body's too stout" 530PRINT" So for eternity, You must st ay in"; 540VDU1,14:PRINT" LIMBO"' 550PRINT" -----=====-----" 555VDU1,27,1,83,1,1:PRINT" B.UGLY":VDU 1,27,1,84 560VDU3:END 570REM"  580REM"     600REM" Uknown Author 610REM"   620REM" Modified By Fred Price 630REM" 250194 640REM"  650REM" SAVE"B.UGLY"